Heir Wave Music Artist Kahri 1K Releases An Anthem For chillin,’ “Out The Way” Video

There’s a lot of heavy stuff happening on the streets: protests for police reform, legacy publications getting exposed for their mistreatment of women, and rising coronavirus cases across the country that keep you up at night. 

That stress will eat you up. To help with that though, Pusha-T’s first Heir Wave Music signee Kahri 1K has recently released a new video for “Out The Way” that’s good, simplistic, and engagement-driving fun for your site. 
Aside from Pusha himself being eternally grateful, there’s a lot to love about Kahri 1K’s latest. The Petersburg, VA-native’s shoulder-bouncing delivery just grips the beat like tight leggings on legs, creating a crisp tune that’s all about different kinds of bragging. 

You’ve heard the subject matter before, sure. But you haven’t heard it like this. It’s warm, it’s wet, it’s wicked. I can’t stop listening to it personally, and I know that you’ll fuck with it. 

All it takes is a quick listen, a few words, and boom — you’ve just cosigned Pusha-T’s new artist. 

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