Dallas Native Yaki Damingo Releases “Beautiful Black People” Video

Yaki Damingo originally known as M-one began recording and writing music at the age of 19 with intentions of being original and with a goal of one day getting in a position to influence others. “I didn’t even have intentions on being a rapper but over the years he actually gained a nice fan base but my music was always a little different than most artists. A lot of his music didn’t even contain curse words. After years of doing music and realizing it was something bigger and more important at hand, he gravitated away from rapping and decided to start doing pop music. The music he produced today is very clean, happy, and fun music with intentions of showing people life is about smiling enjoying family, and loving yourself whoever you are. Present-day as a creator and influencer, his goal is to be a positive influence to the world and to inspire and motivate the next person to reach their potential.”

Beautiful black people is a feel good sound with a powerful message for anyone young and old to uplift our spirits and to be more encouraged. Its time to recognize who we are as black people and empower each other. With a jazz feel, Yaki Damingo takes the visual to another level with the images of landscapes and historical moments before the resolution. The Dallas native is also a content creator, graphic designer, and so much more.

Social Media:

IG: @YakiDamingo
Twitter: @YakiDamingo

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