Hip-Hop Icon Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell Enjoys Football Field Unveiling Oct 12

The City of Miami Parks and Recreation dedicated The Luther Campbell Football Field in honor of Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell for his significant contributions to the community of Liberty City, Miami, and its youth for the past thirty-one years through the Liberty City Optimist Club of which he is co-Founder.  

Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell Pictured With Mayor Francis Suarez Before Unveiling Ceremony

Greeted by a host of family and friends and a very energetic junior cheering squad, the Luther Campbell Football Field unveiling took place in front of a large crowd at Charles Hadley Park in Liberty City, Miami. Mayor Francis Suarez, Commissioner Jeffrey Watson, Commissioner Joe Carollo, past alumni of the Liberty City Optimist Club, and the community all came together to shed light on the contributions Campbell has made. 

“I always said if I ever get two cents over my lunch money, I would come back and do something special in this community, at this very park I grew up playing in,” states Luther Campbell. “I brought in many of my friends to help bring all of this to fruition, we started something fresh and new, and when I look at what we have done here, I am as proud as I have ever been.”

“This community should know that they have something special,” states Mayor Francis Suarez. “It’s very rare for celebrities or famous people to do what Luke has done, and that is giving his most precious asset, his time.”

Commissioner Jeffrey Watson continues, “You have to be really, really small to not appreciate what was done today,”  

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