Stream: @JoshButlerTV Releases “Easier For You”

Josh Butler is a man of many talents, from being a football star to being a tiktok star and an emerging actor and he’s now chartering new territories: r&b heartthrob. “Easier For You” is the first solo single from the Dallas native without his frequent partner Elise. The sultry single will make you pay attention to this new talent. Listen above to “Easier For You”. 

WinzGotBeats, Donavan Burt, and Reik Tsunam Unleash New Single “Last Time”

On Friday, rising Delaware producer WinzGotBeats entered the summer with new collaborative RNB single “Last Time” alongside Donavan Burt & Reik Tsunam. The new track brings a good vibe, perfect for a ladies night out or a breezy summer night ride. Even though it can be considered RNB, the upbeat twist can easily identify as a hint of pop too, and the balance the trio has created throughout the track is definitely great to hear. With a sturdy hand in production, engineering, and songwriting, almost anything WinzGotBeats gets his hands on is something golden, and “Last Time” with Donavan Burt and Reik Tsunam is surely one example.

Versatility is a superpower, and WinzGotBeats understands the importance of practicing it, given that “Last Time” is one of many different sounds that WinzGotBeats has catered to. Rising artists Donavan Burt and Reik Tsunam also bring the heat on “Last Time” — vocally pairing well and simultaneously keeping the soulful touch that the track has. For those new to WinzGotBeats, Donovan Burt, and Reik Tsunam individually, “Last Time” is a great first impression. Be sure to stream the new single below:


Only a few steps into his career as a professional recording artist, Georgia artist Rax comes calculated every time, and today, music lovers can discover his dedication in his new single “Body” ft. award-winning artist and producer, KDDO. The track is a good vibe, falling into the popular genre of Afrobeats. Expanding his horizons and toying with new sounds, Rax’s lyrical component and KDDO’s melodic ability and authentic Afro twist pair well together in this new single, and it’s definitely one for the ladies. Also preparing for an official visual, the two creatives definitely have a good hit on their hands.

The smooth transition from the release of Rax’s debut single to now is definitely one for music lovers to experience. Rax’s creative and genuine approach is one to be admired as a new artist, as he rolls out new collaborations, content and other related pieces. Preparing for new stages, an expansive network and to build and cater to his supporters, in the meantime, “Body” featuring KDDO can be streamed below:


Music has always been a huge part of San Gabriel Valley product WESCOVDRU’s life. Whether it be singing with his mom, hearing his older brother freestyling and writing his own music, or his best friend constantly pushing him to get into the studio, music has always surrounded WESCOVDRU. When you ask the man himself what type of music he makes he admits that there isn’t of type of genre that defines his style of music. However that’s what makes WESCOVDRU so unique from everyone else, he can multiple genres including pop, R&B, rap, and trap soul. He does admit however that rap is the type of music that usually brings out the most emotion in him as he always raps about his past experiences in life. 

WESCOVDRU began chasing his dream as an artist back in 2016. It all started when one of WESCOVDRU’s friends heard him do a cover for a song on his Instagram story, from there another friend invited him to his studio and the rest is history. Since 2016 WESCOVDRU has released 16 singles and has been featured on two more tracks across Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and YouTube. 

Along with all of this WESCOVDRU is dropping his first album titled “Now Or Never” very soon. Once the album is released WESCOVDRU plans on making music videos and promoting his album. Having people genuinely supporting his music and career means a lot to WESCOVDRU, when he first started he would have to reach out to followers for support, now everything is genuine and authentic which means a lot to the rising artist. It is also very clear who WESCOVDRU’s biggest motivation is, his son. The independent artist hopes to give his son a life full of abundance and be a man that his son is proud to call his father. If there is one piece of advice or one message that WESCOVDRU wants to leave to his audience it’s to give yourself goals that seem impossible. Have people say you’re crazy when you tell them your dreams and aspirations, always bet on yourself, even if no one else does. With his versatility, goals, and past music, it’s fair to say that WESCOVDRU has arrived and put his name on the map.

Instagram: WESCOVDRU

Facebook: Andrew Perez

YouTube Channel: WESCOVDRU 


SnapChat: doitdrew9 

Twitter: wescovdru

New Music: Ke$hun – Chosen Child

The Atlanta born rapper Ke$hun releases latest project “Chosen Child”! The project consist of 16 tracks of steady bass knocking vibes that give an ode to the Southern music maker’s consistency as one of the biggest artist to come out of Atlanta. The Atlanta hip-hop sensation has instantly become a fan favorite, gaining traction online after his release of his latest project. With heavy hitting single’s, addicting beats, paired with Ke$hun’s rhythmic cadence, it makes “Chosen Child” an instant classic and one of the hottest mixtapes to drop for 2022. The visuals matches each song’s hype energy, starring the rapper front and center, effortlessly delivering his hard-hitting verses.

The latest project is currently distributed by Roc Nation’s EQ Distro, making it Ke$hun’s first major label release. Ke$hun is considered to be a street poet bringing melodic harmonies and bars together to create a fluent trapish music sound. He is the founder and creator of BMV – Big Money Visionz, a brand that urges everyone to aspire to be better, aspire to fulfill dreams and bring a positive life to the forefront.

16Shotemvisuals, Sex Offender Case Resurfaces!

Raheem Mccaskill a.k.a. 16Shotemvisuals, has recently been a trending topic of discussion online due to his online altercation with Ninaboy, Polo G, & Bandman Kevo. 16Shotemvisuals has apparently been beefing with multiple online icons to no avail, causing Ninaboy to resurface his sexual molestation case and arrest.

Mccaskill whose originally from Maywood, IL, was 18 years old at the time of arrest, while the victim only 13. During the time of the offense Raheem was sentenced back in 2013 and later released. The uncovering of the news is in conjuction to the comments 16shotemvisuals made about Ninaboy, in what started as a conversation between the two in personal messages and has now gone public!

1008 Brick – Mac’N & Stack’N

Born Darrius D. Bradshaw on April 21, 1995, “1008 Brick” is a multi-talented music artist from a small town in West Tennessee called Alamo. He moved to Atlanta, Ga, at the age of 11, where he was raised.

In his mid 20s, 1008 Brick sought refuge in the entertainment industry after multiple run-ins with the law. He graduated from the International Performing Arts Academy of Atlanta(IPAA) and then started off his entertainment career with acting and modeling. He landed a lead role in season 4 on TV One re-enactment show, Fatal Attraction. 1008 Brick soon learned that the film industry was a little different than he thought, and that’s when he turned to music.

1008 Brick’s genre of music is described as “Trap R&B”. It’s a melodic sound with lyrics that give his audience insight into some of his past struggles, experiences, and points of view on life. 1008 Brick dropped his first E.P “A Dopeboy’s Melody“ during the summer of 2021. It garnered a lot of attention from the Coalition DJ’s, and the song “Clutchin“ really started making noise after being thrown into rotation by DJ T-Rex.

1008 Brick plans to keep his audience fed with his unique melodic trap sound, and has a lot of new music on the way! Check out the latest visuals above.


Atlanta Artist OG Mal Is Giving Away $2500 For His Open Verse Challenge

Fast-rising MoneyMaker Records signee OG Mal is big stepping into the second quarter of the year showing love, leaving an open verse on his newest single DOWHATIWANNA. Creating an opportunity for fellow upcoming artists, the Atlanta-native is challenging the hottest forthcoming talent to record a stellar verse to DOWHATIWANNA, and whoever has the best one will be the winner of $2500.

DOWHATIWANNA is a newer sound and vibe from OG Mal, and that being said, any artist entering the challenge will be showing what skills they have, too. To access the track, make sure you click here. Check out OG Mal’s Instagram to hear the official rules.

Mad Marcc Unveils New Visuals for “Dark Child”

Mad Marcc has been on a roll with his content releases, and today he shared his new visual for his single “Dark Child” — one of the lead tracks from his recently released debut album entitled MAD. The Wolfpack Global Music signee is ready for every step of the journey he is on, and the consistency is paying off. Amassing a large and organic fanbase, the Atlanta native has no challenges when it comes to letting the world catch on, so talented that it sparks nothing but creativity. “Dark Child” is a perfect example for those being newly introduced to Mad Marcc.

Hip-Hop lovers know good music, and they definitely know Mad Marcc is next in line for stardom. Building himself a solid foundation in just 3 years of beginning his career as an artist, Mad Marcc has the talent in the bag. Make sure you stream the official “Dark Child” video below:

Jackboy Marley Drops Pt. 2 Of The Jackal Series “Jackal Pt.2: The Ouroboros Effect”

Inspired by Bob Marley’s message of love and peace, Jackboy Marley is within the new wave of talented upcoming artists. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Jackboy Marley hopes to be a legendary, trendsetting artist who makes music that “feeds the soul and liberates the mind.” The area he grew up in has garnered the nickname “Murda Worth” and wants to use his music to talk about things going on in the streets, social and political issues, and spirituality. When asked about his musical influences he said, “I have a wide variety of musical influences, and I like to creatively incorporate them into my music. I never want to be boxed in as a traditional rap artist when there is so much I want to explore.” 

Jackboy Marley started taking music seriously when he was in his early 20’s. “I started doing music when I was 20 and took it seriously at 22 as a member of a group named ‘New Era Jackboys’. I went solo at 26 and have been going since…further exploring, honing and developing my craft.” He has a daughter, and he wants her to know that “in this world of infinite probabilities, nothing is impossible.” 

Jackboy Marley believes that music is an outlet in order for one to express themselves. His song “What” off of his first ‘Jackal’ EP got recognition from rap icon, Busta Rhymes. His second EP ‘Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboro Effect’ will be released on April 29th, 2022. It will feature his newest singles, “Let Us Prey” and “How I’m Movin”. 

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