Big $wift Releases “Still Servin 2” Album And “I Don’t Like Yall” Video

Southeast LA rapper Big $wift is back with a 13 track project “Still Servin 2”, the sequel to his 2019 offering. The project is the culmination of his hard work and dedication over the last 18 months.

He kicks off the project immediately with the very zealous, “Back On The Percs” where he suffocates the Saltreze, Matt Bricks and Zay Keys beat the moment it begins and doesn’t let up for 2 minutes straight. The next track “562 to 323” features frequent collaborator and mentee of $wift Jakarta $lim. 22Gfay, Sietegang Yabbie, Yhung T.O. and Kyle Banks all make guest features on the next few songs elevating the artistry on the project immensely. On “I Don’t Like Yall” Big $wift channels his inner 50 Cent with name checks of popular Los Angeles artists, along with built up rage from being slept on for years in the Los Angeles scene resulting in a bevy of subliminal shots now that $wift is in prime position to become the next big artist to blow. On “SS2 Freestyle” and “Free Mob6” $wift gets vulnerable and provides a window into his current life, sharing his struggles with addiction, a gun charge and his childhood best friend recently being sentenced to 14 years in prison. Earning wins, taking losses, court trials, and plenty of tribulations, Big $wift finds a way to continue serving. 

In addition to releasing the project $wift released the video for “I Don’t Like Yall” shot dead in the middle of Little Italy, literally, during a recent trip to New York. 


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