Dee Watkins Floats Around Ft. Lauderdale in New “Right Or Wrong” Video

Rhyming with a deep drawl and innate sense of melody, Florida’s Dee Watkins turns heads with his clear-headed reality raps. Taking stock of his changing position as he heads into a new year, Dee shares Right Or Wrong,” a new song and music video. Marked with speaker-knocking percussion, airy vocal samples, and an appealing mix of piano and electric keys, “Right Or Wrong” finds Dee in a reminiscent mood, thinking back on all the sordid things that he did to keep himself alive while trying to make it in rap, resolves not to trust anyone who hasn’t been there from the beginning, and echoes a sentiment too many in the rap game are feeling right now: “You gotta face all your problems, ain’t no point in running/So many people been dying, feel like the trenches haunted.” In the video, directed by Dee’s frequent collaborator Herve Mompoint, the North Florida boy heads south to cruise around Ft. Lauderdale, counting his cash as he cruises in his all-black SUV.

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