The Inaugural “The Cookout” Album Is To Be Released Friday, Jan 28th

Although the pandemic has been the worst event to hit internationally in decades, it is crazy how such a devastatingly traumatic phenomenon has spun off many reimagined opportunities. “The Cookout,” created by multi-award nominee artist, billboard charting mega-producer, drummer, keyboardist, visionary, social media influencer, and podcaster Davion Bottz (better known as D. Bottz), is one of those events, and the inaugural album will surely break the internet.  
In 2021 D. Bottz developed an innovative platform designed especially for creatives and “up-in-coming artists.”  “‘The Cookout’ was birth from being on Clubhouse,” Bottz says.  “Often questioned about my process, I took it right to the artists and musicians.  I let them observe firsthand the process of creating (and dropping) a song from on-site award-winning writers, producers, engineers, singers, vocal coaches, mix & mastering experts, vocal production professionals, marketing, public relations executives, etc.  The feedback from attendees was this (2) day (sold out) summit was life-changing.  Therefore, my team and I thought it would be amazing to put together (and unleash) ‘The Cookout’ compilation album.  This one-of-a-kind masterpiece will probably be a platinum seller, especially since there are artists included on this project already certified platinum on Billboard.  In addition, I am confident ‘The Cookout’ album will shift the musical paradigm forever and blaze the trail for many independent artists for years to come.”
Bottz is Executive Producer on this groundbreaking project with additional production featuring Rothstein Beatz, Misfit Beats, and Diny_Made.  This unstoppable force assembled an incredible track listing introducing D. Bottz’s daughter Dayna, along with featured artist Tytanic, KD, Brittney Jaii, Perri Jones, Brendalynn, Smackwater, Crown, Corey Ronell, and Versakyle, to name a few.

Social Media:

Instagram: @bottzworldstudios

Patreon: Thinkin Outside D Bottz

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FaceBook: Bottzworld Studios.

SHEEN Magazine Announces Kristyn Harris As The New Editor-In-Chief

Internationally known, SHEEN Magazine is excited to announce Kristyn Harris as the new Editor-in-Chief.  Harris is a Greenville, SC native, a graduate of Lander University, considered an expert in media, beauty, fashion, and entertainment, and ready for the task.  If you don’t know who she is, you will. 
Starting as a “Trade Journalist” during undergraduate school, Harris was proud to book a job as the Web Content Editor for SHEEN Magazine upon graduation.  As a result of hard work and dedication, it was not long before Harris was promoted to Managing Editor.  When considering additional career advancement, this millennial knew “putting the work in” was essential and now felt ready for the next level.  With Founder and Publisher, Mrs. Kimberly Chapman taking notice, Harris garnered the highly coveted position of Editor-in-Chief for SHEEN Magazine.  Harris says, “I am fascinated with the inner workings of media and all things entertainment.  It’s a dream and honor to combine media with beauty, hair, fashion, and lifestyle.”  She goes on to say, “I love highlighting trendsetters and newsmakers to an eclectic group of people.  I also want to inspire positive international change, one word, one sentence, or one story at a time.”
As Editor-in-Chief, Harris will oversee all departments for SHEEN Magazine. 
Stay connected; follow SHEEN Magazine on Instagram at @thesheenmagazine. You can also follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat at @sheenmagazine.

‘Line Sisters’ Starring Letoya Luckett, Drew Sidora, Kierra Sheard-Kelly & Ta’Rhonda Jones on Lifetime

Set to Premiere Saturday, February 12th at 8/7c on Lifetime

Line Sisters follows four sorority sisters- Valerie (LeToya Luckett), Cassandra (Kierra Sheard-Kelly), Simona (Ta’Rhonda Jones) and Dominique (Drew Sidora) – as they reunite at a Black Greek Weekend celebration held on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Having pledged the Alpha Beta Omega Sorority, Inc., they share more than the bonds of sisterhood, after the mysterious death of the dean of pledges 15 years prior. But the past comes knocking on their door as they arrive to the island and strange and inexplicable things begin to happen to each one of them, threatening to unearth the deadly secret that may tear them apart. 

Line Sisters is produced by Big Dreams Entertainment in association with Undaunted Content for Lifetime and is executive produced by D’Angela Proctor and Leslie Greif. Tailiah Breon directs from a script written by Jasmine S. Greene and Scott Mullen.

West Coast Rapper LijahT Talks New “Rut” Single Ft. Ronntheartist

Rising superstar LijahT us having a great start to the new year. Riding out the success of his latest single “Rut” featuring fellow rising act RonnTheArtist, I got a chance to speak with him about his new material. Check it out below in a candid interview and discover the West Coast legend in the making.

Who is LijahT?

I am an artist with a car hobby and dad honestly! I also am a little bit of a gamer but not too crazy as my life is nothing spectacular…YET! 

How did you get your start in the music industry?

In all honesty I had a career ending injury at my 4 year university California Lutheran. After surgery I was really sitting and contemplating on what to do with my life and what was next. So I started taking acting classes and making music as a result of my career ending injury. Music really helped me get through that situation. The tables turned when I started making my own music and I really enjoyed growing and developing a new skill.  I was 23 years old at the time and have not looked back since.

Who are some of your music influences?

DJ Quik first and foremost because he has always been my favorite artist since I was a child. The first CD my pops gave me was “Quik Is the Name ” and I was hooked instantly. That man deserves his flowers and respect for what he has done for hip hop and music in general. Man he is a one of a kind person! The crazy thing is I had a brief conversation with him through one of his friends I met driving for Lyft in LA, so hopefully one day I can get in the studio with him. As I am from the bay area, E-40 and Too $hort are among my favorites.

It is only right to stick with my roots and pay homage to those two because of the years of consistency they have in the game. They honestly have not aged, it seems like ha. I love oldies all day such as the S.O.S Band, Kool and The Gang, Mtume, Loose Ends, and Con Funk Shun, but the list goes on! My cousin Pamthefunkstress a Bay Area legend DJ, is very influential in my life. As her name has been around for years, since she’s passed, she has touched me even more.

What inspires you to keep creating at such a high level?

My daughter Aaliyah really is the driving force for everything I do because I move for her before anyone. She has seen her dad go through it but, at the end of the day your kids will always love you even if you aren’t there in every aspect. So that’s what keeps me inspired! 

What was the inspiration behind your new “Rut” single?

At that time I had been going through the pandemic and testing negative for covid after I was locked up in the house for weeks. This was back in August/September ish so I really felt like at that time I was really in a “Rut”. Yet, I knew in life bad times don’t last, great people do! 

What was it like working with Ronntheartist?

Funny thing is that Ron and I go all the way back to high school and have worked with each other prior. So essentially it was an easy thing to knock out. We just had to get the timing right because we both have busy lives and stay on the move. So when it happened it was perfect timing.

How has life been for you since finding success on your “Rut” single?

Pretty solid. We still have a lot more work to do as far as visuals, promotions and marketing ideas but it’s going great. I have no complaints.

Can we expect a full body of work from you as a follow up to this release?

Depending on how “Rut” impacts the fans, will determine my follow up release. Folks time span for music really isn’t that long, so if we really grab more attention and appeal to the consumers ears and eyes, I would love for the world to hear the Ep titled 7 in a couple of months. 

What is up next for LijahT?

I am currently working on being a better father by the day. I am definitely going to get this mustang fixed up as I mentioned earlier, I am a car enthusiast. I am also preparing for the music video to “Rut” and releasing more tracks for the fans when the time is right for another release. We definitely have something great lined up for sure. 

Press play below to stream LijahT’s new “Rut” Single as he prepares to unveil the official music video in the near future.

Shazam Shares 2022 Predictions and Spotlights 5 Artists to Watch

With over 1 billion songs identified each month, Shazam uncovers artists from every corner of the world earlier than any other service, using the curiosity of everyday fans to tell a story of what’s next. Each year brings a new group of artists who seem to rule their particular corners of the music ecosystem, compelling listeners to seek out the songs they can’t get enough of.

Today, Shazam unveils its Predictions 2022 playlist and highlights five artists that, according to Shazam’s powers of prediction, will make a splash in 2022. Based on Shazam’s uniquely predictive data and algorithms, and hand-selected by Apple Music’s global editorial team, the 50-track selection features songs that show early indicators of future growth — early and consistent momentum in Shazam activity, as well as discovery in more than one country. The playlist is a remarkably global and diverse bunch, with emerging artists hailing from 25 countries and representing 17 genres, from mandopop to regional mexicano and hip-hop hybrids.

5 artists to watch according to Shazam’s Predictions

Ayra Starr

Ayra Starr’s rise this year was largely mounted on her breakout track “Bloody Samaritan,” which had its first Shazam in Lagos. It was released as the lead single of the Nigerian singer-songwriter’s debut album 19 & Dangerous, but took on a life of its own as listeners were drawn in by an alluring violin melody that drops into contagious Afropop magic. An undeniable jam, “Bloody Samaritan” was the most Shazamed song by a local female artist in Nigeria this year—an impressive accomplishment considering it came out only in July.


Fans of trio-turned-duo Eslabon Armado probably need no introduction to DannyLux. The rising Mexican American singer is featured on “Jugaste y Sufrí,” which holds the honor of being this year’s most Shazamed regional mexicano track. Though it was released at the end of 2020, TikTok embraced it, helping to rocket songwriter DannyLux to new levels of acclaim. He’s part of a wave of young artists reinventing corridos for a new generation and only stands to reach more listeners in the coming year.

Lyn Lapid

Singer-songwriter Lyn Lapid is no stranger to viral success—her song “Producer Man” helped jump-start her career in 2020. With “In My Mind,” a mellow but soulful anthem for the quiet kids, she struck gold again. It became her most Shazamed song, charting in six countries, including Brazil, Indonesia, and the US. Though this one strikes a slightly different chord from her breakout, it only further highlights the many tools Lapid has in her arsenal, ready to be deployed as she takes on the new year.

Sad Night Dynamite

Mixing up a hypnotic blend of electronica, hip-hop, and Britpop, duo Sad Night Dynamite has a style that’s hard to define but captures the ear no less. Their eponymous debut mixtape, from February, ping-ponged between genres, but it was their latest single “Demon” that seemed to especially resonate. “Demon,” which features South African musician Moonchild Sanelly, is industrial and ominous, earning a spot on the FIFA 22 soundtrack. It also brought the pair their biggest Shazam success, with their all-time daily Shazams peaking soon after its release.


In April, K-pop girl group STAYC released an effervescent ball of bubblegum pop titled “ASAP.” And every day since then, the single has remained on the South Korean Shazam chart. Pulled from the group’s second single album STAYDOM, “ASAP” has powered their rise as they continue to hone their Technicolor melodies and natural pop proficiency.

Apple Music Launches Mali Safi Campaign To Celebrate East African Heritage

Apple Music’s inaugural Mali Safi campaign celebrates the joyous music and quintessential vibe of East Africa. 

A Swahili phrase that means “the dopest and freshest”, Mali Safi is all about being on the cutting edge of what’s hot, and the artists highlighted in this campaign are exemplary of that, exuding a vibrant energy unique to East Africa. 

Featuring 10 exclusive guest playlists from Diamond Platnumz, Sauti Sol, Navy Kenzo, Zuchu, Nikita Kering, Nandy, Chris Kaiga, Spice Diana, Eddy Kenzo, and Otile Brown, each artist has meticulously put together a selection of songs that highlight the new wave and rich heritage of the region, celebrating East African excellence and innovation across the board. 

In addition to the ever-popular EA Wave hits playlist, Apple Music will launch a Mali Safi flagship playlist that will highlight only the best in trending music from East Africa, for everyone to revel in the celebratory mood.

Artists’ quotes on their Apple Music Playlists:

“East African music is the soundtrack to people’s lives. The region is a melting pot of African and global cultures, which for centuries has maintained its sonic vibrations while integrating its exposure to other cultures. We are a show, not a tell society, who are all about good vibrations, love, the people and welcome.” – Sauti Sol

“We are a connected community with a variety of sounds and genres from Taarab, Genge, Dancehall to Bongo Flava and more, each song tells you a story by its melody.” – Navy Kenzo

“These songs for my Apple Music playlist remind me that I always have to be the best in terms of writing and composing my songs. Writing a good song always has to start with some inspiration and to me listening to some of these songs helped me a lot. And I just love how most of these are typically from the streets like ‘Jamila’ by Jose Chameleone. I feel like it’s one of the best Singeli songs to ever happen in East Africa. And I think it’s so important as an artist to never lose my originality no matter the exposure to outside sounds and music.” – Zuchu

“I think it’s a blessing that East Africa has many genres. It gives artists space to experiment with various musical influences. So if you are in need of a diverse playlist, East Africa will do you right.” – Nikita Kering

“The combination of musical feeling and the best lyrics make East African music the best on the continent.” – Nandy

“The East African class of artists are diverse, outgoing and special. This is attributed to the different cultures and backgrounds of the East African community. Even though Swahili is the main language in the region, East Africa is blessed with many different African-speaking languages and this brings out music rich in instrumentation and lingo.” – Chris Kaiga

“I just love African Music… the East African sound is one of the most exceptional. My Apple Music playlist features rising urban artists who are giving African music a special touch and are set to take over the world by storm.” – Spice Diana

“Music from East Africa is rich. I actually still get a lot of inspiration from it even though I have traveled far and wide and had a chance to experience many other cultures and sounds. My wish is for the world to discover this richness in diversity, sound, genres, composition and culture. I picked my favourite sounds spanning through more than a decade of my songs along great East African hits and compositions. I hope you like my Apple Music playlist and have it on repeat!” – Eddy Kenzo 

“I have curated a playlist for Apple Music with top songs in East Africa.” – Otile Brown

Apple Music Announces AWEN As The Latest Isgubhu Cover Star

Apple Music today announced French-Senegalese dance music singer-songwriter and producer, AWEN (real name Lucille Kante) as its latest Isgubhu cover star.

Her debut album Redemption (2021), moves between soulful Afro House and deep spiritual trip hop and features Umlazi-born, self-taught Afro House producer and DJ, Enoo Napa on the title-track “Redemption”. As a frequent collaborator with various Afro House artists from all over Africa, AWEN’s incorporation of multiple genres and sonic elements into her music is testament to her constant growth and ongoing journey. 

AWEN has also created an exclusive Isgubhu playlist that features tracks that fuel her musical fire and that showcase Africa’s rich dance music talent through the years.

“I had great fun curating the Isgubhu playlist for Apple Music. I included some timeless classics, such as Tony Allen’s ‘African Man’ just because those tunes paved the way for African dance music as we know it today. I also included some new gems from artists I love and admire such as Black Coffee, Sun El-Musician, Msaki and Black Motion; you will also find a few tunes from my album Redemption. What do all these tracks have in common? They all take from various influences to create a unique form of soulfulness that makes us feel more alive,” she tells Apple Music.

Taking over Isgubhu By… for this month is eSwatini-hailing electronic producer and deep house DJ, !Sooks (real name Sukoluhle Dlamini). Having been enthralled by African music and synth sound creation, !Sooks’ first milestone came when he released his debut EP, 7 Years of Colour (2016) under Antidote Music, quickly following this up with his second release, A Different Place (2016) under international label Deepstitched Records. Since then he’s blazed a unique trail while honing his ambient, moody groove.

“Growing up, my dad exposed me to a lot of amazing music, especially jazz, which inspired my love for music as a whole. This particular selection showcases my love for a variety of sounds within African dance music and it is this plethora of sounds that inspires my music production today. My selection for Apple Music features music from South Africa, Namibia and Eswatini, which to me shows the growth of African dance and electronic music. We have come of age and the sound has moved from the underground scene and has stepped into the mainstream through the advancement of Amapiano, Afro House and other emerging African dance music subgenres,” he explains.

Launched in early 2021, Isgubhu is the definitive home of African Dance and Electronic music on Apple Music and spotlights and elevates the work of African Electronic DJs, producers and creatives. Isgubhu, a Zulu word meaning beat and used to refer to a banging song, pays homage to an evergreen set of genres and the African artists who have played a pivotal role in shaping the Dance and Electronic scene across the world.

Isgubhu also houses a collection of playlists including Spotlight On – a focus on boutique labels like Soul Candi, House Afrika, Stay True Sounds, Uganda’s Hakuna Kulala & Nyege Nyege Tapes, Kenya’s Gondwana KE, and eSwatini’s Antidote Music, as well as Isgubhu Voices – a focus on the best Dance and Electronic tracks that feature vocals.

Listen to Isgubhu only on Apple Music 

TikTok’s First Breakout Artist of 2022, Muni Long

2022 has just dawned and TikTok has already begun minting hits. “Yours, mine, ours/I could do this for hours…” is part of singer-songwriter Muni Long’s infectious love song “Hrs and Hrs,” and the TikTok community can’t stop creating videos to the R&B track. Since the song’s release in November 2021, the sound has earned 169.2M+ video views to date on 114.7K+ global video creations. The sultry love song inspires creators to highlight what they love about their loved ones through compilations of candid moments, cozy indoor date nights, and footage of early Valentine’s Day proposals

Additionally, creators are showing off their singing and songwriting abilities, using the #HrsAndHrsKaraoke hashtag to cover the song and add their own original verses. “Hrs and Hrs” also soundtracks cooking videos on the platform, with artists like Latto engaging by sharing her recipe for her seafood lasagna rolls. Other notable artists/celebrities that have engaged with Muni’s song include Jordyn Woods, Jacob Latimore, Tea Cooper and more. 

Muni Long has leaned into the trend to her 278k TikTok followers, reposting couples’ videos and sharing a video compilation of her significant other. The song’s success has grown beyond TikTok with the song charting on Spotify’s Top R&B and U.S. Viral 50 charts, a top five placement on Apple Music’s Top 100 Global, and a debut on the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

Watch ‘Safe Room’ on Lifetime this Saturday, Starring Nicole Ari Parker, Drea De Matteo, Mackenzie Astin & Nik Sanchez

The Lifetime thriller, Safe Room, centers on recently widowed Lila Jackson (Nicole Ari Parker) and her 14-year-old autistic son Ian (Nik Sanchez). Since the death of her husband, Lila is grateful for their kind neighbor Neil (Boris Kodjoe), who looks out for them. After Ian accidentally witnesses a break-in in the house across the street and records the horrific murder of the homeowner, Lila becomes embroiled in a deadly struggle to protect her son from intruders Dominic (Mackenzie Astin) and Rocco (Drea De Matteo), who will stop at nothing to retrieve the video evidence of the crime and silence them. Hiding and trapped in a makeshift panic room created by her late husband, Lila and Ian must use all of their strength and intelligence to outsmart the intruders to save themselves.

Lifetime has worked with the organization RespectAbility in review of the script to ensure as much authenticity as possible in the portrayal of Ian. The role of Ian is played by Nik Sanchez who is on the autism spectrum. As part of Lifetime’s advocacy efforts, resources to learn more about autism will be provided at the end of the film.

Safe Room is produced by Astute Films for Lifetime. Executive producers include Dominique Telson and Karen Kaufman Wilson. Boris Kodjoe directs from a script by Nneka Gerstle.

Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival Announces 2022 Lineup

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival has shared the lineup for this year’s edition of the internationally acclaimed camping festival, taking place June 16-19, 2022 on the Bonnaroo Farm, located just 60 miles southeast of Nashville in Manchester, TN. Bonnaroo 2022 will once again present a wide-ranging bill featuring a spectacular selection of top artists performing around the clock across more than 10 unique stages over the four-day festival.

Highlights will include performances by ToolJ. ColeStevie NicksThe ChicksMachine Gun KellyFlumeIlleniumRoddy Ricch21 SavageBilly StringsRobert Plant& Alison Krauss$uicideboy$, and Porter Robinson. The complete Bonnaroo 2022 lineup is below. 

Tickets for Bonnaroo will go on sale Thursday, January 13, at 12 pm (CT), exclusively via Options include General Admission (4-Day), GA+ (4-Day), VIP (4-Day), Platinum (4-Day), General Admission Camping & Parking, VIP Camping, Platinum Camping, and more. As always, Bonnaroo will be offering a range of affordable options, with tickets starting at $35 down and accommodations available for as low as $99 per night. Car Camping Passes prices start at only $70 (plus fees) per car, not per person, allowing fans to both save money and reduce their carbon footprint by carpooling.

Bonnaroo has paid close attention to fan feedback throughout its history in order to best enhance the onsite experience, each year integrating new features and exciting upgrades to the overall event. Bonnaroo 2022 will see the debut of an array of additional activities and site improvements, including enhanced signage, wayfinding help, pedicabs, info booths, cooling stations, and much more.

PLAZAS: Bonnaroo’s campground hubs of curated activities and convenience – known as Plazas – will return better than ever in 2022. Strategically located and well-lit public places throughout the campgrounds, Plazas include shade, free public Wi-Fi, charging stations, misting stations, showers, restrooms, medical and safety stations, information booths and incredible programming for the fans.

JAMTRAK:This year’s Bonnaroo will see getting around the festival made easier and more convenient than ever before with the arrival of JamTrak, a free on-site transport system enabling attendees to easily travel day or night to and from Centeroo and the far away parts of the site.

STAGE IMPROVEMENTS:  Bonnaroo 2022 will also see a number of stage improvements, including a spectacular production makeover for the festival’s second biggest stage, The Which Stage. In addition, The Other Stage – Bonnaroo’s beloved home for electronic music – will now feature all-night performances and DJ sets through sunrise each day, along with spectacular new lighting, lasers, and surprises galore. Fans will also love the reinvention of the Silent Disco and the Who Stage, and even the What Stage has a special surprise in store.

CAMPING AND TENT OPTIONS:  2022 will also feature an assortment of improved camping options, including an updated campground layout allowing for more convenient camping closer to Centeroo. Bonnaroovians will have a new way to stay cool at this year’s festival with the introduction of Air-Conditioned Darkroom Tents, available for GA, GA+, and VIP ticket holders. All set up and ready to go upon arrival, each tent is completely opaque and comes with a choice of cot or inflatable bed, electric cooling unit, a souvenir blanket for each ticket holder, and more. This year will also see the introduction of Bonnaroo Daily Entry Camping Passes, a new system required for all vehicles and campers that will drastically cut wait times entering the festival site. GA ticket-buyers will be required to secure a vehicle pass by day for either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Weekend access from Thursday through Sunday. The earlier campers arrive, the closer they will camp in proximity to Centeroo. For more information please visit

VIP AND PLATINUM ENHANCEMENTS:  Bonnaroo’s VIP and Platinum guests will also enjoy a large number of upgrades, including a new VIP campground layout providing direct entry into the venue, broader dining options, and upgraded shower facilities. Platinum patrons will enjoy the best campground and amenities on the entire site, all in a new shaded grove just south of Centeroo. Enjoy all the classic Platinum amenities plus a dedicated Platinum vehicle entrance off Campground Road, full-service RV spots, expanded food and beverage offerings, as well as a completely shaded and wooded campground with newly added access to the Artist Lounge. New this year is the addition of the VIP Day Parking Pass, which must be purchased with a VIP or Platinum Ticket. To learn more about VIP & Platinum, please see

NASHVILLE AND CHATTANOOGA SHUTTLES: Official Bonnaroo shuttle buses will now depart twice a day from Chattanooga as well as Nashville and return from The Farm twice each night. Pickup locations will be located near downtown in both cities, with free parking available for all shuttle pass holders. Single-day shuttle options will also be available. For full details, shuttle schedules, and pricing, please visit

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