Arsonal Da Rebel Shares New Album Big Jersey 2

Newark, NJ rap-star Arsonal Da Rebel recently released his new album Big Jersey 2 — an ode to his life experiences, nature to New Jersey, and his success. This album is the second installment to a previous album titled Big Jersey. The 15-track collective is definitely a body of quality content for Arsonal Da Rebel fans to enjoy throughout the summer. The installments represent his love for his hometown of Newark, NJ, in which he also enlisted other renowned Newark artists like Tsu Surf and Louie Jay.

Starting off as a battle rapper, Arson Da Rebel grew into an important part of hip-hop culture, and his versatility as an artist as well. The release of Big Jersey 2 is a perfect example of all of his growth an experience as an artist and overall creator. For those new to Arsonal Da Rebel, it’s easy to agree that Big Jersey 2 is a good first impression. Stream the album below:

Brooklyn Artist Sandflower Back With New Album The Quantum Seed

Brooklyn is known to be the home of several natural born entertainers and creators. Rising native Sandflower is definitely next in line for some great notoriety with her new album The Quantum Seed – an ode to her mystical journey and beyond. Sandflower created this album out of the pure need to let loose, express, and fulfill her need to create and give light to her experience on earth. Spicy, outrageous, and free, The Quantum Seed is now available for streaming on all digital streaming platforms. 

The Quantum Seed is me reaching out into the universe and beaming my signal. This album is a call to anyone who thinks and vibrates on a different wave.” – Sandflower

This album follows the release of her prior single, “BUMP” ft. MiGSMiGSTER. Renowned for her refreshing and rebellious persona and sound, Sandflower is working the industry day by day, expanding an organic base of supporters and beyond. For those new to Sandflower, The Quantum Seed is a great first impression. Stream below. 

Owo Enlists MannyWellz For New Single and Visual “FAM”

Nigerian-American artist Owo was born in Washington, D.C., but being raised in a Nigerian household gave her double the cultural experience and influence, and this passion and expression reflects in her authentic music. Coining her own genre of Afro-Electro-RNB, Owo’s sound cannot be boxed into one category and this self-proclaimed genre perfectly describes the vibe and energy music lovers will receive when they hear and see Owo’s content. Her new single “FAM” ft. MANNYWELLZ is a perfect example for those new to Owo.

Amassing close to 17,000 streams within a week of its release, it’s safe to say that Owo’s fanbase is organic and definitely growing with her consistency. ”FAM” is a great summer vibe and enlisting MANNYWELLZ on the track was a good idea. For those curious for more Owo, they can enjoy her SEEDs album, and enjoy the official visual for ”FAM” ft. MANNYWELLZ below:

Renni Rucci Pays Her Journey Homage in New Single “8 Year Run” via Wolfpack Global Music

Known for her hard-hitting and clever lyricism, Wolfpack Global Music artist Renni Rucci is back with a new single called “8 Year Run” — paying her 8-year journey homage. Female lyricists have been taking the rap game by storm for quite some time now, and Renni Rucci entered right at the start of this journey to the forefront. “8 Year Run” perfectly ensues Renni’s determination and successes, but also highlights her reality of the hustle as well: stay down!

Coming into summer 2022 with consistency, this South Carolina rap star is beyond ready for the airwaves this year, revving up the engine with nothing but heat. With her foot on the gas for 8 years straight, it’s clear the world will never see Renni Rucci backdown. After all, authentic talent is hard to come by, and she flaunts it effortlessly. Make sure to stream “8 Year Run” below:

Mason Is Back With New Single “Belong To Me”

Forthcoming Philadelphia, PA artist Mason is here with his melodic sound, ready to hustle the airwaves. He recently released a new single titled “Belong To Me” — with an official music video as well. In his early 20’s, this rising artist has room to grow within the realm of hip-hop and r&b, providing a cool balance of both in his music. “Belong To Me” is a perfect example of his ability. Creating music and building his foundation for quite some time, Mason is definitely ready to advance to the next level of his career as a professional recording artist.

“Belong To Me” is a fiery track, and the official video has organically garnered over 16,000 streams within a month. Proving Mason’s organic reach, “Belong To Me” is overall a catchy track, and right in time for the hot summer. For those new to Mason’s music, “Belong To Me” is a great first impression. Make sure to stream the official video below:

NYC Rapper Lu Castro Connects With Don Q For “The Yetti” (Remix)

NYC battle rapper Lu Castro teams up with Highbridge The Label’s secret weapon Don Q and delivered a stunning visual to pair with the remix to Lu’s hit single “The Yetti“.

Having a verse from Don Q is a big deal in this space. He doesn’t just rap with anyone, but Lu Castro is different. Many know Lu from his exciting battles in the URL, but he is more than just a battle rapper. He takes pride in his ability to make songs people want to listen to. This is a skill that many people possess.

Press play on the new visual for “The Yetti” (Remix) from two of the Bronx’s best MCs below and leave a comment.

OG Mal Back With Album Release ”From The Ground Up”

Becoming renowned around the city of Atlanta for his hit single “Average”, Jonesboro-native OG Mal is back buzzing around the streets with his new studio album From The Ground Up, which was recently released this Monday, May 23. The entire track list is full of good vibes and different sounds, definitely showcasing Money Maker Records’ sonic ear for talent. The new signee is ready to take over the airwaves this summer with this new heat.

With the lead single “Do What I Wanna” ft. rising artist and OG Mal’s open verse challenge winner, Lil Jahari, OG Mal’s new project is definitely bound to go up. With other hits like “Stepped On,” “Dead Faces” and even “Average“ as the bonus, From The Ground Up is the perfect first impression for those new to his starbound journey. To stream From The Ground Up, play here.

Kansas City Native Dufflebag Nate Is Grinding

Rising Kansas City, MO artist Dufflebag Nate is ready for the second quarter of the year, using his creativity in several different forms — a jack of many trades, if you will. Artist, Owner of Get Paid Entertainment, Real Estate Investor, and more, the creative is definitely on his way to massive notoriety. Starting his career in music in 2017, Dufflebag Nate has a pretty good handle on organically building his audience and creating new music. Growing a buzz in the midwest and beyond, the Kansas City native is on a good path.

Not new to expressing his creativity and collaborating with others as well, Dufflebag Nate has tracks with some notable artists like Gunplay, Yella Beezy, DJ Chose and several others. His buzzing single “Definition of a Bag” is also a popular single and visual he has done, and his forthcoming project is also produced by DJ Chose as well. Those familiar and new to Dufflebag Nate can expect new content throughout the rest of the year. Make sure to stream “Definition of a Bag” below:

Renowned Tik Tokers Mason and Julez Release New Project “Going On 21”

Tik Tok is probably one of the most promising new platforms for creators, and Australian brothers Mason & Julez are next in line. Using their platform to promote themselves as musicians, Mason & Julez recently released their new album “Going On 21” including 13 different vibes for old and new fans to choose from. Pushing lead singles “Passion” and “Playlist”, the brothers are definitely on their way to stardom.

Going On 21 is just one example of what is to come from Mason & Julez, heating up the summer with new music and content. A great first impression for new fans and followers, Going On 21 is bound to blow. Stream the official album below:

Mad Marcc Unveils New Visuals for “Dark Child”

Mad Marcc has been on a roll with his content releases, and today he shared his new visual for his single “Dark Child” — one of the lead tracks from his recently released debut album entitled MAD. The Wolfpack Global Music signee is ready for every step of the journey he is on, and the consistency is paying off. Amassing a large and organic fanbase, the Atlanta native has no challenges when it comes to letting the world catch on, so talented that it sparks nothing but creativity. “Dark Child” is a perfect example for those being newly introduced to Mad Marcc.

Hip-Hop lovers know good music, and they definitely know Mad Marcc is next in line for stardom. Building himself a solid foundation in just 3 years of beginning his career as an artist, Mad Marcc has the talent in the bag. Make sure you stream the official “Dark Child” video below:

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