Comethazine Spins Back with a Snarling, Self-Titled New Album

With his playfully prickly personality and a knack for annihilating aggressive instrumentals, Comethazine has built a die hard fanbase since breaking out in 2018. Armed with a sure sense of self and a demonic smile, Comethazine shares Comethazine The Album, the culmination of his years-long rise to becoming a rap supervillain. Ever the lone wolf, the 23-year-old rapper continues to prove that he doesn’t need a gang to “push your wig back,” shouldering the 17-track load without any features. The new album benefits from Comethazine’s love of violent imagery and his lack of respect for societal norms–the artist makes sure the listener knows that his trademark demonic smile is no mask, but an accurate reflection of his gleefully chaotic being.

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