Tems Tells Apple Music About Truth, Overcoming Fear, Writing From a True Place and More

On episode two of Leading Vibe Radio, Tems, Tunji and Muyiwa explore ‘The Other Side’ of humanity as they talk self-awareness, fear, celebrity, therapy and empathy. The Nigerian artist shares her motivations for making music, more stories from her childhood and advice for creatives on remaining honest and authentic with their work.

Key quotes from the episode and image below. If you’re able to use, please credit to Leading Vibe Radio with Tems on Apple Music 1. 

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Tems On The Theme Of This Week’s Episode – ‘The Other Side’

Everybody has anxieties. Everybody has issues. Why are we here? To share them. So that other people can maybe find something that would help them by just knowing that they’re not alone and that it can be overcome. And that there is a better life. And amongst all this misery, amongst all this chaos, there can be joy that can be found actually in life, just by you sharing your truth. And that’s why it’s important for you to share it. Not think about what you think people want to hear, but what is actually real because somebody needs that real and the real cannot be replaced, there’s only one truth. That’s the most precious thing you can ever do, is to be completely honest. Not for you. I mean for you, but also for, most importantly, for others, for the next generation, for other people to make life better. That’s what the other side is about. Things are never as they seem and… I feel like a lot of times people want to be distracted from their own lives. I challenge you to not be distracted from your life. I challenge you to look at yourself in the mirror, look at yourself, think about yourself, find yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself. I challenge you to do that. Don’t idolize anybody’s… You don’t have to think about what you are not doing or what you are afraid of. Face that fear and know that on the other side, there’s something amazing for you. 

Tems On Fear And The Difference Between Being A ‘Doer’ And A ‘Viewer’

I think the difference between a doer and a viewer is fear. I think the only difference between me and somebody that can also sing, that nobody knows right now, that has never released any kind of music at all, is fear. 

Just putting yourself out there is fear that separates us, and a lot of people that do view other people really speak and judge based on how they see themselves. And a lot of the things that people say, a lot of the opinions that people have, are really based on a kind of low key jealousy that they’re not really able to put themselves out there. And they find confidence in being invisible. And the challenge is overcoming fear. The first challenge to becoming a doer is overcoming fear.

And then when you are now a doer, I feel like you are watching other people… judge what you are doing, even though they’re not doing anything at all. And the challenge is reminding yourself that their opinion doesn’t matter actually. And if they knew anything about life, they won’t be online speaking, they’ll be doing too.

Tems On Focus, Taking Time Between Releasing Music And How People React To That

People imagine themselves to be in your position, but don’t actually understand the actual work that goes into it. So everything that they say is based off of their imagination. One thing that a lot of people never notice until now is that the first half of every single year, since I ever released music is my time to work on myself, work on my music, do everything I need to do. And in that time it seems like, “Oh my God, what’s going on?” Nothing is going on. And people start talking because everybody is scared. It looks like they have something important to say, or they have something reasonable to say, but really it’s fear.

And they’re scared for me in quotes, but if you go to the roots of that, it’s really because they’re afraid of doing what they really want to do. And they feel like, “Oh, how can this person just be chilling? What is she doing?” But you actually don’t know what I do on a daily basis. You actually don’t know how my life actually is in real life; you can’t even fathom it. And if you were me, do you know whether you’d be alive? Do you know whether you wouldn’t have done something by now? Do you know whether you would’ve handled it better than me? Because you don’t know what I’ve seen or what I’ve gone through. And a lot of this is really self-projection. Just projecting your own fears.

Tems On Overcoming Fear

Everybody has their personal… what they feel fear, what the result of fear is in their lives and how they see something. Or how they react to something that they’re afraid of. And I believe it’s really looking at yourself and asking yourself if this is something to be afraid of. 

It really is just about looking at what it is and being honest with yourself. And a lot of times, what we think are afraid of is really not what it seems like on the surface. A lot of times there’s a root to that fear. There’s a, “oh, I’m afraid of getting fat. Am I afraid of getting fat? Or am I just afraid of not looking…” Or “do I just not believe in myself? Do I just not think I’m good enough?” Or “do I not just think that I will ever be good enough?” There’s always a deeper question. And then when you find that deeper question, you start to see yourself a bit more clearly. You start to see things a bit more clearly. 

Tems On Whether She Thinks About How People Will Receive Her Music

Honestly, I don’t. Maybe on the day that we’re releasing it, the day of, I’ll start looking for everything. Every reason why this song, this project should not be out. I’ll start thinking, oh my gosh, what have I done? I’ll start having last minute anxiety. And when I know I can’t do anything about it, it’s already something that is gone. Even if I said, oh, let’s not do it, I can’t actually stop it, but I just always decide all the time to have that last minute bout of drama. I just have some drama going on just before the 12 midnight, I’ll start acting dramatic. Just because it is my, “oh, it’s finally out” way of celebrating. It’s a ritual.

Apart from that, I really don’t. Do you think Picasso ever thought, “Hmm, I wonder if the way people think right now will stop them from understanding this art. Maybe I should draw something that people can receive well.” I don’t. I mean, imagine if he did that, and we probably would not know his name, which real artist thinks about how people would receive something? Even if you took the formula, the reason why everybody should like something, you still find people that absolutely hate it and absolutely cannot digest it and absolutely dislike it. Even if I decided I’m going to do a project that’s hits only. According to what I think people think is a hit, I would do a project that’s hits only. Hits only. Hits only. It sounds mad. It sounds like a great idea. But when it comes out, there’ll be something that doesn’t quite gel. And it’s not just because I have become a slave to people’s opinions. It’s also that there’s nobody in this life that everybody likes. There’s nobody. Art is an extension of you. Everybody cannot like your art because everybody cannot understand you. Everybody cannot receive what you’re trying to send. And what you’re really just trying to send is the truth from your eyes. How you see life, everybody can’t see how life, the way you see life. So why worry about whether they’ll see it from your perspective. If you don’t, you don’t, I’ll be fine either way. I’m still alive. 

Tems On Whether She Actively Tries To Make Songs That Will Empower Her Listeners

No. I don’t think that because you don’t think. Art is not something that is created out of thinking, it’s created out of doing. You just open your mouth and sing. When I freestyle, when I make things, when I made “Replay,” I literally just opened my mouth and I just started singing. I didn’t think about, “Oh, this is empowering.” Even when I made “Free Mind,” I was dealing with a lot in my mind. And me, I was just releasing. I was just like, oh God. I was just feeling it deeply. I wasn’t thinking about anything. It’s not a thought process. You don’t think about breathing. 

I would never regret anything I released because I know that came from my soul and that’s what is important. Every single song came from a true place. So the only way I can ever regret is if I do think, “Hmm, what would people like?” And then I release it and realize, that’s not me at all. Why did I do this? I don’t even believe the things I’m saying, why did I do this? And then I’m unhappy, while everybody’s happy. And everybody is feeling great with that song. And there’ll still be haters on that song too. But if that song now went up, now I know that I hate that song with my life. Every time I perform it, I know it’s not me. And then I’ve trapped myself into a marriage with this song that I know I don’t really believe in. So who loses, who wins? Because the people that are listening to it, is it a win for them? Do they actually get anything tangible from that thing that isn’t true, from that song that isn’t your real life? So what was the point?  

Some people’s way of creating is thinking about the masses. That’s perfectly fine. But for me and for any real artist, if you want to be happy, because you can have all the money in the world, you can have all the hits in the world and you’ll be miserable and you’ll be trapped because you now start feeling like you can’t express the real you after making so many hits. Then you can’t, you’re afraid to show people who you actually are. Because you feel they won’t accept you. And then you trap yourself in your mind and you live your life continuously miserable.

Meet Michael Escobedo, LA’s Best Rooftop Photographer

Meet Michael Escobedo, Los Angeles’ best rooftop photographer. A couple years ago, Escobedo picked up a camera. He likes to photograph a range of topics, but found that he was mostly drawn to cityscapes. He also quickly discovered that in a city like Los Angeles, where the visually creative talent is abundant, he wanted to set himself apart. He and his friends started what is called “rooftopping.”

As he explains it, “I try to get myself onto whatever roof possible to capture a new, fresh perspective of my city.”

This picture is stunning on multiple levels. The composition is breathtaking and bold. It is not a picture most of us can or are willing to make and the fact that it’s a self-portrait makes such an image even bolder. Escobedo set his Canon 70D camera, with self-timer, on a tripod as he sat himself on the edge. The result created a mood that is transcending.

Los Angeles is definitely one of the most stunning photos to see from above—as several photographers have demonstrated—but Michael Escobedo‘s photos are definitely the most dizzying.The photographer travels the world (he’s currently in China) capturing a variety of subjects, but what gives him the most thrill is scaling skyscrapers and looking down on the city. “I started [rooftopping] because I started getting bored of seeing the city from the same vantage points over and over again,” he told LAist. “I wanted to bring something, new, fresh, something that people hadn’t seen before. I wanted to show everyone how beautiful and different the city that they’ve lived their whole lives in can be, by changing their perspectives.”

Besides shooting amazing scenic photos in cities such as Los Angeles, Dubai, Barcelona, Lima Peru, San Francisco, West Fjords Iceland, Santorini Greece, Escobedo has also captured magic moments of artists including Nipsey Hussle, 03 Greedo, Ludacris, and more. Due to his outstanding photography work, he’s been profiled by the L.A. Times, LAist and more. Going by the handle @AwokenPhotography on Instagram, he’s amassed over 37 thousand followers who love his photography aesthetic and constantly comment how they would love to frame his pictures in their home. 

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TMF Precha, Layzie Bone, and Ronnie King Link with Xpression for New Music based on The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

There’s no way, I’m fucking trapped! I can hardly pay the bills as is. I’m so sick of walking past needles on the ground and drunks stumbling into the yard and passing out right in front of my kids while I’m swinging them. Somethings got to give I can’t keep living this way and these kids deserve better!

These were thoughts running through Tony’s mind while standing in the kitchen watching roaches scurry across the countertop of his trailer at The Junction mobile home park in Gordon, Ga. 2010. 

Fast-forward to 2011 after working long hours and saving up he founded his label imprint Now Entertainment and released several projects including Silly Slim’s Alphabet. He later restructured the label into a blog a short time later.

In 2020 artist and writer Christian Vind interviewed Xpression for the first issue of Now Entertainment Magazine. Shortly thereafter Tony and Xpression connected on Instagram and began building a relationship and working more closely together on future projects such as the first episode of the Now Entertainment Podcast, the song “Bent Rules”, and making plans for an upcoming Amazon Prime episode. 

After learning Xpression had previously worked with Bizzy Bone on the song “Lilith” Tony, being a big fan of Bone Thugs N Harmony since a child, didn’t hesitate to let Xpression know inspiring it was to be working with someone that had previously recorded a project with one of his idols. Knowing this, Xpression asked Precha to join him on a new project with fellow BTNH member Layzie Bone. 

Xpression recalled that Tony aka TMF Precha had referenced the 21st law of power in his debut single G.I.T. and felt there was synergy on the topic so he and his producer Bebo beats conceptualized the instrumental and hook for their new song 48 Laws. Later the multi-platinum, Oscar and Grammy nominated, diamond certified Ronnie King joined the crew and laid down some keys on the song giving it the extra flair it needed and solidifying the beat. Layzie Bone then knocked out his verse of course referring to the 1st law of power “never outshine the master” as the beginning of the third verse on the track. 

Xpression held down the first verse and covered the majority of the laws in the 1998 New York Times bestselling book by Robert Greene. Tony M Fountain then followed suit with the flow but kept the majority of his law references slightly hidden and more cryptic in nature rather than blatantly stating them outright. Midway through his verse TMF Precha demonstrated his influence and respect of the Bone Thug flow by drifting in and out of harmonies. 

Tony says he can’t believe how things have come full circle from the days of daydreaming about this moment, while living in a rundown singlewide trailer with no heat, to present day. He encourages everyone with the hope for something better to keep striving towards their goals and never give up because anything is possible. 

Meet Producer DOC, Credits Include Lil Durk, NAV, J.I. The Prince of N.Y.

Cross-genre on-the-rise producer, DOConDaBeat aka DOC, understood the task in front of him would not be easy. His 2012 effort, “When I’m Famous” marked his introduction to hip-hop, circulating his knack for bridging original themes to nostalgic melodies. The (then) upstate New York teenager’s verses landed in regional venues and supported his subsequent 2015 mixtape “Matter of Time”. Each garnered positions on prominent rap blogs. Still, in a period where the power of the internet helps or hinders those with audio manifestations–the beatmaker knew he needed to trek to Manhattan if he was going to be more than a big fish in a local pond. “People think I have been making music for 10 years, but it has been much longer than that. As a kid, I watched my father produce records for his friends. I remember the first time I made a beat, and somebody rapped on it. I was in the 5th grade. I knew then what I know now,” DOC explained.

Eager to hone his craft, the platinum-selling session leader soon taught himself how to play instruments and write music. His first instrument of choice was the piano, a tool that helped him to arrange cadences before any RIAA-certified placements. DOC found a musical safe space beside his mother at church, where the tyke learned to play the drums for his congregation’s choir. Both tuneful attributes posture his musicianship blocks ahead of newcomers who create exclusively through software programs. “I kept at it. Later, when my projects developed a buzz, my friend P was helpful with connecting me to industry executives, as he creates music, too. I would clock out of my day job at 5:00 PM, and we would drive to NYC to meet artists. Our studio sessions would sometimes continue until 4:00 AM. I would take a nap in the car on our way back to Albany and be at work by 9:00 AM,” he detailed.The grind of DOC’s developmental process, while strenuous, was necessary. In time, the virtuoso crossed paths with Gaby Acevedo, and their meeting marked the beginning of his mainstream trajectory beside GStarr Entertainment. The bilingual CEO took the music producer’s dexterities to new levels in 2019, marrying DOC’s hard-hitting trap loops to more commercialized rap sounds. Beside his roster mate, J.I., radio placements resulted in audiovisual success, including their collaboration “Need Me” and its 122 million YouTube views. Shortly thereafter, the producer’s synth-heavy packs played nicely from verse to chorus on the lyricist’s EPs, “Hood Life Krisis Vol. 1”, and “Hood Life Krisis Vol. 2.”, These triumphs were merely the beginning for the duo. A few millennial heavyweights’ co-signs inspired the GStarr hitmakers to keep moving. “I used to follow NAV on Twitter when he was solely producing for the XO crew. Now, he is rapping on one of my beats with Lil Durk,” DOC said regarding J.I’s collab, “Painless 2.” This enthusiasm laced the roster mates’ 2020 sets on the road and roused the keyboard wizard’s contributions to DAISY SIMO and Apollo Rai’s emerging catalogs. Taking notes from his production idols, DJ Khaled and Kanye West, has strengthened his musical reach by learning to mix and master for upcoming GStarr albums. The multi hyphenate struck gold yet again on J.I.’s “Hood Life Krisis 3” with “Letter 2 U”. DOC’s influences include The Dream, JAY-Z, Nas, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain, and Southside of 808Mafia. Gaby believed in me immediately. I can see how much we have accomplished in a few years. I aspire to become a super producer and assemble other young producers under me. Years from now, I hope people will sample my LPs. Also, I learned how to handle artists’ stage soundchecks. Who knows–maybe one day I will even do a film score–we have major dreams,” DOC asserted. 

The current RIAA Class member’s feelings of limitlessness are partially credited to his stint on 2021’s sold-out Young and Restless Tour. He DJed and supported GStarr’s studio recordings between show stops. DOC made inspiring discoveries by dedicating time to spinning conscious hits from his parent’s hip-hop era and listening to Caribbean riddims from chart-topping predecessors. Revisiting retro vinyl brought forth past-meets-present-boosted reggaeton tracks with El Ritmo Que Te Provoca, including “Comas y Ceros” by FARINA and Arcangel. The brawny soundscapes of DOC’s money compositions fit in Spanish-speaking markets, bringing him cross-continental fanfare. The love of devotees is appreciated, but admiration from a figure DOC respects elevated his understanding of how to guide an artist’s vocals harmoniously. The chart-topping producer Rick Steele is credited for his precision in obtaining the exact notes requested by his collaborators. The mogul’s ability to invoke emotions from his performers assisted DOC–ahead of publicizing his first-ever number 1 placement beside J.I on the Heatseekers Album chart–concluding last year. The event was a manifestation of a long preparation meeting opportunity for the GStarr team.

“I believe these mainstream developments are fate. Music runs deep in my lineage. My grandfather was in a 70s Bronx-based band. He played Earth, Wind & Fire tracks and asked that I explain what I heard. My mother is a writer. She made me understand the importance of storytelling. Comprehension of a song’s beginning, middle, and end became a requirement in our household,” the beatmaker affirmed. Traditionally, producers work closely with writers at a label. DOC set his intention to always be cohesive with whatever he releases into the world. This component alone reiterated the need for the industry rookie to have a solid workforce in place. Beyond the business, DOC’s grandest motivating factor is the love of his son. Upon the birth of his child, the key player took a leap of faith and pursued his passion full-time.2022 has exciting announcements en route with support from veterans like Poo Bear and DJ Luian Mambo Kingz’s producer Hydro. “I put everything I have into these dreams. I want people to feel that sentiment no matter what genre they listen to”, DOC substantiated. As continued chart entries occur, GStarr’s signee understands he does not get points today for yesterday’s wins. In the meantime, DOC is patiently putting the work in.

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The Brittprint Debuts Women’s Rap Cypher ft. Nyemiah Supreme, Diamond Qing, E11ven & More!

The Brittprint releases their inaugural Women’s Rap Cypher featuring Nyemiah Supreme, E11ven, Diamond Qing, $hayBand$, and Nyah G. Directed by Savannah Britt and Emely Delacruz, the production is entirely female led from the talent, to the styling, to the engineering and beyond. Disrupting the patriarchal status quo, the millennial fan favorite comms agency intentionally set out to create a body of art that was crafted by women. Rapping atop a fiery Detroit-style beat, produced by Lala The DJ and PlugStuck, the ladies bring out their most unique bars and flows. In addition to the cypher, The Brittprint also curated a Women’s Rap playlist available on Spotify.

The Brittprint Agency is an international communications agency that specializes in public relations, marketing, and creative strategy. Their past and present projects include Fat Joe, Burna Boy, Gucci Mane, DJ Khaled, 2 Chainz, Lil Yachty, Alessia Cara, Pelle Pelle, Beats By Dre, Madeintyo, 24hrs, and more. Their work has landed mentions with media outlets like Forbes, E! News, Daily Mail Online, Galore, US Weekly, MTV, Nylon, MediaTakeOut, Fashion Bomb Daily, Baller Alert, Fader, Hollywood Life, and various other top-tier outlets.

Production Credits:Producer: The Brittprint
Creative Director: Savannah Britt
Director Of Photography: Emely Delacruz
Associate Producers: Ashley Amado & Racquel Deeds
Music Producer: Lala The DJ & PlugStuck
A&R: Savannah Britt
Engineer: Hovlaine
Makeup: Kristal Smith & Destiny Hewitt
Hair: Emonee Miles
Stylist: Savannah Britt & Radiya Burton
Wardrobe: Diplomacy Worldwide, Maison Monsieur Mikey, Bvckstvge Jewelry, Bourbon Summer Cartoon Crisis
Location: Key & Needle Studios
BTS: Racquel Deeds

Social Media:

The Brittprint | Instagram

Nyemiah Supreme | InstagramTwitter 

Diamond Qing | InstagramTwitter

E11ven | InstagramTwitter

Nyah G | Instagram

$hayBand$ | InstagramTwitter

Nate Husser Is Back With New Single ”Get Out” with Merlyn Wood

Buzzing through the street of Montreal and beyond, rising rapper Nate Husser is definitely next to blow. Today, he releases his newest single “Get Out” ft. Merlyn Wood, which has been highly anticipated by fans with a massive influx of pre-saves prior to the single release. “Get Out” follows up after Nate Husser’s single release earlier on this year called “On A Roll” — which has been amassing thousands and thousands of streams across all platforms. After the success of “On A Roll,” this new single is definitely on track.

“Get Out” is the perfect mix of upbeat and collected, showing both Nate Husser and Merlyn Wood’s artistic personas. The single has only been out for a few hours, and the response is already organically booming. If you’re new to Nate Husser, stream “Get Out” ft. Merlyn Wood below: 

Atlanta Next Big Star Quest Delivers Bar After Bar On New ”A Guy Called Quest” Project

Atlanta based lyricist and songwriter Quest is an emcee ready to take over the music game. With his first major release of the year, he returns to the scene with an impressive new EP titled “A Guy Called Quest” . This six song project displays Quest’s raw talent and gifted lyricist, letting the world know how woke and conscious he is as an artist. As he is currently a student at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, he is balancing his academic endeavors along with his desire to be one of the most influential artists in the game.

As Quest continues his rise to the top he wants the world to know that he is ready for the big leagues. On records such as Benefits, and Soul Anthem, it is clear that he is a star in the making. His original cadences, confident demeanor on the mic and deep lyrical content, puts him in the company of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and the late great Nipsey Hussle.

From beginning to end, “A Guy Called Quest” is a masterpiece. You will hear the Atlanta native spitting his raw truth of sacrifice in order to achieve a level of triumph that will make him a living legend. Quest comes from humble beginnings, and has no problem storytelling his life in a sonically pleasing manner.

Quest pours his heart and soul out on this EP. He is setting himself up to have the best year of his life musically, challenging any emcee who thinks they can go toe to toe with him. Anyone who is a Hip-Hop enthusiast will fall in love with the musical styles of Quest. Tap in with ATL’s next big rap star by streaming his new “A Guy Called Quest” EP below.

Adreana Gears Up To Release New EP “Lucky For You”!

Adreana’s 1st EP “Lucky You” is set to release in March 2022. She completed an Artist
Development Bootcamp with Bad Boy R&B Legend Q Parker from the mega group 112 & Grammy-nominated Producer TedyP from New Fam Entertainment. Adreana studied everything from media training & vocal coaching to live show performance and in studio sessions creating hit songs for her upcoming music project. Adreana is also an accomplished model, owner of ALH Modeling Agency and a budding actress who is featured in the newly released YouTube series “Situationship”.

With her passion and experience building, Adreana has performed all over the United States of America. She enjoys sharing her gift in her hometown of Shreveport, LA at events such as the annual Let the Good Times Roll Festival. She has worked with writing teams in Atlanta, Ga and Gary, Indiana. While working with Nard Music Group (NMG), she performed at the “Dear Frank” Movie Premier After Party for Brian White, Claudia Jordan and several others. Through this opportunity, her single “ReapinSeason” is on the Dear Frank soundtrack (released in 2021).

Exclusive Interview: Meet Rising Artist Chvrles Vnthony

What is your name and what city do you rep?
I am Chvrles Vnthony and to clear up confusion its pronounced as “Charles Anthony” and I rep DC. NorthEast to be exact.

Tell us about your latest releases, what inspired you to create them? 
My most recent release is an EP mixtape entitled “Maybe It’s Better This Way”. It’s available free on SoundCloud right now. I served up a 7-piece HOT for real. I came a long way from Night Music. You’ll love it.This new project IS inspirational in and of itself because the high quality production had me jump in my bag and execute at full strength. So, I’m super proud of the effort I put out there. Much love to DJ Pain 1, DJ Exclusive Beatz, and Enon Jacobs and Track Dealer for their contributions there.

What is unique about you and your music?
The unique part is you can only get what I bring to the table from me. I didn’t want to change up to fit in or be accepted because that’s not authentic. Being me is the easy part and I love it. Faking it to make it is cool until your cover is blown and now you gotta explain yourself LOL.

What shaped your music?
That 90’s rap culture truly shaped me. I watched these guys build empires from the ground up.Folks became able to provide for their people and changed lives all from music. These guys became the gold standard in many areas because of their chokehold on the industry. Those guys set the trends that became a global domination. Tell me that shit ain’t dope to witness. Much is owed to those whom paved the way for real. That was inspirational.

When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?
Once upon a time, it was all for the love of my creativity. I wrote, made beats, or performed because I’m a creative by nature so that’s where my passion lives. The day I chose to take it to the professional level was when I accepted my great-grandparents advice. Godbless em – they knew how talented I was and they were deeply supportive. They’ve passed on since then, but I’m happy they had a chance to see me hit a few accolades along the way. They just told me – Go for it. You can do it and you can make money doing what you enjoy.

What type of music do you listen to? 
I listen to all kinds of music. My playlist is all over the place for real. You might hear Jimi Hendrix, then Fallout Boy, Teddy Pendergrass, to Scarface. It’s crazy. To kinda sum it up: 50’s Jazz, 60s-70s Soul/Funk, 80s Pop, 90s-2000’s Rap, Rock & R&B. Dancehall, Reggae, Classical. I listen to and for the message along with the beats. True artists put their heart and soul into the craft and as a listener you’re able to learn so much from different perspectives. Music is medicine.

What inspires you to write music? 
When the instrumental is perfect, I feel like it finds me. I know the style of music I favor. I know the types of beats that I thrive on. So, when the beat finds me, I just turn up a little extra. Surely, I can write on any type beat, but I don’t like to force out content.

What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about? 
Cooking. I’m always putting something dope together and sharing it to my IG to make people jealous. I have a degree in culinary arts as well. Aside from cooking, I draw and do small craft projects I find. I aged bourbon, made beer, made wine, made soap, etc. Oh, I also written a book and have a television script. I be doing all kinds of shit. I don’t have time to be bored LOL

Happiness to you is…
Happiness is recognizing and appreciating what I have and being thankful while not letting the bad times or what I don’t have overshadow that. There’s a silver lining in every lesson, good or bad.

What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out? 
This shit is a business, you are the investment, and you will get out what you put in. Overnight viral success sounds and may feel good but in some cases it’s gone just as quick as it came. If you’re planning for longevity, be willing to play the long game. No one is willing to bet the house on you if you aren’t willing to bet it on yourself first. Get your business in order, plan and strategize and keep firing.

Tell us about your upcoming projects…
So far, I’m running promo on a single titled “It’s Better this Way”. Next up is a gem of a single entitled, “On & On’. That’s that goal-setting, let’s get money music there. New mindset to vibe to. Major goal is to have the projects, “Maximum Effort”, “Night Music 2” AND the 3rd installment to “The Late Show” series knocked out this year. We gotta get people ready for the “King Chvrles” project. So, yeah. Just a man and his crafts working at light speed.

Where do we find you music / music projects?  
You can find my entire catalog including unreleased music directly from www.ChvrlesVnthonyMusic.com as well as on digital streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud. You name it, I’m up there.

Any last words for the readers?
Follow me on IG @ChvrlesVnthony, I hope you enjoy my videos on YouTube, and above all thank you for listening.

West Coast Rapper LijahT Talks New “Rut” Single Ft. Ronntheartist

Rising superstar LijahT us having a great start to the new year. Riding out the success of his latest single “Rut” featuring fellow rising act RonnTheArtist, I got a chance to speak with him about his new material. Check it out below in a candid interview and discover the West Coast legend in the making.

Who is LijahT?

I am an artist with a car hobby and dad honestly! I also am a little bit of a gamer but not too crazy as my life is nothing spectacular…YET! 

How did you get your start in the music industry?

In all honesty I had a career ending injury at my 4 year university California Lutheran. After surgery I was really sitting and contemplating on what to do with my life and what was next. So I started taking acting classes and making music as a result of my career ending injury. Music really helped me get through that situation. The tables turned when I started making my own music and I really enjoyed growing and developing a new skill.  I was 23 years old at the time and have not looked back since.

Who are some of your music influences?

DJ Quik first and foremost because he has always been my favorite artist since I was a child. The first CD my pops gave me was “Quik Is the Name ” and I was hooked instantly. That man deserves his flowers and respect for what he has done for hip hop and music in general. Man he is a one of a kind person! The crazy thing is I had a brief conversation with him through one of his friends I met driving for Lyft in LA, so hopefully one day I can get in the studio with him. As I am from the bay area, E-40 and Too $hort are among my favorites.

It is only right to stick with my roots and pay homage to those two because of the years of consistency they have in the game. They honestly have not aged, it seems like ha. I love oldies all day such as the S.O.S Band, Kool and The Gang, Mtume, Loose Ends, and Con Funk Shun, but the list goes on! My cousin Pamthefunkstress a Bay Area legend DJ, is very influential in my life. As her name has been around for years, since she’s passed, she has touched me even more.

What inspires you to keep creating at such a high level?

My daughter Aaliyah really is the driving force for everything I do because I move for her before anyone. She has seen her dad go through it but, at the end of the day your kids will always love you even if you aren’t there in every aspect. So that’s what keeps me inspired! 

What was the inspiration behind your new “Rut” single?

At that time I had been going through the pandemic and testing negative for covid after I was locked up in the house for weeks. This was back in August/September ish so I really felt like at that time I was really in a “Rut”. Yet, I knew in life bad times don’t last, great people do! 

What was it like working with Ronntheartist?

Funny thing is that Ron and I go all the way back to high school and have worked with each other prior. So essentially it was an easy thing to knock out. We just had to get the timing right because we both have busy lives and stay on the move. So when it happened it was perfect timing.

How has life been for you since finding success on your “Rut” single?

Pretty solid. We still have a lot more work to do as far as visuals, promotions and marketing ideas but it’s going great. I have no complaints.

Can we expect a full body of work from you as a follow up to this release?

Depending on how “Rut” impacts the fans, will determine my follow up release. Folks time span for music really isn’t that long, so if we really grab more attention and appeal to the consumers ears and eyes, I would love for the world to hear the Ep titled 7 in a couple of months. 

What is up next for LijahT?

I am currently working on being a better father by the day. I am definitely going to get this mustang fixed up as I mentioned earlier, I am a car enthusiast. I am also preparing for the music video to “Rut” and releasing more tracks for the fans when the time is right for another release. We definitely have something great lined up for sure. 

Press play below to stream LijahT’s new “Rut” Single as he prepares to unveil the official music video in the near future.

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