Evie Joy Music Presents a Musical Perspective on Jeffrey Edward Epstein

The Manhattan-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is a Jazz vocalist, ukulele aficionado and Johnny Mercer Foundation Award recipient. Utilizing her musical talents, Evie writes and performs songs that empower women, and sheds light on various issues. Her latest? A musical perspective on Jeffrey Edward Epstein. 

The American financier turned convicted sex offender has been highly publicized for all the wrong reasons. This past July, he was arrested on federal charges for sex trafficking minors in Florida and New York. He was then found dead in his jail cell a month later. 

Evie’s angelic tone is intertwined with a dash of sarcasm in her “Why, Jeffrey Edward Epstein?” performance video. “It’s not that we’re gonna miss you, but we’ve got some questions. Like who was complicit with you, in your massage sessions?” 

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