Courtney Bell and Icewear Vezzo Bully Rappers on New Track “Deebo”

Detroit wordsmith Courtney Bell has just released his latest lyrical onslaught “Deebo”featuring fellow 313 native Icewear Vezzo. The track sees the two exchanging boastful bars boasting about earning their stripes over Kyle “IRock” Adams enthralling syncopated piano chords. On “Deebo” Courtney Bell continues to display his innate talents while Icewear Vezzo shines with threatening metaphors about stripping rappers’ jewels away a la “Deebo.” The track concludes with an ode to the John Singleton directed film, Fridaysampling audio from the infamous scene where Greg (Ice Cube) runs to his room to pick up a gun, only to be stopped and enlightened by his father, played by the late John Witherspoon.

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