Get Familiar With So Cal Artist Banks 1433 & His Engaging New Single, “Lane Switch”


Hailing from Southern California, rising rapper Banks 1433 has always kept the lineage of his region in mind. Coming from an area that birthed legends that need no introduction, Banks learned early on that he would have to find ways to separate himself in a sea full of people attempting to do the same thing. Doubling down on this notion, Banks determined that being able to adjust at any moment is a skill many don’t have, which helped to set him apart. Checking into our pages for the first time, he touches on this in his engaging new single, “Lane Switch.”

Rhyming over warped production that helps contribute to the trippy tone that’s being set, “Lane Switch,” is an engaging single that finds Banks really getting into his introspective bag. Although the production is up-beat and fast paced, leading it to sound like more of a trivial record, a deep dive into the lyrics finds Banks rhyming about the aforementioned ability to switch lanes. Speaking on times in his life he’s had to do just that, the L.A. native creates a sense of relatability with listeners, leading one to empathetically listen to the stories he’s rapping about. In all, “Lane Switch,” is a great listen for new fans, as well as previous ones.

Take a listen to the single below and get familiar with Banks 1433.

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