Chosen 1’s Release New Single “Dun It All”

JMoney and the Crown Prince of Korea (KingLee) are entering the fourth quarter of the year on fire with their new collaborative single called “Dun It All”. The new track is definitely a great vibe, providing a fresh, new sound to the airwaves, and shedding light on the Atlanta-mogul and Korean-royal. Both JMoney and KingLee definitely showcase their artistry on “Dun It All” — but more importantly, their artistry combined makes it all more enjoyable. The instrumental gives off a cartoon-like kind of vibe, halfway falling under the umbrellas of both hip-hop and pop, and who doesn’t love a fun tune?

Together, both artists identify as a new duo called the Chosen 1’s, and their partnership is bound to catapult in the new year. “Dun It All” is a reintroduction to JMoney for some fans, and a former introduction to KingLee’s journey as a recording artist. The uptempo track can easily be a fan-favorite from the pair of creatives, especially given the authenticity of their creative relationship. Stream the new single below:

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