Bernard Flowers freestyles over Playboi Carti’s hit record, “Magnolia.”

Driven by his tireless attitude, boundless determination to be the best and breathtaking natural talent, Memphis, Tennessee native B. Flowers has had his sights set firmly on a lifelong career in music since discovering his incredible vocal talent at only ten years-old.  As he refined his talent over the years, he took influence from icons in the industry as he listened to artists like Usher, Michael Jackson, Kanye West & Drake; and following the path they outlined before him, B. Flowers found innovative and sonically-imaginative ways to create his own signature sound as a result.
Ready to carve out his own place in music-history, B. Flowers blends a smooth mix of R&B, Soul and a modern-day electro-groove that undeniably reflects the heart, passion and intense connection to rhythm, emotion and movement in sound he writes into his material.  With true commitment and conviction in his every step forward, the buzz around B. Flowers music is every bit justified – he’s ready, willing and able to bring the future of music right into the here & now.

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