Brooklyn-Based Artist Amornay Slated To Release New Single “You Want Me”

Rising Brooklyn-based R&B artist Amornay, born Anaysha Robinson, took a leap into her music career in 2018, at only 21. Naturally taking the smooth, relaxing and sensual approach to her sound, the unique and melodic singer is definitely on her way to expanding her audience, solely from raw talent. She recently released her newest single “You Want Me” which is officially releasing this month. The new single is an ode to women who aren’t into commitment with love interests due to pain from past relationships — a story line many women can definitely relate to.

Soft, seductive and serene, Amornay is a good vibe. Influenced by the likes of Sade, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, and even Drake, the Long Island, NY native will definitely be a fan-favorite. Also into other sectors of entertainment like acting, Amornay is a jack of many trades. Her foreseeable goals include collaborating with one of her influences, becoming a grammy-nominated artist, and just successfully sharing her music to the world. Make sure to stay tuned for “You Want Me” here.

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