Vancouver’s genre-blending make-out music-making trio, I M U R, share their latest single, “Birdseye,” today, as they gear up to release their third album, My Molecules, due out June 25, 2021. The new track by the unsigned band continues to serve up a mix of pop, electro-pop and R&B that is truly their own. The band consistently “tackle unconventional sexuality and timeless R&B grooves,” as Noisey puts it.

The new single is an extremely personal one for I M U R’s singer and songwriter, Jenny Lea. It’s about her near-death experience. She says, “Having had a near death experience, it changed the course of my life, and the way I view death. I’m not afraid of leaving this earth, but I am afraid of not making my time here count. It has nothing to do with fame or ego, and everything to do with creation, love, and encouragement. This song encapsulates getting caught up in the head-down hustle, and is a self-reminder of the greater picture.” 

She adds, “Leaving an imprint of existence on the world helps us to feel that our presence here has purpose and meaning. It helps us to remember that we are connected to one another beyond time and space. This song is our imprint in that vein and encapsulates that idea of shared experience and of seeing our lives as they really are, when we have the perspective to do so.”


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