Black Women’s Health Imperative Announces Sheryl Lee Ralph and Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts as Recipients of the 2023 Vanguard Award in Honor of BWHI’s 40th Anniversary

The Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI) is delighted to announce the distinguished recipients of the 2023 BWHI Vanguard Award: Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts and Sheryl Lee Ralph. These awards are presented in honor of BWHI’s 40th anniversary, during which the organization will return to its local chapter roots, hosting large-scale “homecoming”-themed celebrations designed to educate, empower, and provide resources on health and wellness for women of color. These events will be a true celebration of Black women and their achievements and contributions, as well as a reflection on the continued work needed to improve the health outcomes of Black women.

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a renowned author, speaker, and faith leader whose work has touched the lives of countless women across the nation. As the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, she has fearlessly carved her path, becoming a beacon of hope and empowerment for many. Her compelling story of resilience and transformation has inspired countless women to overcome their own challenges and thrive.

Sheryl Lee Ralph, a celebrated actress, singer, and activist, has captivated audiences on screen and stage for decades. Beyond her remarkable career in entertainment, Ms. Ralph has leveraged her platform to advocate tirelessly for the well-being of Black women and girls. She has been an unwavering champion for healthcare equity and access, using her voice to amplify critical issues affecting our community.

Both Sarah Jakes Roberts and Sheryl Lee Ralph have exemplified the true spirit of the BWHI Vanguard Award by working as ambassadors for BWHI, spreading a critical and culturally tailored message to help women live healthier, happier lives. Their contributions have transformed and saved lives, aligning with the award’s core mission.

The term “vanguard” perfectly encapsulates the essence of these two remarkable women. A vanguard is a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas, and both recipients have done just that. They have boldly led the charge in raising awareness of issues affecting Black women and girls, utilizing their platforms and personal energy for life-saving campaigns.

Sarah Jakes Roberts and Sheryl Lee Ralph have collaborated closely with BWHI, lending their voices and influence on initiatives that address the unique health disparities faced by Black women. Through their tireless efforts, they have shed light on crucial issues, ranging from maternal health disparities to mental health and wellness.

The BWHI Vanguard Award celebrates their dedication and impact, and we are honored to recognize these phenomenal women who have not only broken barriers in their respective fields but have also paved the way for healthier, happier futures for Black women and girls across the nation.

Join us in celebrating Sarah Jakes Roberts and Sheryl Lee Ralph as they receive the 2023 BWHI Vanguard Award, acknowledging their outstanding service, inspirational journeys, and unwavering commitment to the well-being of Black women and girls.

Learn more about our 40th anniversary events, being held in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. here:

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