#BeforeTheFame | LA Rising Artist Kalan.FrFr Talks Signing To Roc Nation, His Debut Album “TwoFr 2” & More!

Kalan.FrFr’s emphasis on keeping things real has propelled his career from the beginning. He has risen to prominence in the saturated Los Angeles music scene blurring the lines between rapper and singer, thoughtfulness, and turn-up.

Mixing a smoothly melodic vocal style with a streetwise lyrical sensibility, there’s no limit to how high Compton’s Kalan.FrFr can rise. The 25-year-old artist officially announces that he and his label First Class Entertainment have signed a partnership with Roc Nation.

“Being with Roc Nation feels like we set our goals and now we’ve accomplished them,” says Kalan. “We’re just excited to take it to the next level. I just wanna prove to everyone that believes in me…I wanna prove them right.”

“Kalan gives you star power upon walking in the door. He commands a room, studio, and/or stage! Signing him was a no brainer for us!” – Shari Bryant & Omar Grant, Co-Presidents at Roc Nation.

Kalan sat down over zoom with our host Driune Santana for another episode of #BehindTheFame to discuss his new partnership with Roc Nation, his life before finding the love for music, his debut album “Twofr 2” and more.

The upcoming album is home to “Scoring,” which earned airtime during a Los Angeles Lakers NBA playoff game in the Fall and is currently impacting at urban radio, and “Get In,” a lumbering, piano-heavy banger with an appearance from Stunna 4 Vegas. TwoFr 2 also boasts the standout track “No Love” ft. Mozzy & Cypress Moreno, for which Kalan teased a forthcoming video on his Instagram. Already a standout in the L.A. rap scene, the upcoming TwoFr 2 proves that Kalan has the goods to follow the footsteps of Kendrick Lamar and Roddy Ricch to become Compton’s next national star.

Watch the full Kalan.FrFr interview below.

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#BeforeTheFame|Lil Zay Osama Talks New Project, Meek Mill Co-Sign & More!

Lil Zay Osama continues to ascend with consistent growth, potent music and compelling visuals, generating over 178 million cumulative streams and support from XXL, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Complex and more. The Chicago phenomenon unveiled his debut project Hood Bible in 2019 via Warner Records, which features Lil Durk, Lil Tjay and the late Marlo.

Lil Zay Osama paved the way for the 14-track Hood Bible collection with his breakout smash “Changed Up” in 2018 and his “Trencherous” remix [feat. Lil Durk] in 2019. Since then, he’s released a plethora of videos and songs, including “BMW,” “Soul Cry” and “Ballin Dese Bitches.” While his trajectory is quickly rising, Zay is poised to take his career to new heights.

Preparing his forthcoming project set for release at the top of 2021, Zay continues to make a major impact with his potent melodies and dramatic stories of pain and triumph.

Watch the full Lil Zay Osama interview below.

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#BeforeTheFame | Gabriella Kochella Shares Her Journey Of Being A Medical Assistant To A Full Blown Songstress & More

Although her Jamaican roots overshadows her New York upbringings, the Drip Queen is making her way through the industry. Gabriella Kochella is ready to live through her alter ego.

After graduating, she worked in retail and eventually became a Medical Assistant. Unsatisfied with her career, she began writing songs again. Her friend turned manager, Breeze, encouraged Kochella to fulfill her dreams as a singer.

Last year, Kochella released a visual to ‘Friend Dem’, which she describes the song and video to be “for those who struggled with meeting new people because their introverts and wanting this song and video to help those who feel alone.”

Kochella recently released her new single ‘Fussin + Fighting’, a catchy-sultry with an underlying elegant production to go along with her work.

Watch the full Gabriella Kochella interview below.

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#BeforeTheFame | Jai’Len Josey Discussed Finding Her Voice, Her New EP, And More

Growing up in the hotbed of the Atlanta Hip-Hop/R&B music scene, young singer and songwriter, Jai’Len Josey, had her future musical sound set for her at an early age.

Jai’Len’s “Soul Pop” direction brings a smooth and powerful take on Pop music with influential tones from the world of R&B.

Jai’Len’s vocal abilities make her impossible to ignore in any setting. Her captivating live performances have won her fans from all over the world. Her background not only includes gospel but even Broadway, where she made her professional debut bringing the house down during her solo performance 8 shows a week in “Spongebob Squarepants.” Most recently, she was contracted to write and perform a song for Oil of Olay, which was released in October 2019 and has collected more than 1.4 million views.

Jai’Len has released two singles, “Death of a Black Girl” and “All Mine” in 2020, with her debut EP Illustrations, was released on September 9th.

Watch the full Jai’Len Josey interview below.

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Nate Robinson Said This About KD!

Nate Robinson and Kevin Durant were teammates back in the 2010- 2011 season in Oklahoma as members of the OKC Thunder. During this time Robinson got a first-hand look on how Durant carriers himself and approaches the game. Robinson recently said Durant is someone that you want on your team because he works his butt off. The Full article can be found here.

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#HillTopHYPE Exclusive | East Coast Collective ‘Covenant Government’ Talk Their: Newly Released ‘Annuit Coeptis’ Album, Goals For 2019, The Process Behind Working On A Group Project & MORE

ALBUM: Covenant Government – “Annuit Coeptis”

After just a week off of the release of their second collaborative group project, Annuit Coeptis, I tapped in with the Cov Gov team to talk about the response from their new album, their goals for the new year, and how they each feel about working in a group dynamic.

The Album, Annuit Coeptis — Latin for “Providence favors our undertakings” — is another spiritual and social honest piece from Cov Gov proving their versatile and vital approach to rap about the topics that often get lost in translation.

Always honest and transparent with their fans… here’s what the group had to say:

Describe the album, Aunnit Coeptis, in three words…

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Free-spirited; Fun-spirited; Progressive”
Nalo: “Lyrical; Diverse; and Classic

Now with that being said, what was the inspiration behind making the, Annuit Coeptis, project the official CØV group project?

Nalo: The collection of artists… each is great in their own lane. So to see us come together successfully is a good move for hip-hop as a whole.”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “With politics becoming more synonymous with entertainment, it was only right that [we] as musicians make more music to reflect these times.”

You guys have always meshed well as a group, while also knowing how to separate your solo careers… how difficult — or easy was it getting every member on the same page for this group project? (Studio time, Tracklist Arrangement, Choosing an album cover, etc.)

Relz: “Whenever you have a collection of solo artists/different personalities with conflicting schedules – it’ll never be easy, because things might take a little longer than expected, or you may not agree on certain things. However, it teaches you how to compromise. That’s the beauty of being on a team… taking the different opinions in the creative process & then coming on one accord to create a masterpiece.”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “OH BOY! It is heaven and hell! Always competitive! Mainly because we try to bring out the best in each other. Everybody has their own process, but no matter what the end result is always the most important part. When we disagree on details, we find common ground on the intentions. As far as the solo part, it’s easier to be free when you’re apart of a great collective.”

Young Scoop: It was fun for me to work on this project, I like the competition, but being in covenant, you do a verse one day and it’s gone the next.” – Scoop says jokingly.

Hazy: “Let’s just start off by saying – I hated the cover for the record; but everyone that listened to it likes it so far… I think the hardest part of doing group projects is that we’re in different states so scheduling is always going to be an issue with working on tracks.”

Be honest! What’s everyone’s favorite single on the album? 

Relz: “So much love!”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Spooky Times” because it has a menacing type of energy… Like a horror movie feel. Like the horror of reality.”

Young Scoop: “Sight..” telling people it’s more than what your two eyes see.”
Coincidentally Hazy agrees…
Hazy: Definitely “Spooky Times,” I should have been on that, right after Scoop.

I’m sure everyone is also wondering, when can we expect some new visuals from, Annuit Coeptis

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Coming sooner or never (said sarcastically).”

Just in 3 days, the project received more than 3,000 streams via Spotify. What are y’all numbers looking like now as we officially hit one week? — Was this response more or less than what you were expecting?

Sensei Feng Xhui: “We’re quickly approaching 10k. We knew the potential of the group as soon as we came together.”

Last, but not least! What’s next for Covenant Government? What major moves can we expect from the group and its’ members in 2019? 

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Young Scoop’s project is next! Then Relz! Then the rest of the squad! Y’all can expect more videos, more thoughts, more energy, more vibes, more content, and all of the above!”

Be sure to stay connected with Covenant Government as we wait for new music to come. 

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(Annuit Coeptis Available HERE)
Covenant Government

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Love and Hip Hop Miami’s Steph Lecor Drops “Face”

“Face is truly a females’ anthem. It’s about getting dressed looking fly and most importantly being confident in your own skin.” Steph Lecor

Steph Lecor returns with Face, a beat heavy single that kicks off in time for her appearance on Love and Hip Hop Miami. Established prior to the show, as an artist on Poe Boy Records and We the Best Music, many are familiar with Steph’s music and her social outings in the hottest clubs within South Beach, Miami. As a native, Steph began
in 2012 becoming 1/3 of the EDM/Pop trio Kulture Shock. This new song, takes us back to that trap heavy, hip-hop, EDM wave..

As part of We the Best Music, Steph released her first debut single “Saturday” charting on Billboard at #38. Steph was also the host of Complex’s show “Her Take.” This was a web series sponsored by Champs retail store. Her debut album is slated to drop in a few months.

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IG: @StephLecor

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Press Play On 8 Track’s Brand New LP “Rewind”

After teasing us with “Childs Play” and “Circles,” in addition to performing a plethora of live shows throughout 2017, 8 Track liberates their highly anticipated LP Rewind. Described by the genre-bending DMV based collective as “the soundtrack of our lives over this past year…,” it features 12 unique yet cohesive cuts that will surely appeal to new and old fans alike.

8 Track on the project:
“The album opens up with candid clips of us just expressing our current state -whether it was a simple as wanting to go to the record store, as relatable as rent being due or as profound as recognizing moments in which our lives changed. Rewind tells these stories of overcoming personal struggles like in ‘Childs Play,’ dealing with relationship issues like in ‘BMW (Be My Woman),’ recognizing social issues within society like in ‘Family Ties’ and just exuding confidence in ‘Dope Game.’ All of this being done in 8 Track’s genre-jumping fashion that they describe as the sound of the times we live in.”
Stream the fresh body of work after the break and purchase it via iTunes here. Expect matching visuals to follow soon!

Twitter: @WeAre8Track
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PinkBitchh: “There’s Not That Many Educated Women In The Game” [The Progress Report]

Lalaa Shepard and fashion designer/ recording artist, Pink Bitchh recently sat down for a conversation surrounding women in Hip Hop.

During the interview, Pink Bitchh discusses her stint away from music, her stance on motherhood, and how women can balance being sexy and getting respect in a male-dominated industry.

Pink also gives her input on the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef and offers a suggestion as to why powerful women rarely work together.

Tune into #TheProgressReport every Wednesday night 9-11 PM EST. via The Highly Unique Radio App or watch us live via Facebook/ The Progress Report 101.

Email for all interview inquiries.

Instagram @1PinkBitchh @LalaaShep @TheProgressReport101


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Featured post Interview with Awful Record’s Lord Narf


While at the Music 2 Die 2 tour stop in Atlanta, caught up with opener Lord Narf of Awful Records. She spoke on the producer/artist relationship, being a part of Awful Records, and her role in the female rap game. She also gave us a few details on her upcoming project expected in 2018.

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C-Rayz Walz, Recognize Ali, 12 Gauge Phaze, DJ JS-1 – Revoke & Restore

Out of sight but not out of mind. 360 is the light source, C-Rayz Walz is the sun cycle. Call it how you see it, but make sure you pick up the line. “Free Rayz Walz 2.0”album available 2.22.22. “Revoke & Restore” is a lyrical bail produced by Backstab, featuring Recognize Ali and 12 Gauge Phaze with cut by DJ JS-1

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LA’s Adrian Junior New Single “I Promise”

Los Angeles artist Adrian Junior has returned with his brand-new single “I Promise”. This is definitely a record that you will want to hear over and over again, because Adrian has something for fans of real lyrics and dope beats. Produced By @Hungerforcebeats. Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by @MixedByCrook. Be on the lookout for more releases from Adrian Junior this year. “I Promise” is available on all digital streaming platforms.

Twitter: @adrianxjunior

Indica Wave Releases ‘Infrared Beamin’ Single + Video

‘Infrared Beamin’ is a carefree melodic hip hop track produced by Wavyboyjodii mixed and mastered by MixedByTreez. The song is about taking your shot when the odds seem against you, flipping any situation you’re presented to your advantage, as well as detoxing the negative energies that get in the way of your own greatness. Highlighting the “climb” from the bottom to the top, things aren’t always pretty but the journey is worth the outcome. 

The Video directed by Queens natives Indica Wave & Tiffany Galicia is a homage to the essence of Hip Hop and the borough that is home to the likes of Nas, Mobb Deep, Noreaga, Kool G Rap, Black Sheep, etc. “The video incorporates gritty imagery accenting the old skool essence of Hip Hop, straight outta the city of Queens.” – Indica WaveWatch + listen to ‘Infrared Beamin’ below! 


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TikTok star Addison Grace shares “I Wanna Be A Boy” and finds home in their body through songwriting

Salt Lake City-based musician and TikTok star, Addison Grace, announces the release of “I Wanna Be A Boy,” a fan-favorite song that’s now getting a proper single release. The act of writing this song led Addison Grace to discover their pronouns – he/they – and come home to themselves in a way that provided freedom, comfort and genuine love. As he sings “I guess I wanna be a boy,” the realization that they are a boy overcomes his heart and powerfully makes the heartfelt message impossible to ignore.

Extended Trailer: ‘My Killer Body with K.Michelle’ on Lifetime

As one of the very first celebrities to come forward with her personal health struggles after silicone injections nearly took her life, R&B chart-topper K. Michelle will help men and women desperate to correct plastic surgery procedures and get their lives back in “My Killer Body with K. Michelle.” With the number of cosmetic surgeries on the rise and an alarming number of these procedures resulting in post-surgery suffering and trauma, each episode will follow two patients who desperately need help as well as K. Michelle’s ongoing personal story.

My Killer Body with K. Michelle is produced by Jesse Collins Entertainment and Kingdom Reign Entertainment and executive produced by Kimberly Pate. Jesse Collins and Dionne Harmon executive produce for Jesse Collins Entertainment. Carlos King and Scott Shatsky executive produce for Kingdom Reign Entertainment. Brandon Wilson and Patrick McCabe also serve as executive producers. Brie Miranda Bryant and Kimberly Chessler serve as executive producers for Lifetime.

XXXTENTACION’s “vice city” Coming To All DSPs This Friday

To Jahseh’s Supporters Across The World:

We continue to be amazed at the love and support that X’s fans show on a daily basis. We know how much his music means to all of you, and his impact continues to be as powerful as it’s ever been. 

It is important to us to continue to honor Jah’s legacy, and in that spirit we are planning an exciting 2022. One of our first initiatives is to get as much of X’s music from his earliest days as an artist up on all DSPs. We have been working diligently to clear as much of it as possible, and we are excited to announce our first release this Friday with “vice city” hitting all streaming services for the first time. We will continue to release music as we clear it, and are making sure we do it in a way that stays true to how X released each song originally. 

Visit now to sign up and stay up to date with X-related news, and be the first to be notified as the site evolves. Follow @makeouthill on Twitter for more updates. 

Beyond the music, we know X’s fans have been waiting patiently for the documentary and we will be sharing updates on it soon. 

Thank you again for your support and for continuing to honor and celebrate the life of Jah. 

The Estate of Jahseh Onfroy, aka XXXTENTACION

Yung Swerv Asks Important Questions On “Friend Or Foe”

Yung Swerv has the Chicago music scene in a chokehold. He’s so young, but he has promise. His newest visual for “Friend or Foe” is the latest visual from his latest EP, Stormy Nights. The independent creative is doing big-time numbers this time around. His project peaked in the top 10 on iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap albums list. This is no surprise because Swerv has received major co-signs, including Adam 22 and his team at No JumperThe CEO of Mudd Bruddaz  Empireis seeing a lot of interest from labels, and he can’t even legally toast champagne to his successes yet. He’s seen a lot as a young man, and he pours out his experiences in every song he makes.

The Windy City is known for some of music’s biggest rap stars. His music has the same melodic pain that made rappers like Polo GLil Durk, and A Boogie With Da Hoodie global superstars. His “Friend Or Foe” visual is a gloomy visual that pairs well perfectly with the intro track. The Kaybee Visuals-directed mini-movie is simple yet, exciting. The interesting edits keep the viewers engaged. Yung Swerv has been through every emotion. His new video shows he’s questioning if those around him deserve to come with him on his road to riches. Not much will stop him from becoming a staple in today’s rap landscape. Furthermore, it’s a matter of if and not when?

Connect With Yung Swerv

Instagram | YouTube

Flame Blazin X NSE MDot – Runtz

Flame Blazin is looking to turn 2022 up as he did in 2021. The popular Virginia rapper shows “No Sympathy” on his newest visual for “Runtz” with NSE MDot. This is yet another hard-hitting track coming off the heels of his smash single with Memphis’ heavy-hitter BIG30. His Breakfast Club-approved track “How I’m Coming” set the tone for the next level of his development as an artist.
“Runtz” is a bass-boosted single produced by DJ Big Rice. The DOLOFILMS directed visual shows Blazin and his NSE homies flexing a lot of cash and whipping out the newest Lamborghini truck. The fiery lyrics matched with the dope beat make for an enjoyable listening experience. There are not many places you can go in Blazin’s hometown where you will not hear one of his records blasting out a car or venue. Flame Blazin has been on fire since his time doing dates to support Moneybagg Yo’s ‘A Gangsta’s Pain’ Tour.
Smoke one with Flame Blazin & NSE MDotand watch their newest visual for “Runtz” here today!

Social Media: @flameblazin

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