Berlin Group, KitschKrieg, Enlists Brooklyn’s Own DUSTY LOCANE For New Banger, “Ratchets”

A mysterious collective with a black-and-white aesthetic and a militaristic dedication to the cool, Berlin’s KitschKrieg are ready to remake the American music scene in their own image. Their first stop: Brooklyn, one of the chief outposts in the global ascension of drill music.

Combining the sliding 808s of NYC/UK drill with insistent house kick drums and horror movie strings, “Ratchets” strives to create the kind of banger that can shutdown clubs across the globe. DUSTY LOCANE attacks the instrumental with his trademark snarling basso voice, switching up his flow, turning to rapidfire triplets, lockstep rolls, and invigorating chants as the beat shifts from BK drill to Jersey club and back. 


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