Where are you from and how’d you first fall in love with  hip-hop?

I am from Detroit Michigan, hip-hop Is something that I have always loved, I grew up listening and seeing nothing but hip-hop so it’s just something I have always been in tuned with.

Who are your musical inspirations/influences?

Growing up and seeing family doing music inspired me to do music as well as me and my family doing rap circles had a big influence on me and my career. 

What is the sound that you have been creating and what sound are you looking to deliver to your fans?

Honestly it’s like a mixture, I have hype and elevation/ motivational music , I would like to deliver music to  inspire and let others know they can do anything they put there mines to.

How do you set the standard for the upcoming artist like yourself who want to enjoy the process of making the music?

I would tell them to criticize themselves but not to much to the point where everything you make you feel like its not good enough instead have fun and just speak what you feel and just be you and never give up.

You recently released your debut single “Blow Up” how did the song happen and what’s next?

The song “Blow up” honestly happened out of nowhere, I was doing dishes and I turned on a beat and a hook came to me. during the time of making this I currently moved from Georgia into texas so I had a lot of free time, I have a lot of things coming up next such as a new song called “Down to Ride”. And “Rich walk”

How do you connect the sounds that influence you from Dallas, Atlanta, and Detroit?

I take the the culture from each state and put them together to create something that could speak for anyone from these states and more. I take the struggle from Detroit and the party life/fun from Atlanta and the time to think and be innovative from Dallas to create my  masterpieces.

What’s the number one thing you want to contribute to hip-hop?

I want to be able to change the way female artists are looked and to be able to show them that you can still be successful without doing the things society has made it to be . 

How have you utilized social media to keep connected with your fans and how have you been able to share new content with them? 

I have utilized Instagram, TikTok , Snapchat, Facebook etc. to connect with supporters by posting new Music and also just me being me in dance video and pictures. 

What advice do you give to emerging creatives and female rappers about make your dreams happen? 

To stay true to themselves and continue to strive to be the best no matter what someone has to say .

What’s next for you in 2021?

More music of course, just Knomi being a better Knomi , increasing my skills to be better than they were in 2020. Also in 2021 I’m going to be more known and successful around the world. 

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