Comethazine Announces 10/22 Album, Shares Video for “Six Flags”

Comethazine has established a unique lane for himself as one of hip-hop’s most bellicose enigmas, spitting unmistakable cadences over hard-biting trap instrumentals in his signature, macabre aesthetic. Continuing his streak of combative sounds, the St. Louis native prepares for Comethazine The Album, his new album is set to release this Friday, October 22nd via Alamo Records. At 18 tracks in length, Comethazine The Album continues his stream of full-length projects with no features or big-name producers, bolstering his reputation as a lone wolf within the industry. Last month, Comethazine further proved the strength of his lone vision with the music video for Spinback,” the first single from Comethazine The Album, which he shot, directed, conceptualized, and edited himself. Few can pull that status off, but Comethazine masters it. 

Today, Comethazine shares Six Flags,” a new music video from the upcoming album. Unlike the park referenced in the title, Comethazine makes it crystal clear that he’s not here for anyone’s amusement in this track. Pulling no punches over the track’s two minute runtime, Comethazine states plainly the differences between himself and the world: “All my n****s gangbang, Comethazine been did that/I don’t need no gang, I bust your brain independent.” Directed by JMP, the video follows a bare-faced Comethazine leading a gang of masked gunmen into a bank heist. Reminiscent of the opening scene of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, the visual perfectly capture’s the track’s urgent hostility of Comethazine’s barking braggadocio over the dramatic orchestral strings looped throughout. 

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