Derek Minor Reaches Another Level On ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ LP

Derek Minor is Nashville’s most unique and achieved gospel-driven rapper. The Reflection Music Group / EMPIRE MVP is now rounding out the summer with his new 10-track LP, Nobody’s Perfect. As always, Minor has found a way to creatively expand his sound while incorporating his Christian undertones in the most digestible form. The celebratory project showcases every facet of the multi-dimensional emcee. 

With top-notch production and impeccable feature selections, the 32-minute project covers many themes that primarily lean toward mental health awareness. Minor uncovered his most vulnerable thoughts with witty lyricism and energetic beats by bearing his soul on every track. The album boasts features from Byron Juane, Thi’sl, Aaron Cole, International Show, DJ Mal-Ski, Ty Brasel, Susan Carol, and more.

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