Chief Dejjy Taps DolapoTheVibe For New Song ‘Rock n Roll’

Afrobeat singer, Chief Dejjy taps fellow country star, DolapoTheVibe to capture the
weekend’s thrill on the first release from his upcoming EP this August.

Chief Dejjy’s new release, ‘Rock n Roll’ is yet another perfect companion for your
nighttime frolics this summer. It is a party booster that opens up with a bold expression of
the singer’s readiness to ball.

Great delivery, lyrics and all that jazz aside, Chief Dejjy’s real motif revolves around a
rather easy question, “Do you like to rock or like to roll?” ‘Rock n Roll’ is the first release
from Chief Dejjy’s upcoming EP “Chief Of Chiefs” and is expected to warm fans up for
some more Afrobeat magic from the Nigerian star in the weeks ahead.


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