Atlanta Artist OG Mal Is Giving Away $2500 For His Open Verse Challenge

Fast-rising MoneyMaker Records signee OG Mal is big stepping into the second quarter of the year showing love, leaving an open verse on his newest single DOWHATIWANNA. Creating an opportunity for fellow upcoming artists, the Atlanta-native is challenging the hottest forthcoming talent to record a stellar verse to DOWHATIWANNA, and whoever has the best one will be the winner of $2500.

DOWHATIWANNA is a newer sound and vibe from OG Mal, and that being said, any artist entering the challenge will be showing what skills they have, too. To access the track, make sure you click here. Check out OG Mal’s Instagram to hear the official rules.

Mad Marcc Unveils New Visuals for “Dark Child”

Mad Marcc has been on a roll with his content releases, and today he shared his new visual for his single “Dark Child” — one of the lead tracks from his recently released debut album entitled MAD. The Wolfpack Global Music signee is ready for every step of the journey he is on, and the consistency is paying off. Amassing a large and organic fanbase, the Atlanta native has no challenges when it comes to letting the world catch on, so talented that it sparks nothing but creativity. “Dark Child” is a perfect example for those being newly introduced to Mad Marcc.

Hip-Hop lovers know good music, and they definitely know Mad Marcc is next in line for stardom. Building himself a solid foundation in just 3 years of beginning his career as an artist, Mad Marcc has the talent in the bag. Make sure you stream the official “Dark Child” video below:

Jackboy Marley Drops Pt. 2 Of The Jackal Series “Jackal Pt.2: The Ouroboros Effect”

Inspired by Bob Marley’s message of love and peace, Jackboy Marley is within the new wave of talented upcoming artists. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Jackboy Marley hopes to be a legendary, trendsetting artist who makes music that “feeds the soul and liberates the mind.” The area he grew up in has garnered the nickname “Murda Worth” and wants to use his music to talk about things going on in the streets, social and political issues, and spirituality. When asked about his musical influences he said, “I have a wide variety of musical influences, and I like to creatively incorporate them into my music. I never want to be boxed in as a traditional rap artist when there is so much I want to explore.” 

Jackboy Marley started taking music seriously when he was in his early 20’s. “I started doing music when I was 20 and took it seriously at 22 as a member of a group named ‘New Era Jackboys’. I went solo at 26 and have been going since…further exploring, honing and developing my craft.” He has a daughter, and he wants her to know that “in this world of infinite probabilities, nothing is impossible.” 

Jackboy Marley believes that music is an outlet in order for one to express themselves. His song “What” off of his first ‘Jackal’ EP got recognition from rap icon, Busta Rhymes. His second EP ‘Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboro Effect’ will be released on April 29th, 2022. It will feature his newest singles, “Let Us Prey” and “How I’m Movin”. 

Meet Flip Willson: Popular Director and Content Creator

Directors and Content Creators deserve the utmost respect, calculatedly bringing visions to life for everyone’s enjoyment. The entertainment industry wouldn’t be entertainment without them, and known Director and Content Creator Flip Willson has paid his dues to being one of the industry’s most requested specialists. With working behind content for household names such as Blocboy JB and Drake, Boosie Badazz, Yo Gotti, Moneybagg Yo, Renni Rucci, Blac Youngsta, Lil Durk, and many more — the Atlanta-based super-creator is definitely stamped.

Proud of his versatility within the industry, Flip Willson also has known works highlighting real stories and moments. His name is accredited to works like The Dej Loaf Story, The Maserati Rick Story, The White Boy Rick Story, and several other compelling films. With a solid two decades of experience, it’s safe to say that Flip Willson is a top tier choice in the entertainment industry.

Meet Rising Atlanta Super Producer: 3Law

Atlanta, GA is known to birth some of the music industry’s biggest players, and rising super producer 3Law is one of the next grinding to vast notoriety. Coming from a family-oriented musical background, it comes to no surprise that 3Law has been professionally creating music for over a decade, and even writing it since the age of 7. The world is in for a treat when it comes to the forthcoming addition to his discography — an album entitled Underground Goats.

Underground Goats is a collaborative album highlighting many talented and creative forthcoming artists, with all tracks executively produced by 3Law himself. Underground Goats will be a composition of versatile music, highlighting a few different sounds and showcasing the artists’ individuality. Within the new school of the music industry, underground artists being highlighted is not as prevalent as it once was, but 3Law saw the importance of creating a platform for raw talent to be heard, and that compelling outcome will be seen upon the release of Underground Goats.

To keep up with 3Law and the slated release of Underground Goats, make sure you follow him here.


Forthcoming Atlanta, GA native artist DSTNI, is one of WolfPack Global Music’s newest signees – and ready for anything. Officially beginning her rap career in 2020, DSTNI is coming into the game with an authentic, and undeniable sound. Today, she released her debut single under Wolfpack Global Music called “Going In.” With a super sonic ear for quality music, DSTNI is bound to blow, ready to capitalize and influence from her lyrical relatability as a hustling woman.

Already garnering herself an organic fanbase, DSTNI has currently amassed over 46,000 followers on her instagram alone. Her top two singles, “Ain’t Used To Shit” and “Fuck How You Feel” are also garnering massive attention. So there’s no telling what traction DSTNI is going to garner with the release of “Going In.” Turning what she loves to do into a professional career, DSTNI’s creativity will have her topping charts. To stream “Going In” play the new visual below:

Wolfpack Global Music Artist Hylan Starr Shares Single and Visual “Don’t Make Me Beg” ft. Lil Baby

Born in Tusla, OK, but made in Atlanta, GA — rising Wolfpack Global Music signee Hylan Starr is definitely next up. Today he released his new single + visual “Don’t Make Me Beg” ft. fellow label mate Lil Baby. The new artist has a super sonic ear for timeless music. With his goal to bring a touch of the early 2000’s back to today’s music, Hylan Starr’s soulful voice and vibe will definitely make that goal achievable.

Currently dominating his lane in R&B, Hylan Starr’s natural talent and old-soul ways bring him the perfect balance. With a good ear for a good hit, Hylan Starr enlisting Lil Baby for “Don’t Make Me Beg” was a smart move. It’s still fairly new to some hip-hop fans to see Lil Baby occasionally on an R&B record, but him and Hylan do this one big. Stream the official “Don’t Make Me Beg” visual below:

Meet Victor Brunson: When You Make Your Next Move Your Best Move

The successful transition from recording artist to business mogul isn’t an uncommon story in today’s popular music — especially in hip hop. However, not only do the stories not get old, but they always inspire more similar individuals to follow similar patterns to their own “from the bottom to the top” proverbs. Today, we profile the rising success of Victor Brunson.

Entering, enjoying and parlaying the usual inducted music career route that has generated possibilities for other lucrative endeavors. Through early success in music with notable hits “Yeah Chick It’s Crown Vic”, “Patiently Waiting” and “Make Me Wanna,” Brunson’s star power has created opportunities across the entertainment industry, including film and tech. Since 2016, Brunson gradually graduated from recording artist to record label executive to actor, then finally, entrepreneur. Using the money generated from selling music to create multiple avenues, it’s a normal path to the top for a former street hustler-turned-storyteller from the South.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Victor Brunson learned the entertainment business from the late-multi-platinum recording artist and D4L member Shawty Lo. For a career that would take him all around the world, Brunson learned the game, how to transition, how to diversify and so much more from the “Dey Know” creator. Before Lo’s passing, Brunson was annotated Chief Operation Officer of D4L imprint.

From music to acting, Brunson’s well-built acting resume includes work with icons such as Tyler Perry. Between roles, he maintained a connection with music through the development of his touring company and LLC, Vic’s All Purpose LLC. His businesses have collaborated with Atlanta’s biggest stars, like DC Young Fly, DJ Scream, and New York’s Young M.A.

2022 will elevate Brunson’s portfolio with the addition of his own carpool karaoke services and highly-anticipated television show, Riding Private With Vic, and scheduled for later this year. For more on Victor Brunson and ever-growing empire, visit the mogul’s official website, here.

Deme D, a successful entrepreneur who stands out as a famous YouTuber

Deme D is an Entrepreneur and Founder of DagogetaTv a famous YouTube channel that promotes Good music. His passion for Hip-Hop has pushed him to start a platform that brings opportunities to artists and in turn, make his impact in the industry. The main content on his youtube channel is around Hip Hop original content as he has a big passion for it. 

DagogetaTv’s platform is to service music lovers and Hip Hop heads alike. Regularly putting out content with some of your favorite Mcs, Vinyl collectors artists on the rise, etc… Also providing daily forums & indie artist promotions. Deme D has taken it upon himself to provide aspiring artists with the exposure that they need in order to get into the game. Deme D understands the value of the new generation in keeping the culture alive, his love for hip-hop is unparalleled as he continues to serve the scene with his limitless creativity and knowledge of the art.

Deme D has tried out a variety of different techniques for recording videos to make sure his content is up to high quality. He has a strict schedule where he posts videos. His Youtube content is unique as he posts videos that he has a passion for so the quality would be amazing and great to watch. His suggestion for new content creators and musical artists is to work hard.

If you have the desire to achieve something then you will definitely succeed. Deme D is a normal boy. But now he is known by too many people just for his hard work and passion.




Trillionaire Thugs Just Became One Of The Biggest NFTS!

Trillionaire Thugs is a collection of 7,777 NFTs, each representing a Thug as a digitized piece of 3D art. With more than 300 traits in 3D, our collection will be one of the most diverse and detailed on the market. Our goal is to build a community around the hype of the hip hop universe. The models to follow are no longer in suits, but in sneakers, their crypto wallets often being more loaded!

The Trillionaire Thugs’ collection brings the hip hop and urban scene to the NFT market . This universe is not very well represented even though it is an important part of the hype and is in line with the times. Many hip hop characters embody success and achievement nowadays. Our characters are thugs who evolve in a hype universe and who have been digitized by talented artists to give them life in the Metaverse. By joining the community, you may be making the best investment of your life. Be part of this new financial era where being cool and rich is more compatible than ever!

The NFT project has completely sold out as of now, being one of the fastest selling projects to hit the OpenSea marketplace. The project was backed by celebrities, athletes, and music artists such as Soulja Boy!

Have you ever seen a gang without a boss? In any gang, you get respect and the benefits that go with it, by climbing the ladder. On mint day, you have a direct chance to become a Gold member without having to start from the bottom. On mint day, you will have 5% chance to mint a Golden Thug, as 390 pieces are randomly Golden! Their owners will receive additional benefits when the NFTs are connected to the Metaverse. Just by holding you will get a reward from the crew! In addition to that, 10 Legendary NFTs that will make reference to the crypto world will complete the collection.

The creators of the project are as follows: MARC L. , Producer of Trillionaire Thugs, SAM R. Marketing for the brand, HAU N. is the Art Director, EMMANUEL J. is the 3D Artist for the models, IEGOR A. is the Blockchain Expert, and ALEX A. is the Developer. Each member had an integral role in making the concept come to life and the brand become a reality.

Stay up to date with all the information for the brand and when more Thugs will become available here:

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