Osadebamwen “Finessen” Idahosa was born in Decatur, GA. With his roots being from Nigeria he was named Osadebamwen by his father, which means “ God watches over me.” Because of his unique background as a child, Finessen was influenced by all different genres of music. “ I grew up listening to everything from Bob Marley, Aaliyah, Andre3000, to Trey Songz, who all helped form my love of music.” After studying the industry, Finessen recorded his first single at the age of 15 in a friends Garage and never looked back! Since then, the 22 year old crooner has consistently been recording music and studying the industry. “I believe in being prepared. Being a student of the industry, I’ve learned that timing is everything. I had to give myself time to mature and develop as an artist, and now I feel like it’s my time! “

Equipped with the tools he needs, Finessen just released his newest single “1 Time” produced by cmbeatsmusic off his upcoming project ‘The Gift.’ “ This one is about my ex having issues in her new relationship. She confides in me, and my advice to her is ‘come with me one more time’ haha. “ His unique blend of new school Hip Hop and R&B has captivated listeners and has fans anxious to hear more.

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