BGC Melody And Tasa Share New Single “Cookie Crumbles”

BGC Melody are a group of African musicians based in Cameroon, the Congo, Germany and the United States operating under the record label of the same name and made up of artists Bah’Ndong, Mobe Molondo, Thisis Mokom, Pope Switzeal and Cindy Mbando. Former artists of the label – Elie Solo, LaLa, Deenah, Jayé and Ziiana – are also included in the group. The group draw music inspiration from Cameroon, the UK, the US, Nigeria, South Africa and East Africa.

BGC Melody now team up with Cameroonian artist Tasa for its latest release – a powerful theme song titled “Cookie Crumbles” for its upcoming movie of the same name, which will be released by the label’s movie production unit. Currently shooting in Cameroon, the movie is described by Don Julio Bats as having the feel of a James Bond movie in the tropics. Infused with infectious melodies, hypnotic beats and lush vocals by Tasa, the theme song is an amapiano-EDM fusion with Afrobeats undertones aimed at giving listeners a taste of what it would be like if a James Bond theme song was produced as African urban music.

“Cookie Crumbles” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms:

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