Get Familiar With Austin Geller & His Reflective New Single, “Boring Life”

Though life is a gift, it’s far from easy, and sometimes that notion smacks us right in the face. While many of us just want to make our younger selves happy of our progress–which is inherently impossible unless you had no imagination as a kid or you’re BALLIN’ now–there comes a time where many of us look in the mirror and start reassessing how we feel about our current status. Hailing from Los Angeles, rising vocalist Austin Geller touches on this topic poignantly with his engaging new single, “Boring Life.”

Set to the tone of fast paced guitar riffs and infectious drum patterns, “Boring Life,” finds Geller evaluating an earlier self, reflecting on life playing out in unexpected ways. It explores the questioning and acceptance of shifting goals, interests, and phases in our lives as we progress and grow individually. Showcasing impressive vocal range and a knack for melodic progression, perhaps the greatest quality of this record is the sense of empathy in the lyrics. With such a relatable topic on hand, it’s easy to see this record making an emotional connection with listeners.

Be sure to take a listen to the single below and get familiar with Austin Geller, who’s new EP, Going Nowhere Fast, releases in July.

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