Trillionaire Thugs Just Became One Of The Biggest NFTS!

Trillionaire Thugs is a collection of 7,777 NFTs, each representing a Thug as a digitized piece of 3D art. With more than 300 traits in 3D, our collection will be one of the most diverse and detailed on the market. Our goal is to build a community around the hype of the hip hop universe. The models to follow are no longer in suits, but in sneakers, their crypto wallets often being more loaded!

The Trillionaire Thugs’ collection brings the hip hop and urban scene to the NFT market . This universe is not very well represented even though it is an important part of the hype and is in line with the times. Many hip hop characters embody success and achievement nowadays. Our characters are thugs who evolve in a hype universe and who have been digitized by talented artists to give them life in the Metaverse. By joining the community, you may be making the best investment of your life. Be part of this new financial era where being cool and rich is more compatible than ever!

The NFT project has completely sold out as of now, being one of the fastest selling projects to hit the OpenSea marketplace. The project was backed by celebrities, athletes, and music artists such as Soulja Boy!

Have you ever seen a gang without a boss? In any gang, you get respect and the benefits that go with it, by climbing the ladder. On mint day, you have a direct chance to become a Gold member without having to start from the bottom. On mint day, you will have 5% chance to mint a Golden Thug, as 390 pieces are randomly Golden! Their owners will receive additional benefits when the NFTs are connected to the Metaverse. Just by holding you will get a reward from the crew! In addition to that, 10 Legendary NFTs that will make reference to the crypto world will complete the collection.

The creators of the project are as follows: MARC L. , Producer of Trillionaire Thugs, SAM R. Marketing for the brand, HAU N. is the Art Director, EMMANUEL J. is the 3D Artist for the models, IEGOR A. is the Blockchain Expert, and ALEX A. is the Developer. Each member had an integral role in making the concept come to life and the brand become a reality.

Stay up to date with all the information for the brand and when more Thugs will become available here:

Ke$hun Releases New Single “Hundred Rounds”

Atlanta’s own Ke$hun a.k.a. 32 Baby releases his latest single entitled “Hundred Rounds”, distributed by Equity Distribution. The 20 year old Atlantian has been making strides in the music industry and with the release of Hundred Rounds it shows why!

The new single speaks volumes to the real life of many gen z and millennials, with a catchy hook and melodic cadences the record will definitely captivate the listener. Hundred Rounds tells the story of survival for the everyday rap artist and person trying to make it out their current situation by any means necessary based on the conditions of ones environment. With so many things rappers deal with in an everyday setting it’s not new to hear words speaking of protection against ones adversaries.

Ke$hun is considered to be a street poet bringing melodic harmonies and bars together to create a fluent trapish music sound. Coming from the hit TV show on Lifetime, The Rap Game, by Jermaine Dupri, Ke$hun has continued to prove himself in the music industry and bring forth the same success as rap counter part Mulatto. Ke$hun is the front runner for his BMV or Big Money Visions brand hailing from Atlanta, Ga. producing some the highest quality merch, and experiences for its audience. Since its creation Ke$hun has showcased the brand on national television to millions worldwide!Ke$hun is more than just about penning and performing a few well written lines.

V-LO The Maestro The Superstar

It feels like quite some time ago since V-LO The Maestro released his debut album titled “The Vision”. Since then he has gone on an absolute tear in this industry. From going viral on YouTube to starring in movies he has exceeded all expectations. After becoming a 2-time college graduate and receiving his MBA college degree he has reached new heights and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. He will be making his executive film producer debut in 2022 for his new upcoming film production with his MG Films & Television brand.

V-LO The Maestro’s music video for “Whoa Town Anthem, Pt. 2” reached over one million views on YouTube. His song is dedicated to his hometown Washington, Louisiana. All the DJs fell in love with the record. DJ Flex of Kiss 98.7 in Alexandria, Louisiana began spinning “Whoa Town Anthem, Pt. 2” in his radio rotation on Kiss 98.7. Kiss 98.7 is one of the biggest radio stations in Louisiana for Hip-Hop and R&B. Several big name music artists such as Da Baby, Lil Baby, and Cardi B are also played on this station. And now V-LO The Maestro joins that list of big name music artists also played on Kiss 98.7.

V-LO The Maestro’s song “Tipsy” featuring Kevin Gates will always be an all-time classic. It has become Maestro’s signature song in the industry. 95.1 The Beat in Meridian, Mississippi is known for playing some of the best music in the south. DJ Jigga JT of 95.1 The Beat placed “Tipsy” into his regular radio rotation down in Meridian, Mississippi. 95.1 The Beat is Mississippi’s premiere radio station for Hip-Hop and R&B. The hook on “Tipsy” by Kevin Gates and the verses by V-LO The Maestro makes this a song you’ll never forget. V-LO The Maestro will become a Hall of Fame Inductee Award Honoree this year at the Spoken Red Honors Awards. Maestro seems to get better with everything that he does as time progresses and he has become a bonafide superstar.

Connect with V-LO The Maestro

V-LO The Maestro – Whoa Town Anthem, Pt. 2 (Music Video)

Musical artist Killa Vuitton is excited about going viral

Music lights up the life we are living. In the moments of happiness or grief, music can give us a lot of joy or cathartic moments. Music connects to our emotions thus it has such a powerful impression on us. Some use music to experience more joy, love, charisma while others make it to get them out of their life’s rut and experience their dreams come true.

For musical artist, Killa Vuitton, music shaped his life and dreams. This Haiti man came to America to live the great American dream. As soon as he set foot in America, he started recording music and has recorded more than 100 songs in his personal studio built inside his million dollar home.

Killa Vuitton is now ready to bring his musical journey towards an audience and will soon release much of it. When he started his music journey he had to face personal struggle including a 4 years stint behind the bars. But he kept practicing his songs and working on the English language to make sure he rapped fluently. Struggles bought him closer to his dreams.

Today Killa Vuitton is friends with major names in the music world including Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, Meek Mill, MiG Arogan, Fivio Foreign ,Kodak Black , the late greats Nipsey Hussle and Pop Smoke. Vuitton is looking forward to going viral soon with his work. His passion for his work is on a booming stage and he cannot wait for the audience to fall in love with his music.

Anna Nyakana: Unlocking the Youth to the World Within

Anna Nyakana is an award-winning and bestselling children’s author, speaker, producer, musician, and singer-songwriter. Hailing from Uganda by way of Berlin, Germany, she is most notably known for creating the Niyah Zuri children’s book series, which focuses on representation for our Black and Brown youth and empowerment through historical exploration of our own rich legacies.

Growing up in the U.S. from the age of six, Anna discovered an unfulfilled need for kids to gain a true knowledge of self by understanding where it is they come from; beyond the stories of trauma normally instructed in schools and highlighted by the media. From this discovery, the Niyah Zuri movement was born and Anna Nyakana began her relentless mission to save the youth.

Now building upon her book series, the visionary is growing her Niyah Zuri movement by creating an animated cartoon and short film to expand the message of diversity and self-love from literacy to digital content, so kids can have access to educational programming that is also honoring to their heritage. “Kids should see a reflection of themselves from books to screens, my mission is to inspire them one adventure at a time,” states Nyakana.  

Not stopping there – this multi-talented creative is taking things a step further by co-producing an original soundtrack for her animation to truly blend the sounds of our origin with Hip-Hop. By incorporating world music, primarily AfroBeat, AfroFusion, and AfroPop, Anna Nyakana is bringing our heritage to the forefront of the Culture. “I aspire to unlock the youth to achieving their highest potential and understand that we have a responsibility to give them the keys to discovering their true selves. The music we’re creating for the animation will vibrate to the core of every listener and allow their subconscious to reconnect with the sounds of heritage and their own glorious history,” Anna explains.

Working directly with Producer and Recording Artist LaChaleur (A$AP Ferg, Desiigner, ARNSTAR), the two were able to collaborate to bring the vision and the sounds of back home alive. Anna contributing melodies, vocals, and live instrumentation while LaChaleur creating hypnotic beats and rhythmic patterns stemming from his own roots from Ivory Coast – joining together to truly make a one-of-a-kind sound. “Anna and I wanted to give it a fresh sound that still represents culture and that millennial-vibe that people could easily resonate with; where it’s not looked at as something just for kids but where you could watch it as a family,” shared LaChaleur.

The journey of the Niyah Zuri soundtrack will be released as an exclusive studio bio filmed and directed by the talented Gil Rios; an award-winning Filmmaker and Director. Gil Rios prides himself in selectively choosing creative partnerships where he is able to bring stories and experiences to life through his video making; his work has been featured in The Rolling Stone, The Source Magazine, and Hot 97 to name a few. When asked why he chose to capture Anna’s journey Gil shared, “Because I feel her mission for teaching our children of color their correct history and culture is very important in their growth and development.” Anna Nyakana is one to watch – someone who truly is here to create change and long-lasting impact in the world for generations to come. Her focus and passion for the youth is a rarity and something is telling me, this is just the beginning. 

Follow Anna Nyakana and Join the Niyah Zuri Tribe on all platforms @Niyah_Zuri Books can be purchased from her website and are personalized with a unique message and autographed for each reader.

Hip Hop United Founder Briana Crudup Finds Gems in Digital Marketing and Branding

 Briana Crudup is affectionately known as “Bri,” is the founder and creative genius steering Hip Hop United, LLC to success. While operating at the forefront of her growing full-service marketing/media and promotions firm, she is essentially a career catalyst for independent artists breaking into or elevating within the music industry. Bri is simultaneously an expansive force and gem-finder for setting up artists for major record labels meetings. Artists can also benefit from the prolific collaborations between Hip Hop United LLC and prominent firms, a full-service global distribution and marketing agency.

Bri has partnered with major brands such as Reebok, Stella Rosa Brands, Essentia Water, Rap Snacks, Local Choice Spirits, Kaotica Eyeball, Microsoft Corporation, Atti2udez Beauty Room, industry leaders, and private clients as a master of both artist development, branding for event purposes and framing visions. When working with artists, she places them in the most strategic positions to advance by brokering life-altering connections with the most influential power players such as other label executives. “I work closely with A&Rs seeking talent, so I help artists by shaping and molding them, guiding them in the right direction,” she highlighted. Additionally, Bri is regularly behind the lens, capturing moments of a lifetime in the form of captivating photos and videos. She transitioned into this role in 2008, after working in the corporate sector for over 15 years.

The desire to establish her own photography/videography business came from a burning passion for creativity and a deep desire to carve out her own lane where entertainment and visual arts intersect. Her tenure as the regional director at Hip Hop Weekly Magazine was a pivotal moment for both the company and Briana. She was put in a tedious position to both build her career and rapport within the industry while also breathing new life into a company that was undergoing an administrative overhaul. During this foundational phase, Bri worked relentlessly to establish her unique “That Photo Chick” brand, which attracted heavy consumer traffic, clientele, profitability, and notoriety for the company. Growing this platform and amplifying the company empowered her to go full-throttle and create her own agency.

After transforming, enhancing and revitalizing other businesses, one in particular Bri established the inimitable full-service media agency, Hip Hop United, LLC, and tenaciously paved her way to success. She explained, “I expanded my services to creating content for hip hop brands and helping emerging artists with photoshoots, graphics, marketing and promotion, and more.” She soon soared to success by forming networks, reinforcing genuine relationships, freelancing with trending media outlets, developing new skills, and having tunnel vision on expanding her empire. Her biggest success, however, trickles down from her magnetic personality and authenticity, which is why she is loved by all with a loyal following. By 2019, Hip Hop United grew exponentially with a steady influx of elite clientele. In 2020, Hip Hop United is celebrating partnerships that have been established to help creatives thrive in the digital era.  This collective of creatives that ranges from emerging artists to moguls, fans, superstars, journalists, and corporate spearheads are all united by Bri to continue pushing hip hop culture forward together.

Get To Know “The Harlem Showstopper” One of New York’s Favorite Rising DJ’s

DJ Danny Dee aka “The Harlem Showstopper” is currently one of New York’s hottest Dj’s. 

He won DJ of the year in 2012, 2013 and 2016 by proving to be a master of his craf. DJ Danny Dee has already worked along side major artists such as Alicia Keys; and he also was a co-producer of the hit single “Chicken Noodle Soup”. 

He was recruited by Da Union Dj’s because of his talent and versatility. Danny Dee will be a part of a major book signing by Tamika D. Mallory along with his own birthday celebration in Jamaica from July 29th to Aug 2nd.

Stay tuned for more updates and events on DJ Danny Dee.

YouTube: DjDannyDeeTV
Instagram: @DJDannyDee1 
TWITTER: @DjDannyDee1
Facebook: DJ Danny Dee ~ The Harlem ShowStopper
Booking info:

Exclusive Interview: Meet Rising Young Artist Kane Bailey

Kane Bailey is a hit-making machine. He’s had a prolific 2020, dropping smashes like  Charlie D’amelio, Lavish and many more. In this exclusive interview Kane discusses living through the pandemic, how he got into music and more.

What first got you into music?

I first fell in love with music specifically rap as a young kid, when my dad would play all

the OGs in the car. This gave me a good understanding of the history and who the

greats were. He also introduced me to new school artists that were rising to fame at the

time and bringing in a new sound.

Who inspired you to make music?

To be honest the first person that made me want to get on stage and pursue

The music was by Justin Bieber. I saw his music videos on tv as a kid and thought it was

It was really cool and I wondered why I couldn’t do it too. Once I started getting older I

saw kids my age in my city dropping tracks and getting a little buzz, and I knew it

was possible for me too.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Because I am still so early in my career as an artist, I am still trying out new

sounds and looking for different waves and trends in music. I would say I am

mainly rap, hip-hop, with some pop influence. I will continue to dabble in different

genres and sounds throughout my whole career to keep things new and


What is your creative process like?

I am usually inspired by something I hear, could be from another artist, or just

something in my everyday life. I then go online and look for a beat to match that

vibe, or how I’m feeling. After going through plenty of beats, I find “the one”, and

start writing to it. A melody and hook comes to my head right away when I hear a


Who would you most like to collaborate with?

My all-time dream collaboration is for sure Drake. In the meantime, I would love

to work with a variety of young rappers around the world such as Kid Laroi, Lil

Tjay, Melvoni, etc.


Music Links:

Floyd Mayweather Gifted Rare Kobe Bryant/LeBron James Card Worth $15k

Cavaliers’ LeBron James and Lakers’ Kobe Bryant greet each other before tipoff, Thursday, January 15, 2015, at Staples Center. (Photo by Michael Owen Baker/L.A. Daily News)

In 2008, many NBA fans hoped LeBron James and Kobe Bryant would battle it out in the NBA final. Instead, the Cleveland Cavaliers wavered against the Boston Celtics, leading up to a confrontation between Kobe and people like Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett. Ultimately, the Celtics emerged victorious, while the Lakers were set to win the next two NBA championships.

To commemorate what might have been, Topps created a rare LeBron-Kobe map that is now selling for a wild prize of $15,000 USD. According to Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of, legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather was actually gifted the card for his 44th birthday. The card was given to Mayweather by the Wooter Boys.

The value of the cards to be exchanged has increased exponentially throughout the pandemic, as collectors immerse themselves in their pastimes. The value of these cards continues to grow, making them a good investment for those seeking to diversify their portfolio. Some people even borrow money to buy these cards because they are convinced that buying them with leverage will lead to massive gains.

Although Mayweather certainly does not need the money, there is no doubt that this card is an asset that will continue to grow in value, and it will be better served to keep it secure. Decades from now, this card may well be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Since celebrating his 44th birthday in Miami, the champ recently announced that he would be opening a boxing gym in Dallas. The Gym will be called Mayweather Boxing and Fitness. It will be located at 2401 Victory Park Ln #170 Dallas, TX 75219. They are currently offering  Pre-Opening Membership at this time. So, go ahead and apply to lock in your membership.

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