Tre Savage speaks on being Webbie’s son, issues with Boosie movie, reality show with Webbie, Tootie Raw

Tre Savage is making a name for himself with the release of his debut project ‘Still Me’ which released this past summer. He is also Baton Rouge rapper Webbie’s oldest son. During a sit down conversation with Lalaa Shepard on The Progress Report, Tre Savage discusses what it was like growing up Webbie’s son, looking up to Boosie, rumored ‘Gangsta Muzik 2’ with Boosie’s son Tootie Raw, Reality TV Show with Webbie, and more!

Trilla Banks Talks new single, Growing up Toronto & Plans For The Future

Canadian rapper and singer Trilla Banks is taking his career to new heights following his latest single and music video release titled “Spend It”. Not afraid to talk his talk and let the world know that she’s up next, the Toronto native has a Devine talent that is destined for greatness. I had the pleasure of speaking with him for a genuine conversation about the inspiration behind his new release.

Check it out below. 

Who is Trilla Banks and where did the name come from?

People know me as SB where I am from but my artist name used to be Sean Banks. That name didn’t work out for me, as someone stole my material and dropped it under the same name. So I decided to change it. I always keep it true and real with everything and everyone around me so I changed it to Trilla Banks. 

What was the inspiration behind your new “Spend It” visual?

I wanted to show my background working in a shop and I wanted all my homies that are around me to be apart of it. Visuals are important and I wanted to show my seriousness with my craft so I decided to premiere the song with a video. 

Can you talk about the production of the record?

I produced the record. My dawg 7 helped with some of the drums. I been producing since Oct 2020 and I’m learning everyday. It’s another part of music I’ve fallen in love with.

How has being from Toronto impacted your decision to pursue music?

I love my city and everything it has to offer. Seeing artists like Drake, The Weeknd and Tory go as far as they have and being from the same place gave me a drive that I will make it as well. 

When can we expect a full project from you?

First quarter, 2022. Something I’ve been working on for a while. 

What are you working on next?

My new project which is dropping in the new year. I’ll be dropping singles up until then. I have my next single/video dropping any-day now. 

How can readers stay in touch with you?

My Instagram, @trillabeezy. I’m on all platforms and my YouTube as well. 

Zoe Wees Launches New Web Series, “Learning to Love Myself”

Zoe Wees – a YouTube Artist On The Rise, an Apple Music Up Next artist and an MTV EMA award nominee – closes out 2021 with a new web series, “Learning to Love Myself,” and a trio of television performances – The American Music Awards (November 21), “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (November 24) and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (November 25).

Jessie J joins Wees on Episode 3 of “Learning to Love Myself,” which launched today. Utilizing multiple platforms, each episode has a long-form video, hosted on YouTube, that captures Weesand her guest discussing well-being, music and the theme of the week. Secondly, Wees delves into the meaning of a track from her debut EP, Golden Wings, in a Snapchat episode. View Wees’conversation with Jessie J HERETate McRae appeared on the first episode of “Learning to Love Myself” and 6LACK, who features on Wees’ new single, That’s How It Goes,” guested on Episode 2. 

Young HitzRUS – “Producing Memories”

Recently Hip-Hop producer Young HitzRUS detailed his upbringing in Queens where he developed his musical skills and his plans for 2022 as he continues to develop as a producer. 

“I’m from, ‘if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!’ The Big Apple NYC to be specific, in the borough of Queens. I’m NY born and raised,” Young HitzRUS said. “NY is a very closed circle music scene; a lot of competition, but it helps you sharpen your craft and strive and grind for the best like no other place I have been to.”

Getting his start making music in his mom’s basement Young HitzRUS inherited a passion for music from his grandmother and mother who frequently played music in the living room sound system. 

“As I got older around 16 I got started with rap and with friends in my hood and we learned together,” Young HitzRUS recalled laughing. “Gradually we actually started recording on a computer like the audio recorder that came with Dell computers. Eventually at about 18 I started to record and engineer.”

From there Young HitzRUS turned his career into a full fledged money making business  engineering and producing and he has since earned respectable production credits with a host of up and coming artists including but not limited to Black Fortune and Siya. 

“Right now, I am working on a single I produced with an artist named Black Fortune. Dope artist and person, real genuine and talented.  No songwriters – he did the song off the top in about 20 mins,” Young HitzRUS explained

Going forward Young HitzRUS has big plans for the rest of 2021 and rolling into 2022 as he has a video coming soon with a very notable director.

“My goal is to be a millionaire on charts and helping my family and close associates, helping those in need. I also want to keep sharpening my craft and working with artists. I’m hoping to connect with more creators and businesses. My content will be picking up as well via Youtube, Tiktok and of course IG. Viral stuff,” Young HitzRUS said. “To my fans and people who support me, I just want to say thank you and I ain’t nothing without you. THANK FOR YOU BELIEVING IN ME!”

Passionate about music and believing that the music helps him capture moments in time, Young HitzRUS says he’s not a “beat maker,” he “produces memories.”

“Without the beat, the voice stands alone and to build a song you need the whole band,” Young HitzRUS said.  “I love being of service to the game, helping artists achieve a hit. With the birth of HitzRUS, the concept is really simple. This is where we make “hitz for us” – it’s me individually but also, me and the artists as one to build each other up. I’m not a beat maker. I produce and I compose memories and moments through music that will turn to history.”

Josh Stone Unleashes Latest Single “Popular”

New York native and recording artist Josh Stone fearlessly and unapologetically challenges the agenda of mainstream media in newest single “Popular”. In the single, which is out now Stone shares his distaste for two things; the agenda of mainstream media and people being afraid to speak their minds over fear of being judged, scrutinized, or “cancelled”. “Popular” poses questions to the world while speaking on what is happening to the people who may be scared to express their opinions or ask these questions. Stone was inspired by Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life, and follows in a similar route production-wise, sampling from the Broadway show “Wicked”, creating a pop friendly beat.

“The record means a lot to me. I felt I needed to ask questions I really don’t have the answers to. Do we all have to have like-minded thinking? Or are we too scared to say something? Just observations I wanted to put out over a pop friendly record.  I’m being as authentic as possible and pointing out what I think our society (youth and parents)  should ask themselves. I also feel the subject matter in the song touches on the problems and divisions in our country. I hope to spark a real conversation and be a voice to those who might be afraid to say it out loud with fear of repercussions.” says Stone. 

Josh Stone uses music as a therapeutic outlet to share his story with others. Not wanting to box himself into any single category or follow hyped-up trends, Stone hopes to be the artist that anyone can turn to no matter their mood or emotion. Stone wants his music to serve as a stepping stone for more conversations about mental health and to offer an authentic voice for those who cannot relate to what other artists are currently offering.

His single “Popular” is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

To keep up with Josh Stone, follow him on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok: @iamjoshstone.

Ayyod3 Talks New “I Don’t Hit Too Miss” Single In Time For Fall SZN

Rising artist and visionary Ayyod3 is the breathe of fresh air you didn’t know you needed. Putting in consistent and diligent work creatively and professionally, he is serving up some fresh new bars on his latest single titled “I Don’t Hit Too Miss”. Accompanied with a music video release, it is clear that Ayyod3 is carving out his own path toward success.

I had the pleasure of speaking with him for candid conversation discussing his new “I Dont Hit To Me single, his musical upbringing and plans for the future. Check it out below. 

Ayyod3 Interview 

Who is Ayyod3?

Ayyod3 is a young upcoming artist who has a lot of passion for music and entertainment. Growing up I watched Michael Jackson a lot. I studied everything about him, from his lyrics, his dance moves and look. Later on Chris brown came and added on to the influence. AyyoD3 was built off of the mixture of both artist and with a mix of the free spirited culture. I love to experiment and try new things, as my style of music has many different vibes and roots. For example I would say my music is a mash up of r&b, trap melodic, rock, rap, and pop sounds. I create my own world , my own matrix when it come to music. 

How did you upcoming bringing influence your decision to pursue music full time?

Music has always been apart of me. Since the early age of 3, I was studying dance, Ballet , jazz, and hiphop. Growing up I entered many talent shows in middle school and high school. When i got to college I was not sure what exactly I wanted to do but I knew for a fact it was in the music industry. 

I took Computer Science (producing) and theatre. My school didn’t have a good music program and I was edger to learn more. So I started Interning in local studios in my neighborhood. From there I met a lot of artists on pursbhybuit to a music career. I was producing beats and engineering. Then one day I said you know what. I’m gonna be an artist. That day was definitely in 2016. I was really intrigued by the trap sound at that time and saw myself doing it too. But in my own way.. 

How did you come up with your artist name ?

I had the name D3 since i was in middle school. I had a childhood friend that used to yell “Ayyo!” to get someone’s attention so I adopted the Ayyo part into my name. I thought It sounded cool yelling it out “AYYO! D3!” Kinda thing. 

How would you best describe your original sound?

The best way to describe my sound is energetic, melodic, and smooth. I like to give off a calm pretty boy vibe. 

What was the inspiration behind your new “I don’t hit to miss” single and music video?

The inspiration came from the idea of being creative in my music videos. I wanted to stick out but also tell a story. I wanted to show a glimpse of my idea of an up coming artist / rappers future. After all the fame money and hard work, how would that be like? I chose to play the roles myself because I got inspired by Eddy Murphy in Coming to America 2. 

Who are some artists you hope to one day work with? 

One day I hope to work with Lil Uzi and Playboi Carti. I love their work and vision. I can relate to their styles and connect. I definitely hope to work with Chris Brown as well. Not in just music but also in dancing, which would be a true pleasure. 

Can we expect a full project release from you anytime soon? 

I’m working on a project but I do not know when it will be out to the public. My main goal at the moment is singles and visuals but I’m not sure. I’m very unpredictable.

How can readers follow your progress in the industry?

Everyone can follow my progress by searching me on all platforms, social media and google. Just type in Ayyod3.

Press play below to stream his latest single “I Don’t Hit Too Miss”.

DJ Kofi Talks Being New “Afro Space” Single Celebrating 30 Years In The Music Industry

International DJ and producer DJ Kofi is someone you need to know. Having been in the game for 30 years he is using his influence to spark change and unity in the music business through song. Finding success Djing parties for the likes of Jay-Z, Venus & Serena and working with Kelis, he has an impressive track record that only continues to grow over time. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with DJ Kofi to discuss his new “Afro Space” single, being a vet in the game and bringing an international sound to America. Check it out below.

Who is DJ Kofi?

I am a multi genre, all around DJ / Producer based in London.

How did you get your start in the music business?

The door opened for me in the music business in 1995 when I won the UK DMC Championships. Literally the next day I was getting offers for production. I was given a slot on Choice FM (The No1) black music station in London at that time. That led me to doing a lot of freelance work with the Majors. 

When did you get your big break?

I would say being on Radio (Choice FM) after winning the DMC opened a lot of doors. I did a lunchtime mix show on Mondays & Fridays. I got my name out all over the world from that. 

Being from London as a DJ how were you able to break into the American music scene and be impactful?

Yeah, in 97 I came to NYC to Battle in the ITF East Coast finals at Tramps, and made a name for myself on the underground. I returned to London and did a Mixtape for Universal Records. That ledto me producing a DJ Mega mix for Blackstreet called “Kofi’s real live turntable mix” which was part of a singles package for “Money Can’t But Me Love” it was a top ten hit here in the UK. Was also released globally. That got me touring internationally.  

What was the inspiration behind your latest single “Afro Space”?

“Afro Futurism” Sun Ra “Space is the place” movie. My love for Afro House music and wanting to do something that sounded futuristic. 

How did you Triece & The D Lyfe Show connect for the record?

Well I met D Lyfe when he was touring with Ashanti back in the day. We became friends and we always brainstorm on the phone. He lives in Las Vegas. I played him the beat and explained the concept. Then we started writing, well mainly him to be honest. He has the skill of turning conversation into song. He recruited Triece who also lives in Vegas and the rest is history as they say. 

Can we expect an EP from you soon?

I really love working on conceptual projects and have a rough album sketch. So not sure if I will drop an EP or an Album however more singles are coming soon that’s for sure.  

How can readers stay up to date with you?

Follow @therealdjkofi on Instagram Twitter & Facebook. @djkofi on tiktok. Press play below to stream DJ Kofi’s “Afro Space” below.

Tevin Johnson Continues to Develop All Aspects of Merchandising, Management and Marketing With Crypto-Funded Start-Up

Most recently Tevin Johnson of  Nevermore Studios spoke about how his start-up is preparing to run up the score as his client 1996 Montana of 88 Rising sets his sights on #1 for the independent Billboard Charts 

Compiling all of 1996 Montana’s music across the streaming platforms as a performer, songwriter or producer, Tevin Johnson is once again shining a bright light on his personalized approach to entertainment management as 1996 Montana is approaching 1 billion streams across all credits.

Having coordinated and negotiated 1996 Montana’s existing deals signing to 88 Rising a division of 12 Tone and publishing  through  Kobalt, Tevin Johnson was a part of the rally towards breakout singles like “Walking” Ft Swae Lee, Diplo & Jackson Wang,” “100 Degrees” By Rich Brian and “Bad Back” by Jackson Wang ft Goldlink.

Continuing to evolve and reach into new enterprising opportunities, Nevermore Studios has built a reputation and sphere of influence that goes well beyond the daily business activities they execute as an entertainment management company. in summary, Nevermore Studios is a start-up company built of 3 divisions (Music, Media and Apparel).

Nevermore Studios Apparel has been worn by  some of the most popular entertainers and influencers in music. At one point Adam22 of NoJumper  wore the Nevermore Studios gear for a full episode of his show. This opened up opportunities for Nevermore Studios to style video shoots for the likes of Jozzy & 600Beezy and many more. 

“Adam22 from No Jumper saw our first set of customized pants on instagram and immediately hit us up to come to the studio. We gave him all of our latest gear for free and in return he wore Nevermore for his entire vlog episode. This was a huge boost because no jumper has great influence in the streets and from that moment on our industry standing was created. Im very thankful for him , many doors have opened since then”

Starting off throwing parties in college, Tevin Johnson quickly realized the unbeatable synergy between fashion and music, which led him to apply the same module in the entertainment industry. 

“In college I would throw huge parties and hire DJs with the most influence. At the time, the success of these parties boosted me in the light of popularity. I wanted to take my idea to the next level which lead to me throwing exclusive pop-ups in LA . This was a great way for my partner to showcase his apparel and it was a great way for me to meet industry figure heads. Our introduction into the music and fashion industry was pretty mysterious which is why we named our company Nevermore Studios. Nevermore stems from Edgar Allan Poe’s poems “‘The Raven.’” Edgar Allen Poe is the inspiration behind our cryptic movements.”

Following graduation Tevin realized he needed a way to financially support his vision which led to his career in wealth management for various athletes and entertainers such as Nick Diaz and Kevin Mubenga. 

“My goal in corporate America was to increase financial literacy amongst all minority groups,” Tevin Johnson explained. “I would use my checks from corporate America to throw parties in LA. Once I secured a salary job I was able to book elite level talent and amazing venues which ultimately lead to everything before us today.”

From there he began managing and helping other artists free of charge as a way to venture into the music industry full time. The plan worked and before long Tevin was managing 88 Rising’s 1996Montana.   While the jump from throwing parties in college to financial services was short-lived, the skills learned during those years have provided the management skills to accelerate beyond the competition and any doubtful peers or naysayers. 

Priding himself on good business and having accomplished so much in 3 years of business with 1996 Montana, Tevin Johnson also is proud that Nevermore Studios is completely funded by cryptocurrency. 

“I have found great success in being an early investor in the likes of Dogecoin & Shiba Inu Coin which gave me the confidence to step away from corporate america and independently fund Nevermore Studios. In addition to investing in Nevermore Studios from cryptocurrency profits I have invested in a series of cryptocurrency mining rigs which enabled me to executive produce 1996 Montana’s debut single The Reason Ft Kellin Quinn” We have also  signed a joint venture deal with Blossöm Records so we are really excited about the opportunity this deal will create for our artists via distribution and marketing. All creative  projects and investments  will be 100% funded by cryptocurrency. I can’t wait for 2022 and beyond as we expand into the portal of tomorrow.”

TheOfficialBron Announces That He’s Been Working on a New Album Titled, ‘To Whom It May Concern’

Rising artist, TheOfficialBron, has been busy in the lab working on some hits that are said to be on his next project. 

The title of the forthcoming album is, To Whom It May Concern. There are rumors that there will be a few notable surprise features on the album as well.

TheOfficialBron has not released an official release date as of yet, but is as anxious as his fans to drop new music since his last release in December of 2020.  

He has taken a different approach with this project. His last album, The Come Up, had songs from a variety of different genres, as this album focuses on more Hip-Hop. 

Keep up with TheOfficialBron on social media and stay tuned for plenty of new music from the artist on the way.

Michael Harris & Paul Nutall Talk New 2nd Chance Saves Lives Initiative & Talk Show

Not all heroes wear capes. That is the story of Former wrongfully convicted advocates Michael Harris & Paul Nutall who are scheduled to host a riveting show called 2nd Chance Saves Lives on Fox. With their shared experience and passion for changing lives, the two have banned together to shed light on people who are seeking second chances at life after being falsely incarcerated for crimes they did not commit.

2nd Chances helping others:

2nd Chance TV Show & Production is a unique company founded by Paul and Tiffany Nutall that is focused on lending a helping hand to those in need. Having endured many tragic events throughout his life, Paul found his wife who shared his enthusiasm and compassion for others. As he had already been making an impact helping fallen celebrities in Hollywood get a second chance, they collaborated to build their company, bringing the 2nd Chance Saves Lives TV Show to the small screen. The program would shed light on the lives of others who endured many trials and tribulations. Joining them on the stage is Michael Harris, a man whose career has spanned over multiple industries.

The show’s mission will be the same as its namesake organization which is telling the stories of the underprivileged and struggling individuals who need to clear the obstacles in their path toward health, success, fulfillment, and redemption. Just as 2nd Chances program seeks to educate, uplift, motivate, and inspire, it’s also seeking to make a difference by connecting with the public directly. 

Paul is a three-time, world champion kickboxer who also spent years as a renowned gang-unit officer and a regional youth specialist. He later endured a series of intense personal challenges like Harris that would inform his desire to build a platform to help others.

Paul and Micheal’s resilience and determination to be a voice to those falsely convicted is admirable in more ways than one. As they have made it their mission to educate people all over the world, garnering television attention is only going to help them spark even more change.

I had the pleasure of catching up with the two for candid conversation to discuss the vision behind 2nd Chance Saves Lives. Check it out below.

Paul Nutall and Michael “Harry O” Harris Interview

How did you all meet?

In 2019, Michael was still serving time in Lompoc prison in California. One of my brothers was also serving time at the same location and during that time we sent my brother photos that I had with celebrities I knew when I was helping fallen celebrities in Hollywood.

Michael overheard my brother talking about our 2nd Chance Saves Lives TV show that we were producing at the time. So, he then gave me a call wanting to connect and learn more about our 2nd Chance organization. He shared with us what he had done in the past with Death Row records along with the other people that he had helped along the way. After building a rapport, we signed him on as a Co-Owner of our organization despite his situation for his 2nd Chance.

Where are you both from and currently reside?

My wife and I currently reside in San Antonio, Texas. Meanwhile Michael is living in California where we used to reside.

Why do you feel that everyone deserves a 2nd Chance at life?

Paul: With what I have been through: family abandonment, wrongful incarceration twice, and homelessness twice, I unfortunately did not have anyone there for me after being abandoned by my family for almost 3 decades. Only God got me through many of the trials and injustices that I faced, and I know that He made me go through what I did so that it would birth a fire, resilience, and passion within me to want to help others in need. With that being said, I believe that everyone deserves a 2nd Chance to redeem themselves.

What was the Driving force behind the 2nd Chance Saves Lives program?

While Michael was still incarcerated, my wife and I had to find avenues to fund our program. Unfortunately, due to his situation, Michael was unable to provide his share, so we depended on and put all of our Faith in God to guide us through and direct our paths. There have been multiple times, I can count five times thus far, where my wife and I came down to our last penny and a couple times were in the negative investing our time, money, and energy to produce our show. But God always came through at the exact right time for us. I can confidently say that we work with God to be the force to make this program happen, and God is driving and guiding the train to where we need to go, and we just follow where He leads us.  

What occurred in you all’s lives that made you want to get involved with this type of initiative? (Paul & Harry)

Paul: I was first disowned by my family after a lie that was spread by my two brothers who were arrested for robbery. They shifted the blame on me insinuating that I was the cause of their arrest, which led to my whole family believing the lie and ceasing contact with me for 28 years. Another family member wrote a false rip-off report about me with someone I dated in the past who had a woman’s scorn to discredit my character; which did at one point, greatly affecting potential business dealings in the beginning of our journey.

I was wrongly incarcerated by the Federal government over a scam by people in Nigeria that led me to being incarcerated for 14 months because I was a “flight-risk” and in my opinion, a black man. After they dropped 2-40 charges and my release, I became homeless, was unable to pay child support, which led me to be arrested once again to serve 6 more months in jail and being homeless once again. The ups and downs of my life made me realize that I must help others who may not have the same amount of strength or resources to overcomes similar obstacles that I endured.

Michael: I was raised by a single parent and grew up in a rough and disenfranchised neighborhood where opportunities were very scarce. I made a crucial mistake in judgement and took a road that would scar me for life by learning the drug trade and served 30+ years for attempted murder and cocaine trafficking. Early on I witnessed the disadvantages that the African Americans and people of color faced and from then on dreamed that they would share an equal playing field to those who lacked the opportunity. Together with the 2nd Chance force now as a free man, I hope that my experiences and skill sets will contribute in making this happen for all.

How did both of your lives change both experiencing being wrongfully convicted?

Paul: I realized after these experiences that there are many others in the system who are innocent and serving time for crimes they did not commit and that the justice system, at times, is not fair when it comes to minorities especially with the black ethnicity.

Michael: I was convicted of attempted murder and cocaine trafficking, and I believe that I served too much time, about 10 years over. However, my life has changed through the humbling experiences during my 30+ years behind bars. I have decided to move in the name of peace, reconciliation, transformation, and redemption.

Would you all have done anything differently that day?

Paul: If I could, I would have paid attention to the red flags when speaking to the man in Nigeria especially when he asked me to send some of the money that I was given from him back to multiple cities. I allowed my heart to be taken advantage of because of the kids in Nigeria who wanted to be trained in boxing. At the time, I was already working with kids at a juvenile facility in Michigan, so I was easily manipulated.

Michael: I believe that anyone in my position would do things different to avoid having to serve over 30 years behind bars. I would do anything to avoid missing out on 30 years of my daughters’ lives, friends, and family. I was young at that time and took risks in the wrong places, but what I have learned over the years is invaluable and by utilizing my life experience, leadership, and assessment skills, I can be the difference in rebuilding our communities and our country teamed with the 2nd Chance Saves Lives organization.

Paul as a 3-time boxing champion how important is it to you to use your platform to spark change?

Paul: Although I was a 3-time kickboxing champion, I wasn’t the same person as I am today with the platform that I have now. When I was a kick-boxing champion at 21 years old, I was more focused on myself and wasn’t thinking about using my platform to spark change. But now, I am using my platform today as a leader to inspire, motivate, uplift others and fight for others to get their 2nd Chance and change society through positive influence.

Michael how are you able to translate the work you have done in the arts and entertainment to the 2nd Chance initiative?

Michael: From my many life experiences I have become more in touch with the pulse of my true purpose. I am a man who has experienced incredible highs and incredible lows. I have grown and have matured, and I have been inspired to rediscover the thoughtful young boy within me that I once knew, and respected. And I can say that this next part of my life journey will be from a place of truth. I will take the time to share my story and will make the effort to help support 2nd Chance at helping to save lives.

What advice would you give to someone who is currently incarcerated and has been falsely convicted?

Paul: I would tell those currently incarcerated to put God first by asking Him for help and to never lose hope, because there is hope available with our show Forgotten Prisoners! One of their family members can submit their information & story on our website ( ) so that we can review their case, air their story on the TV network, so that those who have the power can reach out and work on their case for their release.

Michael what was the vision behind you founding and funding Death Row Records?

Michael: I came up with the vision for a record label during the time that I was temporarily housed on Condemned Row known as Death Row with my X-wife Lydia Harris, Suge Knight, Dr. Dre, and my criminal/business attorney, David Kenner. My goal was to capture the reality of extreme confinement and its consequences, so our label went on to produce Dr. Dre’s debut L.P the Chronic, and promoted the careers of superstars Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Dog Pound, Lady the Rage, Jewell, and Tupac Shakur. 

Did you imagine it would grow to be so historical and influential?

Paul: I always knew in my heart that it would be successful eventually, and maybe I was caught up in trying to make it be a success that I didn’t take the time to envision how grand and influential our 2nd Chance organization would become. But now I know that with God, all things are possible.

What do you hope viewers learn the most from this show?

Paul: I hope viewers will learn to be compassionate in their own lives and will be empowered to help others and realize how many people in the world need help, but they just aren’t aware of it.

Is it ever too late to start over?

Paul: It is never too late to start over as long as you have the heart to not quit when it gets tempting to, a vision, and God by your side. When you cut out distractions, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

When can we expect an air date and on what station can we expect the show to be ran on? 

The show will air on the FOX network on Saturdays between 7-8pm CST. We will be announcing the date soon on our social media platforms. Stay tuned!

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