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Not too long ago I had mentioned that I truly support any artist that’s really, “workin’.” There’s a lot of people that would consider themselves an up and coming artist; but at the end of the day, it’s the ones who are putting in the work and really pushing and proving to be more than just local hype.

I think it’s even doper to see different artists that want to come together to make their own movements in the industry. For example some of the more notable collectives, Dipset, Death Row, Bad Boy, and Wu-Tang Clan, just to name a few.

In their own right, the DMV area’s own, Covenant Government, is surely on it’s way to creating it’s own epic wave in hip-hop.

The self-proclaimed, “music misfits,” include New York emcees: Hot Boy Hazy, and Feng Xhui; and Virginia artists Relz, Young Scoop, Knalo, Mike Wills, and Blizz.


– Cov Gov’s Relz and Young Scoop –

– Cov Gov’s Relz, Lenny (Senior VP of Roc Nation), Blizz, and Young Scoop – 

Cov Gov’s main motive was to create an exclusive space for different artists in the industry; ” to create our own world, inside of this world,” artist, Feng Xhui, explained.

That includes all reflections of the genre: rappers, Dj’s, producers, graffiti artists, graphic designers, writers, and anything else hip-hop.

As long as you got a passion for hip-hop, no matter how you choose to express it, Cov Gov, welcomes you.

feng-xhui-2 hot-boy-hazy

(Pictured: Left – Feng Xhui, Right – Hot Boy Hazy)

Formed back in 2013; while on the come up, the 7 member collective has released a list of projects, some dope singles, and has crossed paths with some noteworthy music moguls.

The group has made a lot of great strides in the recent years. The smooth thing about having a group of different artists, is the various elements each can member can bring to the table. Each artist has it’s own sound, fan base, connections, and image.

These factors have opened a new realm of opportunities that some rising artists will never get to experience. All in all, Cov Gov has made their mark by performing at venues like, Webster Hall, and Shaka’s Nightclub, and has connected with great names such as: Sony, Roc Nation, Atlantic Records, Big Bushgi from ‘Da Town Studio’, DJ Stress, DJ Teardrops, A$AP Ty Beats, and Kino Beats.

Learning from past and current management, Cov Gov’s ultimate goal is to become an indie powerhouse of their own.

– Cov Gov Meeting At Atlantic Records –


– Young Scoop Performing –

Covenant Government’s sound ranges from the Golden era of hip-hop, to the new school wave of hip-hop.

Never knowing what the end product may be, Cov Gov aims to keep it original by creating in the moment and experimenting with different lyric driven flows; ultimately producing the impressive material the crew consistently pushes out.

Projects Include:

Relz: “The Aurora Demo Tape”

Young Scoop: “Say Grace” 

Feng Xhui: “ASANA: The Sauna Project”


Covenant Government: “Look At God”

All expressing their creative outlets on individual projects; all of Cov Gov, has appeared on each other’s singles and projects just like any other crew; though something dope that the group recently did was drop their collective album, Look At God.

Released early November of this year, Look At God, was distributed via Band Camp, Spotify, iTunes, and exclusively for Tidal subscribers.

The, Look At God, project is a collective of unreleased tracks that didn’t make the solo projects and a somewhat prequel album, to their forthcoming 2017 offering, Hi, My Name Is God; which will include nothing but new music from the group.

Not to mention their, “Good Vibrations,” single off the tape was used for Jack Thriller’s and DJ Giovanni Batz’ popular #MannequinChallenge tribute.

?? #Repost @pwyld2 with @repostapp ・・・ PARTY AND BULLSH SHOW DOES THE MANNEQUIN CHALLENGE SUBSCRIBE TO PARTYANDBULLSHRADIOSHOW YOUTUBE CHANNEL @partyandbullsh SHOW ON @dtfradio 3-4PM, PRESENTED BY Jack Thriller @JACKTHRILLER @16orbetter CO HOSTED BY @sophiabody @starringlorel WITH @paulasssssss @nickyjaaamz & ON THE LENSES ?? Video By @pwyld2 and @moyeboy1 ______________ @officialburnmedia @dareal_djgiovannibatz on the 1s and 2s ?????___________Song called Good Vibration by Feng Xhui @spiritchild_cov #jackthriller #dtfradio #djgiovannibatz #partyandbullsh #jackiesangels #loveandhiphop #pwyldfilms #mannequinchallenge #opp #power #effen #thisis50 #16orbetter #brooklyn #50cent #hold #skit #comedy #music #mannequin #pause #camerap0rn #camera #photooftheday #radiovixen #radioshow #radio #realitytv

A video posted by jackthriller (@jackthriller) on

Look At God, was executively produced by Cov Gov’s own Blizz and includes a storytelling track list of 17 songs, expressing each members’ own perception of God.

The tape’s theme is based on, ‘God,’ presented as the highest power, but reflected throughout the EP with various metaphors of today’s taboos, including: money, love, sex, ego, power, and lifes’ different successes.

The groups overall collective sound, “Steem Music,” can best be demonstrated on the, Look At God, project.

The goal by the end of the tape is to hopefully create openness to other perceptions of life, or developing your own… music created, “to better the self-esteem,” Feng Xhui, said.

Overall, Covenant Government has had a dope 2016. After years of hard work, trials, and tribulations, Cov Gov continues to find new ways to break through the indie rap game.

Along with the release of their first joint project this year, Cov Gov also put out, Feng Xhui’s, hit single, “Tantra;” created their, #Steamy Sundays, series; and has recently joined forces with Rare Media & Thorough Consultant, landing Relz a role on Netflix and Hulu’s upcoming original series, “Points & Royalties.”

Up next for the group is their soon to start, “Good Vibrations,” tour.
Performing across Virginia ,DC, Maryland ,New York, and North Carolina, Cov Gov is bringing as much positive energy as possible into 2017.

They’re said to perform sets off their, Look At God, album and also perform singles off their solo projects, and not to mention some brand new material as well.

good-vibrationsAs 2016 quickly comes to an end, it’s promising to say that, Covenant Government, has made some epic accomplishments in the last year;  and all in all, has made some notable progress since they first started up the Cov Gov crew, three years ago.

What 2017 may bring for the collective and it’s affiliates is hard to say.
Just know that this is just the beginning for Cov Gov, as they will continue to bring you positive vibes, amazing energy, and good music, as they raise the bar for other hip-hop artists on the rise.

For more material from, Covenant Government, be sure to connect with them on Social Media and listen to more of their music via SoundCloud.








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