Chicago rapper Trendsatta Tay is putting on for his city in a major way. Having generated over 135 thousand listeners on Spotify, he is ready to break into the mainstream music market.  As he is currently working on his forthcoming EP, he wants is fans to “Shake Sum” this year. His upbringing in Chicago mixed with his love for Hip Hop is the reason why he has no desire to give up on his dreams.

 On “Shake Sum” you will hear the Chicago rapper  turning up on the beat effortlessly. As his delivery is just as impressive as his original sound, you will hear him lending some insight on his rap lifestyle. The trap undertone helps remind listeners of how much rap stars are being birth out of the Chicago area. Coming from the bottom up, Tay is diligently working to make sure that his passion for music and creating will lead to a better life for him and his family. 

With memorable punch lines, a budding fanbase, and immense talent, Trendsatta Tay is on his way to the top. If you are looking for some new vibes to get into while at home in quarantine, you sure press play below and give Trendsatta Tay a listen.

Stay tuned for his forthcoming EP that will coming out later this year. Press play below to listen to “Shake Sum” and tap in.

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