We chopped it up with Maryland’s Bounce Beat Black on his latest release “Agatha Hex” and other topics you can check out below!

“If you love something or have a passion for anything, don’t play with it.” – Bounce Beat Black

  1. Explain the marvel influence behind your latest single. – I’m a huge comic fan. I really enjoy Marvel and DC comics movies and shows, so when I watched the WandaVision show and heard the Agatha All Along song they had on there, I just wanted to see if I can sample it and have some fun with it. The song has many references from the show and the Marvel MCU world. Like how I use magic to have people under my control or to have them under a hex, some X-Men references in there as well.
    2. Go-Go is a popular subgenre in the DMV, can you give use insight on what it is? – Go-Go isn’t something you can experience from listening to it on cd or MP3. You have to participate in life in person, and you should also try to experience multiple bands from different eras of Go-Go because it’s all not the same.
    3. What upcoming music do you have? – I have a project coming soon called ‘Can I Vent?.’ I use music as basically the diary or therapist sometimes. It could be difficult to express myself or open up myself to people, so I put it in my music to get out certain things I want to say or tell.
    4. Your artist name is unique, can you give us insight on it? Is it Go-Go related? – Bounce Beat Black comes from my GoGo origin. I’ve played in 2 bands. I had my band when I was younger called Cash Money Band, and the most recent GoGo band I was with was TCB. Both bands played a style of GoGo called the Bounce Beat. TCB is known as the Bounce Beat Kingz, so being an affiliate of the bands and my nickname was already Black, I choose the stage name Bounce Beat Black because I want to always keep that origin with me.
    5. What else do you have coming up? – I have a lot coming up. I’m producing some projects for other artists with a few features, and I have another single or two before I release my project.

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