Bubbling Rockingham, NC native rap artist, Dubb Bankroll, continues to heat up the streets with his latest recent video, “Whoo” off his most recent project, “Street Therapy“. This visual, directed by YoungChuy, is a reminder of the rough life Dubb Bankroll is all about, over heavy drums and melodic keys. Reciting lines like “you want it, we got it. You buy it, we sell it,” reminding listeners that the trap is still boomin’. Dubb Bankroll is a street artist with a playful side to his pain, someone who takes pride and joy in his wild upbringing and dangerous lifestyle growing up. “I was feeling like X, so my inspo on the song was reminding myself, it ain’t the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog,” Dubb Bankroll proclaims.

The “Street Therapy” project lyrically journeys through Dubb Bankroll’s highs and lows of the street life. Tapping local rising stars Double N, Capo and NFL star Melvin Ingram for features, this project gives listeners a glimpse on the trials and triumphs Dubb Bankroll lived through growing up.

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IG: @ypcdubb1216

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