Willie Bee – Mopstick feat. Quin NFN

Today Atlanta rapper Willie Bee has connected with Austin, Texas-based rapper Quin NFN for their new collaborative single. “Mopstick.” The two quickly delivered a music video for the song that has already garnered over 240,000 views in just under a week and has fans going crazy in the comments. 

“My new single Mopstick has Quin NFN out of Texas on it. The last song with Paper Route Jay Pizzle, ATL Jacob produced the beat and it’s been doing really well on Pandora and Spotify” Willie Bee told fans in a statement to the press. “Quin is nice man, he got a hard flow. We got some mutual friends but first off his style caught my attention, he got a mean flow. This song is about the regular inner-city living man. Its a good huslter anthem for anyone that stayed in an apartment, anyone who hustles knows the streets ain’t always gotta be bad if you’re making money. I feel like Quin’s fans are going to merge into my fans, so I like this record. Its a good street anthem.”

Willie Bee’s last EP featured NY representative Jadakiss, who was coming fresh off his Verzuz appearance, as the Lox took on Cam’ron and Dipset in a Hip-Hop battle for the ages. 

Known for his work in the streets Willie Bee did some time in prison but he’s back showing that It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish as he’s found music as a way to fill his idle time and stay focused on something positive. 

“I’m a street rapper, I’ve been to prison, I’ve been in and out. You know I”m trying to make sure I stay out and this gives me something new to do with my idle time. I’ve already done all the hard work learning how to rap, so I might as well do the easy part and actually tell my story. So I’m just trying to show the youth that you can be successful, even though you had a couple of marks on your name. Don’t give up man, everything is achievable. If there’s anything that I can bring to the game its that I’m a model example of success on a concrete road. Don’t let your environment deter you from where you really wanna go.”

While Willie Bee may be a name unfamiliar to some in the music industry, his family has a long history of playing their role in some major acts along the way. One such role was that of his grandfather, a backup guitar player for Jimi Hendrix. While his cousin signed the recently slain Archie Eversole who did the famous song “We Ready.”

“I’m from Atlanta, my grandad was a backup guitar player for Jimi Hendrix and my cousin owned Fat Boy Records and put out Archie Eversole with the “We Ready” song, so I always had the music in my family and in my life.”

Aside from his family’s background in music, when asked why and how he got into rapping, Willie Bee explained that he grew up around a host of rappers from T.I.’s crew as he grew up on the Westside of Atlanta in Bankhead. Some friends encouraged him to take it further and really tell his story and the rest is history. 

“I was bored, and with everything that I’ve done in the streets, I was just ready to put it down on paper for the city. I’m from the Westside in Bankhead. I got a lot of friends that are in T.I.’s crew. I let Peewee Longway shoot his video in one of my establishments. I’ve stayed all over but I’ve done all the work that it takes to be a rapper learning how to rap, now it was time for me to just do it and make music,” WIllie Bee explained.  “I’m just what they call a certified street nigga bro. Anyone from Atlanta gonna vouch for me, I don’t care who they are from the biggest to the smallest, so that’s me man. That’s me just a boss that made it man.”

So Cal Emcee DeweyQuinton Unveils His Engaging New EP, ‘A Love Joint’

Traditionally, Los Angeles Hip-Hop is more known for for being either festive, gangster or a mix of something in between. Despite this, there has always been a thriving underground scene in So Cal, headed by names like Blu, Overdoz, Pac Div and plenty of others. Calling the city home himself for the last 6-years, rising rapper DeweyQuniton has been consistently working to establish himself as a leading voice, leading to a substantial following. Looking to further establish himself as a presence, he checks into our pages with his reflective new EP, A Love Joint.

Clocking in at 12-minutes, the 4-track project finds Dewey exploring a handful of different thoughts that generally center around love and the many different ways a man can express his love to a woman. Utilizing a strong vocal tone, endless array of cadences and an engaging pen, Dewey showcases his strengths well over the production from Sean Teszi and Max Headroom, the latter of which handles the projects standout record, “Pretty Girls.” Opting for sly and playful flows and tones and that make the song sound more like a conversation than a record, he gives a sermon on how pretty girls often have the most baggage, but despite that, he couldn’t live without them.

Take a listen to the EP below and get familiar with DeweyQuinton.

Massachusetts Native Chew Checks in With His Engaging New Project, ‘Emerald Eyes’

While the Northeastern region of America presents a string of major cities that line up perfectly for touring, many of the smaller cities in between have had to work twice as hard to establish scenes of their own. Hailing from Lynn, Massachusetts, rising rapper Chew has been gradually establishing himself as a presence in Hip-Hop, and in turn shining a light on his town. Looking to keep the energy flowing, he checks into our pages for the first time with his engaging new project, Emerald Eyes.

Emerald Eyes encapsulates a moment of time and energy and invites the listener to shift their perspective to a broader scale. Through the exploration and nurturing of many sounds that stem from the vast influences of Chew, he was able to create a time stamp of a very transformational point in his life. Chew is interested in knowledge, growth and relation and through his analysis of personal experiences wants listeners to understand they are never alone in any thought or feeling, however vague or detailed it may seem. Throughout the album Chew discovers that there is something to learn in every idea and with that comes something new it can turn into. Showcasing an empathetic pen that is more relatable than most, Emerald Eyes reminds us that there are lenses through which we view life, and we have the choice to see the reality we want. But we realize we cannot get there without first enduring the microscope being placed over ourself.

Take a listen to the project below and get familiar with Chew.

‘Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby’ to Stream Worldwide on Prime Video August 26

Prime Video announced it will exclusively stream Karam Gill’sUntrapped: The Story of Lil Baby, produced by Quality FilmsMGX Creative, and 4PF. The feature-length documentary made its world premiere at the Tribeca Festival on Saturday and was followed by a performance from Lil Baby. 

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Baby has been one of the world’s most impactful artists since his first release in 2017. Untrapped tells his story, and details his meteoric rise to become the most dominant name in the rap game. While still a teenager, Baby— known to friends and family as Dominique Armani Jones— was one of the most notorious figures in the streets of West Atlanta, before he was arrested and sent to prison. After his release in 2016, he faced a hard choice: Return to the fast money of the streets, or take a chance that his charisma and untested talent could bring him success as a rapper. In 2020, his second album, My Turn, was the year’s top seller across all genres of music. Today, Lil Baby is a devoted father to his two young boys and a powerful voice in the fight for racial justice and police reform. Untrapped: The Story of Lil Babychronicles the astonishing rise of a singular artist and activist, and explores the systemic oppression that keeps far too many people of color from participating in the American Dream.

Producers of Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby include Dominique “Lil Baby” Jones, Pierre “P” Thomas, Kevin “Coach K” Lee, Karam Gill, Daniel Malikyar, Andrew Primavera, and Blase Biello.

Detroit Natives Otto Check In With Their Engaging New EP, ‘Still Picture You’

Hailing from Detroit, rising indie band Otto has had an interesting journey thus far. After initially linking up via Zoom sessions and realizing their likeminded qualities, they decided to start composing music on those Zooms, resulting in a solid body of work. Even though the first time they ever met one another was when they met to record the project, the ensuing chemistry proved that they were right to get together. Looking to share that with the world, they check in today with their engaging new EP, Still Picture You.

Clocking in at a breezy 17-minute runtime, Still Picture You aims to capture the candid thoughts and feelings of someone falling in and then out of love — a young soul navigating the changes that accompany that journey. With energetic, 80’s inspired instrumentals and candid lyricism, Otto captures the nostalgic essence of the John Hughes era with a modern, alternative twist. Songs like, “Stop Time,” and, “If You Know,” capture the different sides of the Michigan band, while, “Good Fight,” still holds up well as the standout of the project after originally serving as their lead single.

Take a listen to the project below and get familiar with Otto.

DMV Artist Alaan Creates A Heavy Moment On “Cheatin”

DMV artist Alaan isn’t holding back this time around. His newest EP, ‘Between Her & Music,’ is a statement to everyone in his area. His latest visual is for the intro track, “Cheatin.” His willingness to create without the pressure of sounding like what he hears on the radio is unique. Between Her & Music is a bold 7-track offering that features an emotional roller coaster for all of his fans.

The Never2Big crooner is getting closer and closer to cementing himself as a top dog in the DMV’s R&B scene. His latest visual for “Cheatin” tells a story the whole way through. Although he might have the look of a rapper, his voice and subject matter are as R&B as it gets. The mini-movie shows the battle-tested creative feeling like he was invisible watching his lover pair with someone else. Although she tries to act like everything is okay, he knows she is dealing with someone else.

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Stormzy Talks Fame, Social Media, Ego, Faith & More On Apple Music 1

British music icon Stormzy joins Tems on the final episode of ‘Leading Vibe Radio’ airing tomorrow (Saturday 11th June) on Apple Music 1. In the interview, which airs at 3pm BST, Stormzy chats to hosts Tems and Muyiwa in a thoughtful and expansive conversation where he discusses ego, how he navigates fame and maintains a sense of normality, his faith, quitting social media, his flaws and humanity, and more.

‘Leading Vibe Radio’ is hosted by Nigerian singer-songwriter, producer and Apple Music Up Next alum Tems and her co-manager Muyiwa. Please find key quotes from Stormzy’s chat below. Please credit Leading Vibe Radio with Temson Apple Music 1 if you use this information. 

Listen to the interview in full tomorrow (Saturday 11th June) live for free at 3pm BST or anytime on Apple Music at apple.co/_LeadingVibe

Take Your Music Career To The Next Level! Class of 40 Bootcamp Announced

Coelle LDN brings you the first Artist Development Bootcamp for 16 – 35-year-old
musicians and creatives in Accra. The month-long Bootcamp event will give each attendee
the ability to learn key information and industry secrets from top industry celebrity
moguls & gain new opportunities to succeed! with an exclusive chance to create a song
with a Ghanaian top artist with a filmed studio session, a 6-12-month management
contract, radio spins & interview slots though our partners on the prestigious radio station
YFM, an extensive PR package, playlisting from Boomplay & much more.

In addition to providing attendees with personalized hands on training and unique
networking opportunities, Class of 40: Bootcamp will also be offering virtual classes that
will give artists & creatives around the whole of Ghana, Africa & the UK a chance to take
their careers to the next level! The month-long Bootcamp will kick off with a launch party
on July 29th 2022 & will feature 1-hour classes covering all the key industry pillars such
as; management, press/PR, legal, radio/DJ, image & style & producer & artist access from
Monday – Friday at iSpace Foundation in Accra, Ghana, August 1st.

Hailing From Canada, Rising Vocalist PEAK Delivers His Infectious New Single, “SLIDE”

Despite the climate of microwave music that has captured most of the mainstream audience, most fans still enjoy an artist who’s relatable and makes them feel seen. Hailing from Surrey, Canada, rising artist PEAK has slowly but surely proven he has the chops to be just that type of artist. Looking to further prove himself as an artist to watch, he checks into our pages for the first time with his engaging new single, “SLIDE.”

“SLIDE”, produced by fellow Canadian artist KULTARGOTBOUNCE, features stylish instrumentation containing watery, immersive keys drifting atop crisp, bouncy percussion and driving, rich 808s. Addictive and sleek in sound, this single provides heavy replay value and engagingly pairs influences hip-hop, R&B, pop, and more into an atmospheric blend. Vocally, PEAK delivers an emotive vocal performance, discusses persevering through tough emotions and feelings of uncertainty about a love interest. Capped off with an infectious chorus that lingers in the one’s head long after listening, “SLIDE” marks another vibrant and charismatic offering from the emerging Surrey, Canada artist.

Peep the single below and get hip to the Canadian vocalist.

Epic Minds Releases Debut Album featuring Skales, Camidoh, Trigmatic and more on ‘’Black Is Gold’’

Joburg production duo, Epic Minds have released their much-anticipated debut album  ‘’Black Is Gold’’. The 11-track album features a dynamic group of talented acts from  across the continent, notably Skales (Nigeria), Khaeda (South Africa), Camidoh,  Trigmatic and Aelsstreet (Ghana), Ingrid White (Cameroon), Flameboy Universe  (Eswatini), NhoNho (Zimbabwe), among others.  

With an exponentially growing fanbase on TikTok where the duo has earned millions  of views in a short space of time, Epic Minds have produced a highly musical project  that fuses Afrobeat and Amapiano elements. The production style and approach on  the album was consciously pan-African, with emphasis on catchy melodies that makes  the album a great treat for any music lover. 

The album was produced and recorded between 2021 and 2022 in different African locations, including Johannesburg, Lagos, Accra and Yaoundé. Some of the notable  hits on the album include ‘Still Love You’ featuring Nigerian superstar, Skales,  ‘Tempted’ featuring Camidoh and ‘Love For Africa’ – the duo’s take of Magic System’s  anthem ‘1er Gaou’. 

‘’Black Is Gold’’ is available on all digital streaming platforms here:  https://ditto.fm/black-is-gold-epic-minds 

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