Comethazine Releases New Album “Pandemic”

Comethazine decided on the album title back in January after watching the Netflix series, Pandemic (wiki here) and announced it via IG on March 3rd, a little more than a week before the WHO declared the current COVID-19 outbreak a “pandemic.” With stand out tracks including the albums opener, “No Front” (over 630k views on YouTube since last week’s release) and “Gallardo,”Pandemic! serves to further establish Comethazine as rap’s most charming misanthrope as he continues to revel in his “no-f*cks-given” / “me vs. the world” attitude.

Comethazine built a massive fanbase without relying on co-signs, features, or big-name producers and is more than ready for this new age of isolation. His new album, Pandemic! is filled with hard-hitting, adrenaline-fueled bangers featuring razor sharp wordplay and the signature bossed up attitude he’s pioneered during his successful Bawksee series of projects. Racing through 13-tracks in slightly more than 20 minutes, Pandemic! is a chronicle of Comethazine’s proudly hedonistic lifestyle, as he stacks obscene witticisms and reconting everything he loves (Jordans, guns, foreign cars, lean, Faygo, crab meat) and hates (liquor, fronting, manners, fakes, nearly everything else).

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