Exclusive Interview: Meet Rising Young Artist Kane Bailey

Kane Bailey is a hit-making machine. He’s had a prolific 2020, dropping smashes like  Charlie D’amelio, Lavish and many more. In this exclusive interview Kane discusses living through the pandemic, how he got into music and more.

What first got you into music?

I first fell in love with music specifically rap as a young kid, when my dad would play all

the OGs in the car. This gave me a good understanding of the history and who the

greats were. He also introduced me to new school artists that were rising to fame at the

time and bringing in a new sound.

Who inspired you to make music?

To be honest the first person that made me want to get on stage and pursue

The music was by Justin Bieber. I saw his music videos on tv as a kid and thought it was

It was really cool and I wondered why I couldn’t do it too. Once I started getting older I

saw kids my age in my city dropping tracks and getting a little buzz, and I knew it

was possible for me too.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Because I am still so early in my career as an artist, I am still trying out new

sounds and looking for different waves and trends in music. I would say I am

mainly rap, hip-hop, with some pop influence. I will continue to dabble in different

genres and sounds throughout my whole career to keep things new and


What is your creative process like?

I am usually inspired by something I hear, could be from another artist, or just

something in my everyday life. I then go online and look for a beat to match that

vibe, or how I’m feeling. After going through plenty of beats, I find “the one”, and

start writing to it. A melody and hook comes to my head right away when I hear a


Who would you most like to collaborate with?

My all-time dream collaboration is for sure Drake. In the meantime, I would love

to work with a variety of young rappers around the world such as Kid Laroi, Lil

Tjay, Melvoni, etc.



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