Chief Will Is The LA Photographer You Need To Know

Chief Will has risen to prominence within the last five years through his work with Sharife O’Neal, Rubi Rose, Migos, Mustard and Nipsey Hussle. Will began taking the world of visual arts seriously in 2016 after deciding not to pursue basketball after college and hasn’t looked back since.

“I want people to know that as a former athlete, I have a chip on my shoulder about how I go about my business. Some people tried to warn me this line of work would be tough, but I’m a competitor by nature and I let that same drive to be better than my opponent push me in everything I do, especially my work now. I just want to be the best,” he explained.

Will grew up in Crenshaw and cites having both parents during childhood as a big factor for him staying out of trouble. He credits his father for helping to give his life some much needed structure and the tools necessary to make what he wanted out of life.

Being a Crenshaw native, it seems only fitting that he cherishes working in the studio with the late great Nipsey Hussle and Mustard above many of his other accomplishments.

“Nothing beats that night at the studio between DJ Mustard and Nipsey. Just being there first had to capture that was amazing. Mustard had been trying to connect with Nip for a minute and so for me to be there was just surreal timing,” he said.

Make sure to check out Will’s work on Instagram @chief.will and be on the lookout for some heat coming soon! Click here to view some examples of Chief Will’s incredible work.

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