Comethazine’s Got Game Like “Derek Jeter”

Comethazine is peak playboy on his new video single “Derek Jeter.” Keeping up the same rhyme scheme throughout the whole song, Comethazine plays the field, in more ways than one, as he slyly raps, “single life for me because I choose to be a cheater / dolo when I slide, I pull up just me and my heater.” Comethazine shows off his playful side in the JMP directed music video, giving you a day in the life of his escapades delivered with a mischievous grin only Co could pull off. Ashing blunts in an apple pie, winning the spelling bee, and squaring up to home plate, Comethazine has that athlete level game – it’s a home run season and Co is on his way to the World Series of singledom.

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