DJK’s latest lead single is titled, “No Pretend,” is out now, so we spoke with the talented artist to learn more about him, his sound, and his goals. Born in Tyler, Texas, DJK grew up living in different southern states throughout his childhood. He started doing music in 2007 when he would record himself rapping over beats. In 2012, he recorded his first song on FL Studios. In November 2017 he started a label with his mom and brother called FAST ENTERTAINMENT. 

DJK’s motivators are his parents and siblings.  He says that he has been serious about music business since 2018. He describes his sound as a “combination of hard ass raps, dope melodies, dope production and overall, about encapsulating a special feeling.” 

He writes his own music, but writing isn’t his only talent; he also is an actor and is interested in acting professionally if the right role comes along. Music has always been DJK’s passion, and he considers it a great release outlet for him. In the future, DJK hopes to earn a #1 song and/or a #1 album on Billboard, but he also wants to inspire and leave his mark on history and music culture as a whole forever. 

Known for his laid back yet fun and open personality, DJK mentions that not only has he performed for SXSW during 2017, 2018 and even this year but he is also an independent artist looking for the right major record deal. 

Currently, he has 12 mixtapes out, featuring songs such as his current lead single off of “Stay Out The Way”, ‘No Pretend,’ which the music video for has surpassed 200,000 views on YouTube. The video was filmed in Miami, Florida by Director Jeff Adair. By incorporating his ‘Rocked Out’ vibe, smooth melodies, hard raps and exceptional production, ‘No Pretend’ truly makes you feel like you’re at Miami Beach. DJK is also working on his next album titled, ARRANGED, COMPOSED, AND PERFORMED BY DJK.”As of right now the album has no release date, but an announcement will be coming soon! In addition to this, DJK also mentions that he has some pretty crazy collaborations coming soon that he can’t speak about. 

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