Inglewood Standouts White John & Rucci Get Under the Influence in a New Music Video, ‘I Need Drugs’

Annihilating L.A. instrumentals with reckless abandon, Inglewood native White John is well-respected in his city’s rap scene. Proving once and for all that he’s harder than your MCM and your baby daddy, White John shares I Need Drugs,” a new music video. Blessed with a silky smooth beat from L.A. sound architect Beat Boy, “I Need Drugs” finds White John discussing his various vices in a deep deadpan, indicating that his affection for altered states springs from deep-seated pain: “Sometimes I sit in my room, sometimes I stare at the wall/Sometimes I hear the perkys call.”

The song features a guest appearance from the White Gurb’s Inglewood associate Rucci, who explicates his hardcore party habits: “I don’t need your love, and I don’t need your hugs/Just give me some drugs.” In the video, White John and Rucci party in John’s apartment, partaking in every substance in the book while computer-generated pills float in the background. The follow-up to “Dead Bodies” ft. OMB Peezy, “I Need Drugs” is a highlight track from White John’s Cases Still Pending EP.

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