Kai Ca$h is here today with his new single release titled, “No Remorse”. With insane events across both the country and the world, Kai Ca$h has used this time to reflect on his life as a black American man and to use his voice through music; hence, the birth of the emotion-derived record, “No Remorse.” Kai Ca$h speaks for the unspoken and encourages his fans to look within themselves and face their uneasy thoughts during these trying times. “No Remorse,” helps the listener build courage from within a space and situation where it seems impossible.

Stream : https://lnkfi.re/noremorse

“I want the listeners to paint the picture I’m explaining, to grasp onto these emotions and (hopefully) relate to feeling the same way I feel. I want this to help people that are usually sheltered with themselves to develop a sense of confidence within themselves,” Kai Ca$h explains.

Sampling T.O.K.’s “Footprint” allows Ca$h to really tap into both his and his audience’s deep emotions. All aspects of the sampled piece are embedded with a complexity that speaks for the soul, from the lyrics to the melody. Kai Ca$h recognized this and paired it perfectly with his latest release in order to fully connect with his audience.



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