Highbridge’s Lil Rekk Lays His Heart On The Line With ‘1ONE’ Project

With the combination of upbeat tempos and authentic lyrics, Lil Rekk (pronounced “Lil Reek”) is ready to be the next North Philadelphia rapper to step into the limelight. Showing that he’s ready to run with the big dogs, Rekk shares 1ONE, his new project. Titled after a nickname Rekk was given by his homies in North Philly (pronounced “one-one”), 1ONE puts forth 12 tracks that each offer a glimpse into the different facets of Rekk’s personality. Lil Rekk’s version of “pain music” is not only meant to be therapeutic to his fans, but also an affirmation to himself that he’s moving forward in the right direction. 

Buy/Stream 1ONEhttps://music.empi.re/1one

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