Chino Cappin Shares Live Performance of New Song “Ed Edd Eddy”

Straddling the line between romantic R&B and street savvy hip-hop, Chino Cappin is solidifying his status as one of Georgia’s most masterful melodists. Proving that his silky smooth vocals translate extremely well to a live setting, Chino shares his new song Ed Edd Eddy,” performed live as an exclusive with 4 Shooters Only. Harkening back to the classic Cartoon Network series, “Ed Edd Eddy” is an uptempo and braggadocious heater, as Chino talks his smack with an infectiously rhythmic flow: “Count a hunnid with my eyes closed, tell me how that feel now?”

Performing “From The Block” and singing his heart out into a dangling microphone, the ski-masked Chino demonstrates his ability to remain grounded in where he came from even as his talent and profile continues to grow. 

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