Black Montana – 1942 (Single)

Up and coming rapper Black Montana has officially released his new single “1942”. His work ethic and desire to be different is paying off in the new year as he is making the best music of his life. Montana wants the world to know that he is up next with this fire bop.

On “1942” you will hear the Atlanta based rapper flowing about fly women in hot tubs, his favorite alcohol to drink and the life of a rising superstar. Some notable lyrics from this single includes “Couple bad hoes in the hot tub, 1942 I don’t drink bub, lot of gas but we got real drugs, young n***a and his pockets on armor truck”. These lyrics are a direct nod at the lavish lifestyle, as  he continues to live out his musical dreams.

When you pair Montana’s confident vocals with the heavy hitting beat, you get a recipe to a hit record. He does a great job of creating a song that you can vibe to, turn up to and listen to while getting dressed. Named after the expensive liquor Don Julio“1942” Tequila, his creativity is what stands out most on his latest single.

As he moved to Atlanta from his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama to pursue his dreams, he is making a huge statement with “1942”.

Press play below to stream Black Montana’s new single below.


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