Emerging Artist Simone Kelly Drops New Single “Hit It Off”

Being a woman in music is no joke, and lucky for Simone Kelly, she is not here to play around. After transitioning from being a reality TV star and actress, Kelly is on the verge of becoming R&B’s next princess. With her latest single “Hit It Off” where she allows herself to be vulnerable and let fans in on her love life, Kelly is ready to show her fans and women around the world that she is just like them by giving fans music they can feel and relate to.

Not too long ago, Kelly was in a situation that broke her. As time went on and she noticed that the relationship no longer served her, Kelly found the strength to love herself and move forward. When asked about an important lesson she learned about love, Kelly admits, ‘That it’s not enough. It’s important but it takes more than love to keep a person around.’ 

Though heartbreak was emotionally taxing, Kelly turned to the studio for therapeutic sessions. During those vulnerable moments of taking her wig, shoes, and makeup off in the recording booth, the singer grasped that love will never hurt her again. Despite the red flags that remain in relationships, Kelly believes that people always know when it’s time to leave a toxic relationship. The only problem, she says, is ‘having the mental discipline to put yourself first and walk away.’ 

In her new song, “Hit It Off” Simone Kelly shares the emotions behind meeting someone who she immediately hit it off with. She wants fans to feel the raw emotion where they can feel the music and the message she is sending.

Listen to the single streaming on all platforms now and follow her on social media @itssimonekelly

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