Atlanta’s own Tony Shhnow Releases “Kill Streak 2” (Deluxe) & Music Video For “Slow Crash”

Tony Shhnow, a staple in Atlanta’s underground hip-hop scene, has just shared his newest mixtape Kill Streak 2 (Deluxe) and a music video for the track “Slow Crash”. The 12-track project is a superb showing from Tony Shhnow, featuring a montage of jazzy beats, snappy flows, and sharp lyricism, along with constant DJ drops and Halo “kill streak”sound effects that are reminiscent of the mixtape era of hip-hop’s past. The versatility of Tony’s style has always been an integral aspect of his artistry, and on Kill Streak 2 (Deluxe), Tony produces some of the most eclectic sounds of his career. Although he’s known for utilizing the “plugg” sound, Tony shows just how expansive his musical reach is on this tape, grabbing influences from all corners of hip-hop and cultivating them into one project. “Slow Crash” is a flawless exhibition of Tony’s sheer rapping ability, with his unceasing flow fitting perfectly atop the lofty and layered production, all of which are amplified by the accompanying VHS-style visuals. On tracks like “Sometimes”, a flip of the famed SWV track “Rain”, Tony raps seamlessly over a soulful instrumental, profoundly reflecting on the trial and tribulations of his life. Kill Streak 2 (Deluxe) is an undeniable demonstration of how finely-tuned Tony Shhnow’s rapping is, and a testament to how effortlessly he can jump from style-to-style and bring the same creativity and precision to whatever sound he’s inspired by.

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LA’s Adrian Junior New Single “I Promise”

Los Angeles artist Adrian Junior has returned with his brand-new single “I Promise”. This is definitely a record that you will want to hear over and over again, because Adrian has something for fans of real lyrics and dope beats. Produced By @Hungerforcebeats. Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by @MixedByCrook. Be on the lookout for more releases from Adrian Junior this year. “I Promise” is available on all digital streaming platforms.

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Indica Wave Releases ‘Infrared Beamin’ Single + Video

‘Infrared Beamin’ is a carefree melodic hip hop track produced by Wavyboyjodii mixed and mastered by MixedByTreez. The song is about taking your shot when the odds seem against you, flipping any situation you’re presented to your advantage, as well as detoxing the negative energies that get in the way of your own greatness. Highlighting the “climb” from the bottom to the top, things aren’t always pretty but the journey is worth the outcome. 

The Video directed by Queens natives Indica Wave & Tiffany Galicia is a homage to the essence of Hip Hop and the borough that is home to the likes of Nas, Mobb Deep, Noreaga, Kool G Rap, Black Sheep, etc. “The video incorporates gritty imagery accenting the old skool essence of Hip Hop, straight outta the city of Queens.” – Indica WaveWatch + listen to ‘Infrared Beamin’ below! 


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Yung Swerv Asks Important Questions On “Friend Or Foe”

Yung Swerv has the Chicago music scene in a chokehold. He’s so young, but he has promise. His newest visual for “Friend or Foe” is the latest visual from his latest EP, Stormy Nights. The independent creative is doing big-time numbers this time around. His project peaked in the top 10 on iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap albums list. This is no surprise because Swerv has received major co-signs, including Adam 22 and his team at No JumperThe CEO of Mudd Bruddaz  Empireis seeing a lot of interest from labels, and he can’t even legally toast champagne to his successes yet. He’s seen a lot as a young man, and he pours out his experiences in every song he makes.

The Windy City is known for some of music’s biggest rap stars. His music has the same melodic pain that made rappers like Polo GLil Durk, and A Boogie With Da Hoodie global superstars. His “Friend Or Foe” visual is a gloomy visual that pairs well perfectly with the intro track. The Kaybee Visuals-directed mini-movie is simple yet, exciting. The interesting edits keep the viewers engaged. Yung Swerv has been through every emotion. His new video shows he’s questioning if those around him deserve to come with him on his road to riches. Not much will stop him from becoming a staple in today’s rap landscape. Furthermore, it’s a matter of if and not when?

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Ceasar Christian’s “Like” Music Video Featuring Renny + Angie Castillo

St. Petersburg, Florida’s very own Ceasar Christian releases his new music video “Like” on hip-hop platform World Star Hip Hop. The visual is a mini-movie and it is Christian’s first release of 2022! Renny and Angie Castillo who are best known for their viral social media presence are also in the official music video. This is another hit from the Two Five Records rapper.

PRE’s Kenny Muney Remembers His Mentor in “Role Model” Video

Young Dolph hand-picked the roster of his label Paper Route Empire, selecting artists who shared his work ethic, hunger, and love for the art of rhyming. Even before signing to PRE, Kenny Muney had a special relationship with Dolph, who plucked him out of the Memphis streets and gave him hope, guidance, and an opportunity to become a successful rapper. Today, shortly after the release of Paper Route Empire Presents: Long Live Dolph, Kenny shares the video for “Role Model.” Adorned with lush harmonies and a heartbreaking, earnest feel, “Role Model” finds Kenny baring his soul, the South Memphis native audibly emotional when he mourns Dolph with equal parts grief and gratitude for the time they spent together: “You ever lost a part of your heart and can’t nothing soothe it?/Have you ever been sad at the ending of a good movie?”

The video for “Role Model” opens with a clip of Dolph in an interview, discussing his plans for the future of PRE to be much grander than its founder, before giving a shoutout to his latest signee, Kenny Muney.

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Riiyoo & Lil Lee Drops New Visuals “Unavailable”

Atlanta rap duo Riiyoo & Lil Lee release the video for their latest project and lead single titled “Unavailable”. The video sums up the cool ATL scene of nightlife and Southern Music, bringing to life the track itself with words that show why anyone can be deemed as being unavailable.

This “money loving” anthem is something everyone on the grind will find relatable. Options are part of the lifestyle and when you are out here doing what it takes to stack your money to the ceiling, it leaves no time for meaningless interactions. If it’s not about money, then we’re “Unavailable”!

Being from Atlanta the duo are not new to breaking the mold on the music scene. Growing up as childhood friends and now business partners has created the successful drive and opportunities for the rap group to showcase their talent to the world.

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Brooklyn’s J4y King New EP “Petroleum Pack”

J4y King shares his first installment of EPs with Petroleum Pack. This particular project consists of unreleased favorites from the Brooklyn native. Supporters and fans can find different genres inside. Songs like “Rollin” are chill vibes while “Petroleum Talk” brings the energy!   

This EP is just the start for J4y King. It’s been four years since the release of Sativa Season. Petroleum Pack is a small celebration for more to come. He plans to release more projects in the upcoming future within this series. 


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Bino Rideaux Coalesces With Coyote on “Street Lights”

Los Angeles rap duo Coyote is kicking off the new year by displaying their versatility on their new single “Street Lights”. The new single features fellow budding LA rap star Bino Rideaux who coalesces with their somber melodic street vibe on this record with lyrics like “dead homies in my photos, I love the streets, but the streets took bro though”. As opposed to their usual ferociously lyrical uptempo crowd rocking ready joints, the duo affectionately known as the ‘yotes took a much different approach, harmonizing about the streets as they croon “the homies that be trapping be trapped ’cause there’s no escape”. 

Having already set the groundwork by touring the world with West Coast legend The Game over the past 3 years, as well as performing at major festival Once Upon a Time In LA, while releasing videos such as “Hoodrat”, “Yea Yea” featuring Blueface, the deuces are truly wild as the two are set to have a huge 2022. 

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Ike Rhein Releases New Visual “Messed It Up” Featuring Luh Kel

Ike Rhein kicks off his 2022 reign with the release of “Messed It Up” featuring platinum recording artist Luh Kel. “Messed It Up” has a smooth beat and is laced with even smoother lyrics. The dynamic duo showcase their musical prowess and provide listeners with a catchy, impassioned anthem.  

“Messed It Up” details how hindsight is 20/20. The record is about longing to change something about yourself in order to belong with someone else, but realizing that the whole thing was just a misunderstanding in your head. “Messed It Up” is about taking a failed relationship, turning it into a learning experience, and reflecting on yourself. “There will always be a chance to find love or ‘the one,’ if you will.” Ike Rhein continues, “The hardest part is that sometimes you’ll never know if someone is right for you until you realize someone was wrong for you.” 

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