Detroit native Courtney Bell announces his album Poverty Stricken (pre-save) alongside another hard hitting single from the project, “PSA.” Produced by Grammy Award winning !llmind, Courtney shows his lyrical prowess and touches on complex themes of spiritual impact, the systemic failure in our world, and maintaining his optimistic worldview despite these issues. The cinematically-styled video directed by Jack Anderson & the Drop Creative team, opens with a Godfather-esque “meeting of the minds” in which Courtney and his inner circle discuss the disarray plaguing their community. With a team at his back, Courtney delivers a “PSA” and becomes a leader and face of change.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Courtney continues to deliver his message of  enlightenment to the masses. He recently released “ICE,” an upbeat single about glorifying materialism over the spirit as well as “Say You Wanna,” showing off his softer side.  Furthering his mission to serve marginalized communities that he represents, Courtney created a monthly campaign this summer called, “The Fight Isn’t Over” where he delivered fresh water to Flint residents. Courtney is currently ending a 90 day healing and detox journey.

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