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Honk Magazine announces record-breaking readership, with content playing a critical role in its success

Honk Magazine is thrilled to report that its readership has reached new heights, making it the best-selling African American music and entertainment magazine. The U.S.-based online platform specializes in celebrity photos, entertainment, lifestyle, music, news, and fashion, with a focus on digital magazines, business, online shopping, and all other extensions of human-interest stories.

Honk was originally an American comics magazine published in the 1980s by Fantagraphics Books, which sold it in 1986 to BLO Media Inc. Honk was reimagined and relaunched in its current online format in October 2019 by journalist and Internet personality Odu Samuel. The monthly publication’s readership has grown significantly since then. The exponential growth can be attributed to Samuel’s astute leadership, who has adapted the publication to meet the changing needs of its readers.

Honk Magazine is tapping into the digital format to provide newsworthy information and interviews focusing on music, modeling, entertainment, and social media in an era where there is a demand to receive information quickly and easily. The well-known magazine offers excellent content and has also featured a variety of celebrities on its cover, including big names like Jay Honest, Trve, Anthony Rhyne, Lil Savvy, Jehkia, Heartbreak Papi, Rema, Money Im Countin, and Rihanna, to name a few.

While Samuel and the Honk Magazine team are overjoyed with their massive increase in readership, there is an understanding that Honk Magazine is much more than its numbers. Odu Samuel asserts that “Honk is an independent organization focused on serving the largest audience of any magazine and the world at large with verified and undiluted content.”

About Honk Magazine: Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Honk Magazine, formerly known as Honk! has grown from being just an American comic magazine to become a top-selling African American online music and entertainment magazine. 

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