Black TikTok Trailblazer Akintoye inspires creators to add “Pizzazz” to their sadness

Before he was recognized as one of the only Canadian creators on the 2022 Black TikTok Trailblazers List, Akintoye grew a massive audience (2.5M+ followers) on the platform with his off-the-cuff freestyle skills – cue his freestyle about the COVID-19 vaccine (19.3M+ views) and his emphatic “I’m Broke” (21.4K+ creations). The Toronto native’s animated lyrical skills have inspired the TikTok community once again, as creators use his viral song “Pizzazz” to share their mental health checks in a lighthearted way. Previously released as a snippet on his page, Akintoye’s catchy track is a response to a comment, where one of his followers asked him about how he’s feeling. “Pizzazz” has more than 214K video creations to date, and its TikTok success helped the song rack over 1M streams on Spotify in over a week of its official release. Akintoye’s success translates beyond TikTok – over the weekend, he performed at Toronto Raptors’ Scotiabank Arena for the 2022 NBA playoffs.

Akintoye’s optimistic lyrics, “Are you okay, like really?/I’m fine, if I’m going to be sad I’m gonna do it with pizazz,” resonates with creators who find the upbeat in their down days by binge-watching Harry Potter films, buying concert tickets, and cooking their favorite comfort foods. Akintoye has also interacted with his song, showing his 2.5M followers how he deals with sadness by binge-watching anime, sharing other creators’ open verses and thanking his followers for streaming “Pizzazz.” Akintoye’s viral success is proof positive that TikTok continues to elevate Black creators by amplifying their voices to a wider audience.

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