Loren Todd – Altamonte Springs [EP]

Loren Todd is letting it all out in his new EP Altamonte Springs. The Orlando native takes listeners through a journey of his life from childhood to family, and even the pain of getting your life back on track. His lyrical wordplay on tracks like “Picasso” keeps you in a daze bar for bar. As he rhymes over a melodic beat on “Cold At Night”, you can feel his sentiments of going through tough times but still having hope. With his wordsmith ways, you can’t help but turn it up on tracks like “Dolo.” It’s no doubt that with his lyrical execution, he’s giving listeners music they can feel and relate to. Take a listen now!

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Detroit Lyricist Courtney Bell Returns With New Single & Video “Introspection”

Courtney Bell, the lyrical Detroit rapper endorsed citywide, has returned with renewed sense of purpose, perspective, and vision on his latest single & video “Introspection”. After taking a brief hiatus from making music to focus on his mental health, community, & spiritual journey, Courtney lets listeners into the most intimate corners of his mind detailing the deep learning that occurred during his break and the extensive demons he fights on the daily. Over a subtle sample, jazzy drums, and waining keys, “Introspection” is a slow-burning confessional coupled with a lyrical exercise, showing the sheer ability & transparency that makes Courtney such a unique entity in today’s hip-hop landscape. The song encompasses the harrowing year Courtney Bell has had after tragically losing 13 people in his life to COVID, fiercely battling addiction, and even briefly losing his drive to make music. The visual for the track shows Courtney bouncing up-and-down the halls of a hospital draped in a medical gown, preaching about all of the heavy thoughts that occupy his brain and detailing the deep layers of his distinctive perspective.

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NEW: Eastsidebaby Tdot – ” I Feel Good (Official Video)” 

When we think of Eastsidebaby Tdot, we think Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When we think Eastsidebaby Tdot we think superstar status. So, when you think Eastsidebaby Tdot think, next up, on point, the future. Allow us to take you through the reason he is telling the world “I Feel Good”

Born and raised in East Baton Rouge Baker, Louisiana, 27-year-old Troy Eley Jr aka Eastsidebaby Tdot has been focused on the business of music early in his life. Overcoming the struggles in his life, which includes the loss of his mother to domestic violence. Tdot was able to take his pain and use it to fuel the music that became his professional career. What more motivation can you get than to honor the woman who gave birth to you.

 Lyrically he chooses his words wisely and his beat selection helps him take anything he is developing to higher levels on a consistent basis. Real life experiences, true stories and relatable topics are what give Eastsidebaby Tdot the advantage he needs to be on top of his craft. Teaming up with producer Trell it’s a Hit, they came up with the dope song “I Feel Good” where he is motivated, focused and on top of everything.

 Understanding the devils that also plague the music business, he understands he must keep his business straight and guard up. “I Feel Good” is the representation of that which is pushing him to becoming mainstream, headlining shows on the biggest stages.

To get even more tuned into his music stream the official video for “I Feel Good” on YouTube now.

Las Vegas Native Kiari Stone Turns In His Festive New Single, “Summerlin Hoes”

In every major city around every state in the country, there is an area of rich kids who live by their own set of rules. In Las Vegas, that area was Summerlin for a long time. A upper-middle class suburb that sits 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Summerlin is home to the wealthy kids who’s actions in high school weren’t as monitored as others. For the rest of the city, this meant taking advantage of them, and their parties, leading to some memorable fun not possible a few miles north. Hailing from that area in the north, rising Las Vegas artist Kiari Stone checks in with his engaging homage to this notion, “Summerlin Hoes.”

Serving as the first single of the year, Kiari Stone returns with his energetic, high-octane single, “Summerlin Hoes.” Paying homage to an upscale suburban outset of Las Vegas, Summerlin is known for being home to some of the city’s richest and most powerful people. Coincidentally, the area is also known as one of the most festive local locations in the city as the heirs of those rich and powerful people have been known to have a bit of fun while they work. Produced by UliCookUp, “Summerlin Hoes,” perfectly captures the fleeting feelings of angst, anxiousness and joy that come with a high-octane, unpredictable night of partying with some Summerlin women.

Take a listen to the single below and get familiar with Kiari Stone.

Get Familiar With Austin Geller & His Reflective New Single, “Boring Life”

Though life is a gift, it’s far from easy, and sometimes that notion smacks us right in the face. While many of us just want to make our younger selves happy of our progress–which is inherently impossible unless you had no imagination as a kid or you’re BALLIN’ now–there comes a time where many of us look in the mirror and start reassessing how we feel about our current status. Hailing from Los Angeles, rising vocalist Austin Geller touches on this topic poignantly with his engaging new single, “Boring Life.”

Set to the tone of fast paced guitar riffs and infectious drum patterns, “Boring Life,” finds Geller evaluating an earlier self, reflecting on life playing out in unexpected ways. It explores the questioning and acceptance of shifting goals, interests, and phases in our lives as we progress and grow individually. Showcasing impressive vocal range and a knack for melodic progression, perhaps the greatest quality of this record is the sense of empathy in the lyrics. With such a relatable topic on hand, it’s easy to see this record making an emotional connection with listeners.

Be sure to take a listen to the single below and get familiar with Austin Geller, who’s new EP, Going Nowhere Fast, releases in July.

MSB Boog Releases Run It Up!

Independent artist out of Pensacola fl Who has been rapping, seems like all his life,”in his words” but now finally to a point of taking it serious. Boog is currently set to open for the new 1017 artist Enchanting on tour having its first stop in Atlanta, GA. He was inspired to get serious as an artist by his big brother, who tried to make a mark in the music industry but felt as if he fell short do to a 10 year sentence in the penitentiary.  So now he’s the steam behind his younger brother MSB Boog, who have vowed to take the touch to the finish line for his brother, family and his peers from his neighborhood.

MSB had been inbreeded in Boog from the start well before he decided to be a full time rapper. The acronym oringinally stood for “Mallory Street Bosses” but to clean up his image and the background that stands behind the oringinal meaning of “MSB”, Boog associate his mean of “MSB”, for his music to “Money Stakkin Bozz”. in which outlines the main goal of his independent record label Money Stakkin Bozz Ent”. MSB Boog over all goal is to touch souls with music and make a way for his people to see a new light other than the norm. MSB boog recently release an EP titled Life In The Trenchez on all platforms telling his life story!

Daze DaVinci – “TELESIS” (Mixtape)

Daze DaVinci drops a surprise mixtape “TELESIS” which features his father who has been serving a life sentence, many special guests, a look into the future of ABUNDANCE and the next line of work has been waiting for us! The mixtape was created in 7 days on Easter Sunday and was put together as a “Live Album” meaning any influences during the week of the recording process came to life in the music! The tape also features international award winning pianist Maryna Kysla Williams & many more special guests & cameos!

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Mello Cartier – KWYK [Video]

Mello Cartier has been making noise with his newest single & visual for “KWYK” (Know What You Know). The Waterbury, Connecticut native curates a vibe that anyone can relate to coming up in rough environments like Mello did in the city of Waterbury. As he rhymes over an up-tempo beat that was coincidently produced by the music video director Esbei2x. The visual depicts the different lights of his hometown, where on one side he‘s showing the fun, positive side where you’re in your comfort zone turning up with your day-ones, while on the other side conveying some of the risks you have to take to ensure your family doesn’t go without. The record is filled with relatable bars, a captivating hook, and a fiery beat. You can’t help but turn it up, hit play and repeat. Watch now!

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