Comethazine Stares Down Death in New “Spinback” Video

WIth a snapping flow and an aggressively sinister sound, Comethazine has carved a unique lane in the rap game. Indulging in his darkest impulses, Comethazine returns with Spinback,” a new music video. A bite sized banger that barely crosses the 100-second mark, “Spinback” showcases the Alamo Records signee’s addictive cadences as he warns his enemies to keep their social distance or suffer the consequences: “They was 4 deep, but I had one gat/Went got mo’ heat so please come back.”

Shot, directed, conceptualized, and edited by Comethazine, the video is the perfect visual accompaniment to the song’s carnivalesque woodwinds. Comethazine takes a walk through a dark alley before being ambushed by a group of gunmen, who shoot him down. Not willing to go down easy, Comethazine rhymes his verses through his bloody grill, staring daggers at the camera as the paramedics attempt to save his life.

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